Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#CatchUp Exploring Gracies House and Neighboorhood

 Here is my first ride in Texas photo!  Super happy face!

Down the road from Gracies house we found a HUGE empty field to play in.

Blue skies, green trees and open an open field....

Perfect for runnin....




.....and sight seein!

It got quite warm so we headed back to Gracies to cool off.

OOh treasures!

What else could be up here???

Doggy Nanny was excited to show us the Doggy Door....Gracie was not excited to try it out.

I on the other paw was super excited.  The ramp had lotsa smells!

For now she will just use the ramp as a booster seat so she can see out further.

And would you look at the view we have. 

Simply amazing!

I could sit here all day and watch the doves and tree rats.

Oh my fancy footwork you have going on there Aunt Gracie!


She ran for safety on the ramp...but I wouldn't give up!

Eventually the warm air was too much and I crashed.  *Sploot*

We went inside for a drink and snack.

After getting cooled off we went back out for another ride to make up for the ones missed.  I just can't get over how blue the sky was and the clouds pained a pretty design for us!

 And would you look at this.  A tree stump. 

Its no toppled tree but it is poodle sized!

Ahhh!  I feel right at home up here.  Time for a photo shoot.

Serious model pose.

Sweet Happy Face Pose.

Hungry pose.

Squinty eye because the sun is so bright pose. ;)


Monday, December 11, 2017

#CatchUp Getting My First City Dog License

November 6th, 2017.  Momma had my paperwork in order and we went to the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center to get my License.  The person that helped us was furry nice!  We gave her my Rabies Certificate, she processed it in her computer system and just like that I am legal to move about in the city!!!!  That was easy!  The fee for spayed/neutered dogs with a 1 year rabies vaccine is just $7.

We got all the paperwork tucked away in my zippered folder and momma waited patiently for her to retrieve the tag.  Oh boy!  Its so cute!!!!! She put it on my collar right away!

I like it!!!!

Here is a close up.  Mommas obsessed wif it.

Later that afternoon after Doggy Nanny got settled we got Gracies paperwork and took it in so we could get her a license too.

As we left and were going to get on the HWY momma stopped off to take a picture.  Yea we ain't in KY no more.  In KY we had a hwy but it was a simple 2 lane Interstate.  WF has a 4 lane interstate and something called a flyover.  Momma seems to like it though, we drive up it and we are up higher than the fast food signs.  I am just glad I don't drive on it.  I'll stick to my golf cart on the back roads thank you very much!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

#CatchUp Moving In & Getting Settled

10-30-17 Momma busted outta bed at the crack of dawn like some crazy chicken, threw me in da car and we rushed off to a place called Whataburger to get this special breakfast.  Seriously momma I like brekkie but for real this is too early.  See in da back ground no light.  Its literally dark!

We got back to the hotel and ate.  I admit it was a good Taquito.  But look over there momma.

Its just beautiful!

Its our first Texas sunrise!

After while we headed to the "H" complex.  Future Resident Parking...Yep thats fur us!  Momma had to sign her life away....Sign the lease papers and pay the pet fee.

While there she got like a hundred new keys for her keychain.  The little key toppers are the top secret item I helped momma pick out at True Value a few posts ago while we were still in KY.  She knew that she would be getting new keys and surely would never remember what they were all for so this helps. 

Doggy Nanny, Grandpa, Gracie and I stayed in the car while momma signed the papers but afterwards we all went on a group tour of the apartment.

OH MY DOG would you look at that!  A welcome card and candle.  Its absolutely perfect! 

After the tour we went back to the hotel to rest.  Momma says it was a crazy day for her signing all those papers for the new apartment.  Later that afternoon we went to unload the car.  That kitchen got awful full!

 The next morning we got up early again went to walmart to get some essentials (trashcan, router, foodables, and cleaning supplies). 

While momma cleaned and unpacked the things we brought with us in the car I got a new dentley's chew to entertain me.

As things got moved about I did some parkour.

Man this is going to take furevers!

Like really furevers!

Ooh thats my food can you get me some kibbles out momma?

While I had some kibbles momma fixed up the little nook above the sink.  Yep this is starting to feel like home!

I dubbed this Lucy Corner.

As all of our stuff founds its rightful place I got to spend some time wif Grandpa and Gracie while momma went furniture shopping.  She needed a place to sleep so we could move out of the hotel.  She picked something special and made arrangements for delivery that afternoon.  We cleared out the hotel and went back to the apartment to await delivery.

Then momma dove into the paperwork aspect of moving. We put away travel documents, got out mommas, Gracies and my files.  We had to get a game plan together to get Momma, the Murano Mobile, Gracie and I all licensed with the city.

In the mean time I was under the new dishwasher just checking things out.

First we stopped by State Farm to get Insurance transferred over (sorry no pics), then we went to Firestone to get the State Inspection.  Unfortunately, due to mommas reckless behavior and backing up into our old porch and bustin the taillight she had to have it replaced.  It cost like a billion and a half dollars.  Momma didn't like that.  And even worse was its a dealer only part so she had to make a second appointment so Firestone could get the new part then she could get the car inspected.  Drat!

Ooh shiny new tail light looks pretty!  Not a billion and a half dollars pretty but still pretty!

After that she was able to register the Murano Mobile and get new Licence tags for the car.

Once that was done she was finally able to get her drivers license.  And guess what when she went to get her license she found out she had bad paper work (a photo copy not an original document with city seal).  Shameful momma!!!!  So she had to make a special trip to the County Health Dept to get her official paperwork then back to the TX Department of Public Safety to get her Drivers License.  She preplanned all my paperwork for months to ensure it was all correct and she gets here and hers isn't in order.  TSK TSK!