Thursday, August 6, 2020

Pawty Prep

We awoke furry early on a Saturday.  We got bathed, ran to get groceries, then to Margots for a clean face then back home to pack up.  After the morning activities I was dog tired.  I fell sleep on momma recliner wif my tongue out.  

Then as I was putting on my outfit (ie harness and clothes for me), momma told us where we were going.  We were going to a Pool Pawty Birthday Bash for Josie the Maltese.

Then it was my turn to get dressed up.  I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.  My pink unicorn shirt and matching unicorn collar.  

We are ready to go!

On the road!

We just love the views from the road.... be continued.

Lucy and Poppyt

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

More Car Errands

So the license plate off the front of the car went missing.  Unsure if stolen or fell off but...that is besides the point.  It took some paperwork and the exchange of green papers to get new plates.  Well lookie lookie what arrived!

They may or may not have sat on the dashboard for over a month but again besides the point. Momma Momma!  Thats the place...lets go get these on.

Yes sir can we get 2 license plate installed pawlese?

Oh wait sir....can you also put the skid plate back up for us.  We is too short to reach.  Thanks!

Done already?!?!?  You guys are speedy workers.  

Feels good to cross these things off our to do list.  

Lucy and Poppy

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Another Twin in the Drive Thru?

Just waiting in line for my Saturday morning toquito when....

....I spotted him/her...

I couldn't believe my eyes....its a giant Lucy.

I leaned far over the dash to ensure I was seeing what I was seeing!

Yep big ol' Lucy style Goldendoodle.  We didn't get a chance to talk as we were merging.

Its odd that it happened twice though!  Meeting my dopplegangers in drive thrus.  Color me SHOCKED!

Lucy and Poppy

Monday, August 3, 2020


Serene Saturday at Doggy Nanny's house.

bitey face and lucy's blankie monster  maneuver.

Messy Hair On Point!

I did this little do all by myself.

Side view.



Saturday, August 1, 2020

My New Hair Style

Momma and I have been looking high and low in our area for mini barrettes.  Momma said she used to get them for her baby dolls before she had puppies.  So she knew they existed but no retailer here in town seemed to carry them.  Then she went to the Dollar Tree and she struck gold!  

I put one in and wow!  I love em!

Now my hair will not be in my face and momma doesn't have to trim my bangs.  She said she doesn't like how blunt they look.  

Of course my drama llama sisfur had to have a barrette in her fur too.  She gets pampered every few weeks and her fur brushed all the time but she still tries to steal my attention. Silly goose!

Getting Crowned

Angel Mollie passed down some of her jewels for me.  I feel like a proper princess now.  

Princess Poppy

Bonus Bloopers: