Sunday, January 20, 2019

Overtime in Water Distribution Leads to a Doggie Sleepover

2 weeks momma got the opportunity to get some over time, she was so thankful to make up some of her sick days missed.  She worked a double from 4 PM-12AM after her  regular 7-4.  Since she had to be back up and at work by 7 the next morning, Doggy Nanny offered us a sleepover.  Oh boy we both hopped at the opportunity.  Here's our selfie! #SQUADGOALS

Momma worried we would drive her nuts or destroy the house overnight, but we were on our best behavior.  We did have some bitey face action as bed time rolled around before settling in for the night  but after that we slept well. 

 Momma said it was fun working the night shift.  She got time to work on pupdating our doggie books and she did get a big main leak come in at 11:15 PM, which made the last hour fly by.  

Lucy and Poppy

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Wild Week Beginning Last Wednesday

Wow its sure been wild week.  It started wif us feeling pityful for our selfs last Wednesday morning.  See momma was actin strange.

She wanted to wear a it was more a big winter coat to work.  Yea its cold but she is the type to wear flip flops in snow on purpose.  So it scared us furry bad.  But she trudged on.  She says she wore her coat all day at work.  All her co-workers asked if she was ok.  She thought she was getting a sinus infection and just feeling a little yucky.  At lunch she went for a bite to eat and a quick errand.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Then 2pm hit and she was feeling down right awful.  At 3 she thought she was going to toss milk bones.  Eek right at work and everything.  She turned the radio over to a coworker and just held her head in her hands and cried.  She came back around and felt ok to finish the day but on the way home them milk bones were getting tossed whether she like it or not.  She cried over her job.  Shes still on "new worker probation".  She feared missing work.  When Lucy and I got home we bounded over to her and she told us to stop.  We knew something wasn't right.  She was still crying and telling Doggy Nanny everything.

Doggy Nanny tried to make her feel better but nothing helped.  She got her a cold drink and some medication.  Then offered to keep us till momma felt better.  Lucy was excited at the possibility of a sleep over and accepted.

I knew one of us had to stay and make sure she was ok so I volunteered for nurse duty.  I slept in momma's arms to make sure she felt ok for the 5 days she was in bed sick with this virus.

This was our view for 5 days straight.  An iPad to see what day it was and miles of medicines.

As she was getting better she had a follow up wif her dogtor and got return to work papers.  It made her nervous to leave the comfort of the bed but she was ready to get back to her radio.

Momma reports her first day back went well.  After work she picked me up from home and we went to retrieve sisfur Lucy.  Once again we were reunited.  We did bitey face, steal the chew chew and yapped furiously at  BB1 and BB2.  It was a grand evening!

As this post goes up she is heading in for her 2nd day of work.  Wish her good vibes please.

Nurse Poppy

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

#TOT Tong Out Tuesday

Momma caught me wif my tongue out.  I was sleepin but when the flash went off it awoke me.  i was dreaming I owned my own ice cream shop and was sampling my latest creation.  Milk bone creamscicle.  #yum


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Momma Opened My Poppy-Maill

It is not furry nice to open other peoples Poppy-mail but look what came for me.  

Its the ReUnite dog tag, that came complimentary wif my registration. 

It has the official AKC logo on one side and on the opposite it lists my AKC Canine Partners number on it for quick reference when we are doing "stuffs" to earn cert-i-fit-i-kits.  Its going right on the training bag along wif my name tag.  

Speaking of momma being at work look how nice our pawprints look all framed.  


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Monday, December 31, 2018

Working On My Tricks - #ChewyInfluencer - Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Beef Soft Training Treats

Hello frens!  As you know I am on my cert-i-fit-a-kit journey.  I have sit down pretty good but now momma is adding "hold it" which helps wif patience and photos.

I do have a tendency to wander.

Sniff test.

Oh they are widdle hearts!

I'm ready for my sampling momma.


Before we get into the training photos here are a quick look at the key benefits.

This product is made with USA beef as the first ingredient, are formulated with omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health, and salmon oil-sourced DHA to support cognition in puppies.  There are NO artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, just natural treats for dogs of all sizes and ages.  They are made in the USA with zero chicken or poultry by-product meals, wheat, soy, corn, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

Here is my sit and hold it.  I am up to 5 seconds before I wander off now. 

Treat please and thank you!

And another sit hold it.  Momma says I have to learn sit/hold its on different surfaces and locations to be a well rounded dog.  I can check "on the couch" off my list now.  :)

In conclusion these treats are the bomb!  They are small enough for toy breeds but would be a great addition to a training session for any size dogs.  They are not crumbly so it makes it super easy for momma to grab and give.  If you working on tricks, manners or anything really Blue Buffalo Blue Bits are the perfect training compliment.  Check out for all your treat needs.

Bonus shot:

I was ensuring the camera we on.  Yep its I is seeing little dots efurry where.


*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Post Work Walkies and a Hearty Din Din - #ChewyInfluencer - Nutro Ultra Taste of the Classics - Adult Filets in Gravy Trays

Maybe momma's new job isn't so bad.  We are getting multiple golf cart rides a week now.  Onward!


*cue the montage music*

We made our last stop to Ruidosa to check out momma's hole turn over.  This was a giant hole not too long ago.

Furry cool!

After a long ride/walk there is nothing better than coming home to a hearty din din.  Tonight we are feasting on Nutro Ultra's Duck and Turkey trays.

I am fur sure having duck while Poppy is leaning more towards the turkey.  That's the pawsome thing about a variety pack, we can each have out own flavor!

Some Key Benefits are both flavors are grain free,  made with a high quality protein, have a hint of herbs and real vegetables.   They are nutritious recipes that support healthy skin and coat.  Both are ideal for both small and large breed adult dogs.  

Once opened you can see the large filet pieces, whole veggies and delicious gravy.

The turkey is sensational!  The gravy is pawmazing!


The duck was so tasty I never looked up from the bowl.  

Full tum tums all around and now I think we may hit the hay early.  But first....

In review, these trays by Nutro are simply fabulous.  Poppy and I have both tasted and enjoyed the duck and turkey flavors.  Momma loves that when opened the contents do not burst like some we have had before.  Plus they have a large, easy open tabs.  If you are looking for the kibble topper or whole meal you can't go wrong with trays from Nutro Ultra.  Last but not least if you looking for even more variety, check out they stock the biggest selection of Nutro Ultra and you are sure to find one just for you.

Lucy & Poppy

*We were sent this product in exchange for our honest review.