Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Poppy's First Shopping Trip

Of course we ended up here....

It's the best place in WF to shop for pupper stuffs!

The part I liked best was I didn't have to try on a thing, you all know how much I dislike clothes!  Poppy was the tryer-oner (thats a word right?) this time, she can do it every time as far I am concerned.  She even seemed to like it.  Furry strange!

She ended up with a winter coat, jam jams, and 3 harnesses.  She is a small in clothes and xs in the harnesses we wear.

Can you believe this trip almost didn't happen?!!?  Yep momma got nervous that shopping wif 2 doggies, especially when one is scared and one is...well...FULL OF LIFE, would be too hard.  However strapped in our body harnesses and hooked to the stroller by the leash coupler it was an easy trip.  I only got tangled twice.  Thats literally like a new record.  Poppy must have a calming effect on me.  hmm...shes younger, you would think she would be more hyper....or is that just a me thing?  Anyhoo be doo!

Shopping and trying on clothes made for a tired Poppy.

Quick sneak peak of her jam jams.

Lucy & Poppy

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poppy's First Photo Shoot

Hello furiends its me Miss Poppy.  I am a little nervous so bear wif me please.  I tried to act natural for the photos like Lucy told me.  Here is what I came up wif:

I achieved a sleepy.

Hope you enjoyed my first photoshoot.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Purina Parkour - #ChewyInfluencer - Purina Beyond Wild Turkey, Liver & Duck Recipe

Wif all da hot weathers floating around here in North Texas and I have been lacking in working on my parkour skills.  What better way than to incorporate it into my monthly review.  These cans are perfect height for poodley purina parkour.  3....2....1....I'm Done!  Thats all I can do in dis heat.

Onto other matters. This months review is of the Purina Beyond Wild Turkey, Liver & Duck Recipe.  I must say is stocking some great flavor combinations.  I am ready to dig in!

WOW!  Would ya just look at that!  This mixes in great wif kibbles.


Here's a look at the Key Benefits while I just finish this off.

*Real turkey is the #1 ingredient for a high-quality source of protein and amino acids, plus a natural source of glucosamine for joint health and mobility.

*Every serving has a high-protein content to help maintain your furry best friend’s lean muscles and stay strong.

*Prey-inspired meal that delivers nutrient-dense formula your fur baby would naturally seek in the wild.

*Made with nutrient-rich organ meat for a good source of vitamin A, iron, protein and essential amino acids your pal needs.

*Grain-free recipe to meet your ingredient standards, and never any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or poultry by-product meal.

Almost froo.

Purina Beyond Wild's flavor combination is well....WILD!  Wild-ly amazing.  This is a grand topper for kibble is quite tasty on its own.  I have brought some to day care and is been a wonderful afternoon meal.  Purina I grant you a 5 stars (*****). 

Make sure you check out for all your canned food needs.  Remember they have autoship so no more lugging heavy cans from the store.  Save your energy for playing tug tug!!!!!!


*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my review.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Sunflowers

Nothing brightens my day more than seeing beautiful blooms.  These we found on a recent golfcart ride.  They look smashing against the blue sky!

Lucy & Poppy

Heartworm Preventative for Two

Momma opened Poppy's Heartworm package.  Yippee! Its super tiny!  Perfect for a mini pony puppy. 

Pills extracted.

Treat wrapped and down the hatch!

Lucy and Poppy

Saturday, July 14, 2018

They Call Me Naughty Dotty!

Momma sings this to me often.  Can't imagine why.....Oops see photo below.  Yep I am sitting on the window sill awaiting momma's return.

So momma had to run to walgreens for a photo and the office to give the manager the info for Poppy since she will be living here.  She left the living room blinds open and a beautiful couch for me to sit on but well she went out the back door and how exactly was I supposed to watch for her from the front when she left from the back?  I guess she should be asking herself these questions now shouldn't she?!?!?

Fast forward 2 days, I suppose momma didn't learn her lesson.  She thought she would be funny again and put up a baby gate to prevent me from accessing the kitchen.  Yea I cleared that!  When she got back from getting her root canal, here I was sound asleep on the window sill.  I stood up just as she took the pic.  Silly momma, baby gates don't stop me!


(Note from the momma: so I don't pull the kitchen windows as the clip is loose and may fall.  Also the cord is tucked far back behind the cabinets.  I have a ticket out to the office to get the clip fixed so I can pull them, but I hoped providing other beautiful windows might distract her.  I was wrong.)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Giant Chainsaw Wielding Squirrel!

I was just standing on the porch minding my own business when a loud commotion caught my attention.

There was a huge truck in the parking lot.

And what looked to be a person with a chainsaw but no hooman could do must be a SQUIRREL in HOOMAN clothing!

I must keep an eye on this intruder!  While I watched momma explained that they are not squirrels but real hoomans who work for the electric company who are trimming trees so they do not mess with the electric lines.  We were without power all morning. 

OH MY DOG! Squirrel or not that part looks fun to me!  Wonder if they would let me take a ride?

Would ya ask momma?

Drat!  She wouldn't ask.  Something about not bothering people when they are working and blah blah blah!  Next time I'll ask who could say no to my wee curly self?