Sunday, September 23, 2018

Working on my Doggie Book

Hi furiends, Poppy here.  Momma makes these binders she calls Doggie Books.  She says its to keep all of our impawtant doggie documents contained.  I wanted a polka dottie one like Lucy's to match my neck freckles, momma says its my cutest part, aside from my nekkid-ness, messy hair and cute flag tail of course.  BOL

 Unfortunately none were to be found on the interwebs.  :sadface:  However, I did find one wif a cute little white chubby pupper wif a blue ribbon on her neck.  It matched my blue eyes perfectly.  #ordered #isithereyet #canwecheckthemailboxanyway

Update: It arrived furry quickly.  I opened it up and oh my it was bigger than me! I love it. 

Momma and I got right to work filling it wif me impawtant documents.  Vaccine records, spay paperwork, microchip informations, and so-forf!  Its kinda flat now but soon enough it will be big as Lucy's.  I aspire to be just like my big sissy.  She has certificates wif gold letters, pages that tell of her DNA's, and all the classes she has attended.  Oh my one day, it will be full!


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Its Fall Ya'll - #ChewyInfluencer - Greenies Pumpkin Spice Flavor Dental Treats

Happy Fall Ya'll!  September 22nd is the official start of the Autumn season and nothing says Autumn quite like Pumpkins Spice.  Its in candles, drinks, treats, kitty litter (yes I have seen PS kitty litter), and now in one of my favorite treats GREENIES!  Oh I have just been made the happiest pup in all of TEXAS!

Lets take a quick look at the back of the bag and the Key Benefits:

*Delicious treats are recommend by vets to keep teeth clean and freshen breath.
*The unique texture fights plaque and tartar with every bite to keep gums healthy.
*Now in a limited edition pumpkin spice flavor to wow pooches everywhere; made for pups 5-15 pounds. (But are available in teenie, petite, med, lg)

*Formulated with natural ingredients that are highly digestible, including real pumpkin.
*Proudly made in the USA and accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to support doggy oral health.

On to the review. First things first size comparison.  I chose the teenie.  Its a great snack size for pups 5-15

Which I fall into perfectly at 12 lbs.

Smells of spicy pumpkins.

Oh my I have to dig in now!!!!

Same great greenies texture.

  Flavorful pumpkin taste.

And all froo!

In conclusion if you love fall, pumpkin spice and greenies these are the dental chews for you!  I would highly recommend these to a furiend.  Not only do they taste amazing but they work to keep your toofers clean.  Clean toofers make bitey face even more fun!

Remember these are limited edition so be sure get yours ordered from  They do have the largest selection of greenies and other fabulous dental treats.


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ISO: Double Stroller

Sometimes at the complex we have to park far out in the parking lot.  So momma has these bright ideas that she can get everything inside in one trip.  Then this happens.

Squished Smooches,

Monday, September 17, 2018

Too Early For Bye Bye Rides

Why up so early?  Not fair!  This was from the week of prep for the big pool pawty.  Lucy had to get a facial.  I am still not sure why I couldn't have stayed in bed.

Did some one say sausage burrito?

That was yum!

Back to nap.

Dis is embarrassing!  I must have been dreaming of more sausage burritos.

Is that a phone ringing or am I still dreaming?

Lucy's done.  Ok you drive Ill nap!

Sleepy Smooches,

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Completing the Kitchen Nook

Since we moved here momma and I (and now Poppy too) have been decorating the apartment.  We want it to look cute.  We added pictures, little signs and trinkets that have a special meaning.  You will remember that a few months ago we found a beautiful black ceramic poodle that matched our theme perfectly.  Well with the addition of little Poppy we needed a matching ceramic puppy for the nook.  We searched high and low on the interwebs for Chinese Crested statues and found nothing.  Then we decided to broaden our search to include a breeds that looks similar to Poppy when in ceramic form.  Bam Chihuahua!  Big ears, big eyes, tiny body, its almost a perfect match!  Unbelievably the little darlings (that matched my current statue) were only for purchase from France.  We researched the seller/artist and found she had top reviews.  We added one black ceramic chihuahua to our cart and a few short weeks later (much quicker than expected) Poppy Jr. arrived in TX.

She wouldn't fit in our mailbox so she dropped off in the parcel locker.

She was expertly packed with care.

She arrived looking perfect!

Here is the official completed kitchen nook.

Lucy & Poppy

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pupgrading My Ride! - #ChewyInfluencer - Review of Frisco Water Resistant Hammock Car Seat Cover, Regular, Gray

Oh my dog!  My box arrived and its a product to pupgrade my ride!

 I'm so excited! Frisco claims this is product will fit most vehicles, is easy to install, and protects from spills/stains. Challenge ACCEPTED!

Install was a breeze.  Just loop over each head rest,

...tuck seat belts into the slots and done.

It lays nicely against the seat.

Quite comfortable too I might add.

Once installed in our vehicle I got to take a look at the features.  It has large snap closure pockets on both ends but can they hold everything a pup could need to bring on a trip?

Such as a leash, chew stick, treats, potty bags, toys, a rain jacket or even a sister. *Discliamer (1): I would never put my baby sister in there. I is just being silly!

Why yes, yes it sure can!  Even room to spare for extra treats or extra chew chews.

We took a spin around the block.  I could still see out of the windows, I could still see momma, but had my own private area to relax.  Added bonus my chew chews don't get lost in the floor board or between the seat cushions.  I have lost many a chew chew that way!

Momma says she likes that the floor board is still accessible for her to put things like the diaper bag or shopping bags.  And with the hammock hanging from head rest to headreast I am not tempted to rummage through or trample on the bags on the floor.

In conclusion this product gets a 5 star rating from momma and me!  Its easy to install, fits any vehicle (we tried it in doggy nanny jeep and it fit like a glove too), does not block storage in floorboard, has pockets for necessities, and prevents chew chew loss.  This product would also be great for dogs that shed, it would prevent hair from getting into the seats and would be able to be washed easily.  Although I technically couldn't test that as my fur doesn't shed.  :)

Update: since trying this out one other great thing is when we get bank bones and I "leave crumbs all over the place" (mommas phrase not mine) momma can quickly pull the hammock off the headreasts, shake out the crumbs and its ready to go again.


*Disclaimer (2): I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.