Thursday, March 22, 2018

Perfect Day at the Park

Edit: This was from a few weeks ago
 80 degrees, sunshine and the park.  A recipe for a perfect day in my book.

Surveying the land.

Found a resting spot.

Close up please!!!!

And we can't forget the Facebook photo from the phone.  *Queen Lucy*

After being atop the jungle gym I decided to cool myself in da sand.  In the earlier hours the sand is quite cool and refreshing.

Once sufficiently cooled I started getting a rumbly in my tumbly and decided to raid the doggie bag for training treats.

When I got home I tucked myself in for a nap.  ZZZZzzZZzzzZZZZZz


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Two Trips to the Park & Finding a Treasure!

So momma was just sitting there selling her swans when BAM!  Home Slowed at 6:49 pm.  Luckily wif Daylights Savings Time that meant we had 1 hour of day light left to play wif.  And ya know what we did?!?!?!?!?!?!  Yep we golf carted to the park!  This is me happy happy face! 

I zoomied so much it made my leg sore.  Not the "go stiff and cry about it" sore but I did favor it that evening.  Momma says I have to not zoomie so much.  Well when you get an unscheduled golf cart ride and trip to the park mid-week (Monday Evenings are mid week fur us.) it calls for celebrations!

Wednesdays!  The first weekend of our week.  We arose early to fetch da groceries and I tell ya the people brought some awful weird stuff out for us. hooman baby food.  Sliced cheeses (the cheese we use here is shredded).  And 56 inks in addition to the normal products.  Strange stuffs.  Anyhoo we then stopped at Chick-fil-a for brekkie.  Momma gots a burrito (yes she shared the eggies) and I got a milk bone.  Paw-fect!  Instead of taking the "H" exit we blew right by home and hit the fly over...and that only means one thing!!!!!! GOLF CART TIME!!!!!!!!  Twice in one week.  (Side note: due to mommas doctor appts and a bad headache we had missed 2 golf cart days, so 2 in a week made my tail go all wildly wiggly)  First stop the park. 

Just chillin

Listening to the neighborhood doggies bark.  There have been some interesting things going on!!!!

Once we left the park we wandered aimlessly just enjoying the 50 degree day when I spotted something shiny!!!!

Momma, grabs it please.

Upon closer inspection its monies, a Susan-Dollar.

Oh my dog!  I am rich!!!!  I think I will use this to get me that lab puppy I have been hoping for.

Or at least put down a depo-sit on one.  So guys should I get a yellow, black or chocolate labbie?  Boy or girl?  I have a name picked out and everything.  KD's Once Upon a Stormy Night


Monday, March 19, 2018

Working on my Shadow Poodles

 The first stop lately on our rides has been the church.  They have a fun tire play zone.


Ok, all done.  Ready to head back out on the walkie.

After that I just worked on my shadow poodles.

We did some photoshoots that day quick outfit change and snapped a quick facebook photo. 

When we got back to Doggy Nanny's house, I was furry tired and took a power nap!


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Found my Lost Chew Chew and Big Dogs at the Complex

 One morning I spotted something between the cars seats.  I tried to investigate but my nose was too short to reach.  I showed momma and pulled out my lost Petstages Antler chew chew.  I was so happy!  I haven't seen it since the big road trip of 2017.  I keep it in my car seat for a quick morning chew chew session as we drive to Aunt Gracies house.

That afternoon as we arrived home we spotted the big dogs that live at the Weeks Mansion in our Apartment Complex.  We have seen them numerous times but never been able to get a picture.  Momma said the day we came to sign the lease papers and pick up the keys she saw the poodle  in the fence and she knew it was a sign that this was the place we should be.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer - Canidae Rabbit and Kale Chewy Dog Treats Review


Happy St. Patricks Day furiends!  See I am wearing my green dot collar so no pinches today.  I have prepared for you a fabulous review post.  I am taste testing the Canidae Rabbit and Kale Chewy Dog Treats.  I am super excited so let HOP  right in. 

Here is a quick peak at the back of the bag for your hooman.

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Rabbit & Kale Chewy Dog Treats were created so that you can reward your canine companion with a healthy treat that tastes great. Made with just a short list of ingredients that are easy to recognize, including the exotic addition of rabbit and kale, there’s no room for corn, wheat, soy or fillers. And with only 3 calories per treat plus a chewy, soft-baked texture that dogs love, it’s a healthy treat anytime—especially when training.

Key Benefits

  • Made with exotic ingredients like rabbit and kale.
  • Soft-baked texture that dogs love to chew.
  • Each chewy treat is just 3 calories so they’re perfect for training.
  • Short list of ingredients is free from corn, wheat, soy and fillers.
  • Made in the USA by the family-owned company with uncompromising quality.
Sniff Test.  Yep these smell nummy!!!!

These are training treat sized and heart shaped.  Way too cute.

Here they are compared to my current training treats. 

Now for the most impawtant part....the taste test!

Soft and chewy yet non-crumble-ey.  Paw-fect! You can really taste the rabbit and kale.  I have never heard of this flavor combination but its simply wonderful!!!!

Lip Lickin' Good!!!!

To put these to the test we decided to use them with one of my doggie puzzles.  Will the delectible scent help me locate them? 

Momma sent me off to play in the sand while she hid the treats.

Upon arrival I checked out the puzzle.

One on top, easy peasy.

That one was hidden under the bone.  Got it!

I *SNIFF* think *SNIFF* there is *SNIFF* one under *SNIFF* the red *SNIFF* one....

Let me just slide this bone lid...


Back to the red one...Yep! Got it!

That puzzle was super easy using the Canidae treats...and quite tasty too!

I give these treats a 5 (*****) Star rating.  They are great for training, perfectly size for a quick bite, don't crumble in mommas hand, and taste PAW-mazing!!!!!  Head over to and pick up a bag...or 6.  Springs on the way so its the perfect excuse to get out and get training and these will compliment any training session.



Disclaimer - I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, March 16, 2018

That's How We Roll

We were sitting in the park one afternoon, I glanced over at the golf cart and I giggled.  We run around Gracie's neighborhood on our golf cart, little red poodle riding shotgun, and the diaper bag hanging from a carabiner on the roof handle.  Yep tha'ts how we roll. 


Thursday, March 15, 2018

#TBT - Crazy Evening in KY

 We downloaded photos from the phone and I found these photos from KY.

My favorite Lab neighbor saying Hello

Hello sir!

After our golf cart ride momma was cleaning out the doggie drawers and we played "how much stuff can you hang off the dog before she refuses to pawticipate".  I got an all time high score with a soft muzzle, a bunch of caribeaners, tag clips and rubits.

Afterwards I was so tired, I flopped back in my bed for a nap.