Thursday, January 18, 2018

Momma's Self Proclaimed Ban from Ross

After Obedience class yesterday we went to town to do some errands.  We returned some books to the library, drove to petsmart (didn't stop because momma forgot her coupon), then went to Ross.  Momma needed some gloves.  Well we found gloves and quite a bit more!  We went through the pet aisle, of course, and found some Valentines day poop bags.  That was a must!  We decided against the dresses because I am not a fan of clothes without a purpose (like keeping me from freezing my tooshie off even then I am a bit iffy).  Momma thought we had done good!!!!  Then we hit the purse aisle.  Momma's not a big purse person.  She is more of a large wallet minimalist.  But then we spotted it at the same time.  It was.....

....A star purse and upon closer inspection it was a Betsy Johnson purse.  Momma has a Betsy Johnson purse in the closet she loves to use (for like job interview days, medical appointments, when she needs to bring extra things).  And as you know my AKC name is Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star, so really it was meant to be!!!  Then as we were headed up front when we spotted a white poodle statue.  It was simply darling but wouldn't match well with our decor.  We are sticking to black/gold/wood tones.  So we put him back.  We decided to take a stroll down the clearance as last time there were doggie supplies there too.  You will never guess what we found.  Yep a black poodle statue.  And the black poodle was $1 cheaper than the white one.  Again it surely was meant to be! 

With the gloves, poop bags, purse and statue momma spent way more than she intended.  So she has now proclaimed a ban for herself from Ross.  I highly doubt this will last long.  Ill keep you posted.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #2 - 2018

It's Wednesday and that means its momma's day off and time for Obedience class.  Its nice having a dedicated training leash and collar.  No more spending hours sifting through collars deciding what to wear. 

When we arrived we took a seat in the back row and we worked on Leave it when my class mates walked by.  Shes trying to teach me that not every dog or people wants a hug and kiss from me and that I need to focus on momma when they come near.  Its ruff but if treats are involved I play along! :)  When class started we did drills of sit, heel, and about turns.  I got a compliment of nice loose leash!  YES!!!!  We added stay (pawrent gives command, leads off with right foot to go in front of dog, pawrent returns to heel position, add distance and time as you go), down (in heel position), heel pace (slow, normal, fast) and Left U Turn.  The left turns threw all of us for a loop.  The pawrent turns into the dog when the dog is in heel on the left.  I thought momma was tryin to run me over and she was trying to figure out her left from her right and keep my focus.  It was probably quite a sight.  We tried it a few more times and it was still  sloppy but we know what to work on this week.  We got our homework sheets for the week and were given some tips like using a chair to work our stays, so the pawrents can have the treat right by our nose at hand level instead of leaning down all the time.  I believe my little tykes table shall due just fine for that.  As always photo time: 


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer - Wellness Core Simply Shreds Review

Good Afternoon Ya'll!  My chewy box arrived this month amid the frigid Texas temps.  Props to the Fedex dude for doing all that runnin in da cold!  This time I am reviewing a topper called Wellness Core Simply Shreds. 

Once unboxed we see it has chicken, salmon and pumpkin.  The pouch is 2.8 oz. 

Lets flip this box over and take a look at the key benefits shall we?

Bring more deliciousness and nutrition to mealtime with the Wellness CORE Simply Shreds Grain-Free Chicken, Wild Salmon & Pumpkin Wet Dog Food Topper. Formulated to provide your pal with the meat-based ancestral diet he thrives on, these 100% natural and grain-free shreds contain just five ingredients—salmon, lean chicken, pumpkin, chicken broth, and pure water—with absolutely no fillers or anything artificial. While your pup licks his furry lips, you can feel good about giving him a boost of muscle-building, high-quality protein from lean chicken, omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, and pumpkin for a healthy dose of vitamin A to support skin and eye health. Plus, pumpkin has also been known to help promote healthy digestion. Thanks to its tear-away pouch, it’s ready-to-use anytime as the perfect food topper, delectable side dish along with your dog’s meal, or high-protein snack. Plus, it contains no potatoes for dogs with food sensitivities, and can be used as part of a limited ingredient diet.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a boost of high-quality protein and nutrients with just five ingredients— shredded chicken, salmon, chicken broth, pumpkin, and pure water.
  • High-quality protein from chicken and omega-3 rich salmon, plus pumpkin for vitamin A and digestive health.
  • Unadulterated protein source with no fillers, grains, or starches, so it helps support a diet similar to that of your dog’s primal ancestors.
  • Convenient tear-away pouch makes it easy to top dry food or wet food, or give as a side dish or high-protein snack.
  • Proudly made with no grain, meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. (Which makes pet parents happy)

The moment the pouch was opened my nose went to sniffin and my tongue when right inside to get a sample.

The broth in the pouch is so good!  *SLURP*

Oh I can't get enough!!!!!!

Once I had sampling of the broth I finally let momma take the pouch to prepare my feast!  I have Science Diet Small Breed Kibble topped with Simply shreds.

I had to be held back so momma could get the photo.  I simply couldn't stand the wait!

Once released I then got into the main taste test. 

Oh delectable!  The chicken and salmon are both very tender.  The pumpkin is moist.  The broth is smooth. 

And the final photo momma snapped says it all.  Its lip lickin' good and I cleaned my bowl.  Now I think I need a little nap!

I give Wellness Simply Shreds a 5 star (*****) rating.  Its a good portion size, the meat is tender, and the broth is to die for!

If you love dinner toppers, check out for their VAST selection.  They have the best brands available.

#AD - I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #1 - 2018

Wednesday Janruary 10th, we woke up early, picked out a purple leash/collar, grabbed the treat bag and headed out. 

We drove right by Aunt Gracies house, which made me sad but momma said "Just wait I have a better place to show you then you can go to Gracies house.".  We arrived  at the Obedience and Training Center of Wichita Falls.  As we parked the MM, we saw a little Shih-Tzu, a Pyrenees, and not one but TWO Chinese Crested dogs entering the building.  OH MY DOG!!!!  Once we got inside we took a seat next to the Pyr, I do believe he is the biggest dog I have met to date.   I got in a quick sniff before the instructor said no nose to nose.  Drat!  But anyhoo we waited while more pups joined.  There was a black mini poodle boy, oh he was just simply handsome!  Then a Chi-weenie, a schnauzer mix, a small standard poodle, and two toy austrailian shepherds.  After everyone arrived we checked out their collar closet.  Yep they have a collar closet too!!!!!  I got a pretty purple martingale style training collar and momma got a black leather leash.  Miss Connie said this type of leash is easier to work with as its less slippery in your hand.  After our first training session using it momma agrees!!!

We divided into 2 groups and our instructor was Miss Connie.  She worked with her Merle Corgi.  We first learned about the bucket game.  Our pawrents sit on a bucket with a treat in their hand.  Once we offer sit/down calmly and give eye contact we get the treat.  This game is hard!  But I do enjoy playing.

 After that we worked on heel.  You will remember I had the most difficult time with this last year.  Well today I felt like a big girl and put my best paw forward and got it done!  We had to do left side sits.  No problem.  Then momma learned with heel you have to lead off with your left foot.  (Miss Connie explained the reason behind heeling on the left is from police dog work.  Policemen need to have the dogs on their left so they can use their dominate hand for gun/important stuff)  Cool milk bones!!!  Then we did heel in a circle around the room.  The pawrents had to keep our attention and I did fairly well with this, although I did sneaks onto the window sill and into the office, but just one time each.  A girls gotta have some fun right!  We also added halt when our pawrents stop we sit.  This one I remembered from Petsmart and we practice this a lot when we are out.  Once we were heeling, halting and keeping our focus on our moms Miss Connie added about-turns.  Oh my!  The pawrents have to turn away from the dog, we have to keep focus and turn together with our pawrents then keep heel.  When Miss Connie annouced About Turn it was like we had done this all our life and didn't miss a beat.  Momma was so proud!  We did a few more drills of heel, about-turn, halt, repeat. 

We received our homework booklets and were dismissed.  We stopped for a quick pic outside the training center.  *CHEESE* Momma said she was so proud of how well I focused during the exercises.  Its a sure sign I am growing up to be a big girl.

Then I got to go to Gracies house to tell her all bouts my morning.  Momma had to go to work for training on her day off.  She said it was cool because she is learning a new account called Schwans and she will be given green papers in exchange for her pawticipation.  :)

Anyhoo, I think I need to go work on my homework now so I can show Miss Connie I am eager to learn!  I can't wait to see what she has to teach us next week.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tips for Packing and Traveling with a Pet

Traveling with your dog

I recently traveled 700+ miles for a relocation with my dog Lucy and it was quite an eye opening experience.  I prepared a lot for this trip  and wanted to put this in a blog post hoping to help future pet parents prepare easier for a trip with their beloved pets.

Packing-Your Pets Suitcase(s)

Yes I typed that.  Your pet will benefit from having their own suitcase.  This way their belongings are kept together and organized.  

Bag - I recommend a rolling backpack, scrapbook tote (what I used), or a small travel suitcase.  I like the ones with wheels as they are easy to move around and get into hotels especially when you have a leash , a hotel key card, your purse/wallet and cell phone. :)  

In this suitcase you need the essientals:  

(I packed dry kibble in a rubbermaid ceral container so it would be slim but allow me to have enough on hand for a few days)

Treats and Play Packs
(The thought of traveling with an 11 month old did give me quite a fright.  How would I ever keep her entertained for 700+ miles while I drove and listed to my GPS?  Puppy play packs, full blog with itemized list can be found here, this truly saved me from a hyper puppy.  I still do this now if we are visiting family near by.  Just throw a few of her favorite things in a bag with a blanket and she can be entertained while the humans talk.  
Leash, collar, harness, tags and sweater (where applicable): (Use what ever tools/tags you and your pet are comfortable with using. I personally used a puppia harness, for comfort, and walking. I used a retractable leash to give her room to run and sniff. And a basic nylon collar to hold her name tag. If you have a cold-natured pet or small breed consider packing extra sweaters. I thought it was fall and would stay warm enough that we wouldn't need any but we had a cold snap and ended up digging though my entire hatch for about 30 minutes to locate one. Better to have a few extra then not enough.)

Dishes(I used a collapsable food dish to save room.  For the water dish I picked up a collapsable dish with a clip from walmart so I could clip it onto the car seat belt so it would not get lost.  This worked very well for me and Lucy)

(I packed water from home as sometimes it can upset their tummies to have new water.  We were on well water so I worried city water might upset her system.  Its just a safety precaution.)
Vital and Medical Records
(Including travel health certificate, Pet info sheet, current color photograph, Rabies certificate,  a document/reciept showing Parvo Vaccine and kennel cough vaccine. More detail will be on this later with pictures.  These documents I kept in a zippered plastic folder for easy access and to prevent damage.  The pink document folders I used were purchased during school supply time for 97cents.)

Medications and Schedule
(The only medication my pet had was heartworm prevention.  I kept it in one of the little "Really useful Containers" from walmart to prevent them from being crushed.  A schedule was not needed for myself but my last poodle needed 3x daily eye drops and having a schedule with a little check box would have been useful so I could quickly check to see if I had given her the daily drops.  Travel is stressful and its easy to get off your normal routine.)
Toys (By far the most important if you ask my lucy. I packed only 5-6 of her favorites, not items from the play packs just her normal everyday toys. She did get a lot of use out of them during our hotel stays. Especially the tug tugs.)
Pee pads, Poop Bags and container
(I had a poop bag container on my purse with a set of bags but also carried extra rolls in the suitcase.  All rest stops and places to let you pet relieve themselves require you to pick up after your pet.  I also packed pee pads to put in her carseat under her blanket.  That way if she had an accident it could be easily cleaned.)
Small Zippered emergency bag (I carried a little zippered bag in her suit case that housed some items in case of an accident. A soft muzzle, a slipleash, and benedryl. If your pet is hurt a soft muzzle will protect you from a bite as you help your pet, a slipleash allows you to leash your pet quickly and not have to fumble with clips of a standard leash, and benedryl is great in the event of an allergic reaction.)
Packed in the car not in the suitcase was: Petseatbelts/carseats/carrier (After a horrible head on collision in 2007 I have always had a doggie carseat for my pets. A carseat is the only thing that saved my beloved Mollie's life. THe car was demolished but SHe walked away with a bruised shoulder and a couple cuts. I use the snoozer single pet carseat in the passenger seat. I used the CYTIK seat belts. I looped on end though the cars seat belt and the other end had a very light weight hook to connect to a harness. NEVER CONNECT a seatbelt to a collar. This will end up choking the pet if you have to stop or are involved in a crash.
(I took a wire kennel, again bring whatever your pet is used to using.  A carrier, collapsible kennel or hard plastic kennel may work better for some pets.  I kept it in its original box for easy transport and easy storage behind my seat.  )  

(If your pet is traveling in the car or in the airplane by kennel/crate I would suggest putting an additional dog tag clipped to the kennel with your name and phone number in the event the pet becomes lost or transferred incorrectly your name is on their crate and the pet doesn't have to be removed in order to get the phone number.  I leave a permanent tag on Lucys kennel in the house with my name and number.  So that if I have to evacuate my info is on her and the kennel.)

Dog bedding
(My dog sleeps in the bed with me so additional beds were not needed however if your pet uses a mattress or bed this can help them feel more relaxed during a stress ful travel experience.)

Travel Documents In the pink zipper folder I had: -Info sheet (This sheet will have name, breed, color, age, size, microchip, emergency contact, vet name/number/account number, and owner name/phone number. I also keep a current color photo paperclipped to this page so that law enforcement/border patrol can quickly identify a dog by apparance to his/her name...this could be helpful in cases where you are traveling with multiple pets. Other pertinant information such as medical condition, medication or distinguishing feature such as has 3 legs, blind, deaf, etc. may also be added but was not necessary on my dogs sheet at the time of travel.) -Rabies Certificate (This should have the vaccination date, vaccination type -1 or 3 year and/or killed or modified live virus-, dogs name/color/breed, vetinerian name and clinic name. vets license Number and/or signature must also be visible on the certifiate depending on vet clinic's policy on how they print/fill it out. -Other Vaccination document (For this i used my reciept that showed what vaccination Lucy had such as Parvo Vaccine and Bordetella Vaccine. It also shows date charged/administered. -Health Certificate (A health certificate must be written and exam given within 7-10 days BEFORE travel.) This is to ensure pets traveling into other states/countries are disease free. IF you are stopped by law enforcement/border patrol this is the main document they will request to see. Once issued a health certificate is good for 30 days unless otherwise stated. Side Note: The Health Certificate exam was quick and easy. My vet took Lucy's temperature, gave her a basic physical exam, and reviewed her chart for past fecal/heartworm tests/basic care. The form listed Lucys name, age, breed, color, reason for travel, departing address, destination address, was it marked that Lucy was showing no sign of illness and was signed by the veterinarian. -License with state/county/city where applicable. If you reside in a city, state or county that requires you to have your pet licensed with their office I recommend adding this in even if traveling out of area. At the time of travel I didn't have this for Lucy as my area didn't require it. NOw that I have moved to Wichita Falls, the city requires licensing for pets inside the city limits.

Side note: These travel documents minus the health certificate that is now no longer valid I keep in the pink zipper folder in my doggie closet and handy for quick trips to the dog park, going to new groomers, going to a new vet clinic.  This way no matter what happens I have proof of license, rabies and microchipping.  This is for your pets protection.  To me its like carrying your drivers license, car insurance and registration.  I just slip it in her diaper bag (Yes she has a diaper bag for everyday use) when ever we go out.  
I.D., especially when traveling is very important. For Lucy, a small breed poodle, keeping all her important tags on her collar wasn't really an option. So what I did was keep her name/phone number tag on her collar. THen on her harness I attached her rabies and homeagain microchip tag. That way if either failed there was back up.
State by state travel via car. Each state has requirements for pets entering via car. Some states do not allow reptiles, livestock and/or birds. So check each state (I google searched "Arkansas state laws travel with pet" and you will find all sorts of pages/documents from state departments or city websites) you will be driving through to ensure your particular pet is welcome. Most states welcome dogs and cats. But have requirements for documents they require stating the health of the animal.
Each state requires a valid rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian.  To travel a pet has to have a rabies certificate that proves vaccination within the last 12 months but must be MORE than 7 days prior to travel.  SO make sure vaccines are done well prior to travel.

Most states I was visiting required a valid health certificate being written 7-10 days prior to travel.  

By plane each airline has their own requirements (but typically the same health cert, rabies etc apply) so be sure to ask ahead of time and make a list.  If traveling to HawaiI or out of the country I know there are some quarentine rules that apply so be sure to check them as well.  I did not fly by plane so I have no experience with this. ) 

Last but not least....

Have fun and enjoy your trip!  Bring along a camera or pull out the cell phone and take pics.  I LOVE having the photos from our bing move/cross country trip.  We had a blast looking for signs and places to snap a quick pic to show where we were on our journey.

*The momma*

Friday, January 12, 2018

Meeting More Cousins

So this morning I woke up to find myself tagged in a photo wif some more cousins.  Yesterday cousin Martha, Masyn and Justyne (pictured with me) stopped by to say hello.  I had a blast meeting effuryone!  This is what momma meant by it will be good to be closer to family.  I have met so many new people and peoples comes to Doggy Nanny's house all da time. 

There was a casualty though of one of doggy nanny's birdies.  I jumped on the coffee table and one of the birdies got in my way and well he ended up on da floor and broke.  Miss Martha offered to take in the injured birdie and rehabilitate him.  Hopefully he will be good as new in no time. 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year, New Obedience Class!

Momma showed me this flyer from the Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation.  She marked on of the classes with a star.  Oh my dog!  We are going back to Obedience class.  YIPEE!!!!!

This time we will be attending class at the Obedience Training Club of WF.

They have a huge indoor heated and cooled facility.  We drove by one afternoon and guess what, they have TWO agility arenas!  Makes me want to try that out now too!!!!

We have been glued to their website looking at the fun classes and trails they hold.  After obedience we will be doing the CGC class, then hopefully going into Scent Work.  Oh my goodness they have so much fun stuff!

1-8-18 was orientation so I got to go to Gracies house to play while momma filled out paperwork and met with the instructor.

The instructor went over rules for entering/exiting the center safely, training leash/collars, schedule for training, and  treats.  After the instuctor was done some of the past students and handlers came in for a heel/rally demo.  The group included dogs from a 5 pound boston terrier to a 60 pound lab/pit mix.  All behaved exceptionally well. We can't wait to go and practice.