Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Growin' Back My Bracelets!

While I LOVED having less fur to keep combed (it's one of the un-fun things I make momma feel bad for doing...what...I don't like it!) and being more aerodynamic.....I MISSED MY BRACELETS!!!!!! They were my trademark so I am growin' them back.   I wrote a note to Miss Faith and here is my before picture at Margot's Grooming Shop.  I was a tiny bit distracted by Pepper the shop cat.  I gave her lotsa kisses when I got inside.

Ta Da!  They may be petite but they are cute-ite...Ok that doesn't rhyme but you get it right?!?!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer - Product Review - StarMark Bob A Lot

Welcome Furiends!  Today I have a wobbly good review for you!!!!  Does your pet LOVE puzzles?  Does your pet LOVE a challenge?  Does your pet LOVE treats?  Well if you answered yes to any of these or all of these your pet will love the StarMark Bob-A-Lot treat dispensing toy.

It wobbles, it bobbles, it tosses treats, but it never falls down!!!!!! I chose the small to medium size and as a 12 pound poodle girl it was the perfect size and weight for me!  Don't worry big fur-kids, there is a larger version available for you as well! 

Info for the Pawrents eyes only:

The Bob-a-Lots yellow lid unscrews and inside is a trap door.

This slides open for easy filling of treats or kibble.

Once filled with yummy treats you will adjust the dispensing door for different difficulty levels.

Start with all the way open so treats come out quickly and easily.

As your pet becomes a pro-bobber only open half way to make it more challenging.

On to the bobbing! Where ever shall I begin?

Inspecting the treats inside.  Yes smells of Bil-Jac Training Treats. 

Lets get this pawty started!!!!! *Queue the fun boppy music*

All empty now!  My work here is complete!

After multiple rounds of research (and treat eating) I give this StarMark Bob-A-Lot a grand 5 Stars (*****).  It's unique in shape, size, and in the way the treats are dispensed.  It makes puzzle time even more fun and enjoyable!  I also love that if your ready for more of a challenge your pawrent can easily adjust the dispenser door. I would recommend this for any puzzle loving dogs! Mom loves its engaging, easy to clean and easy to fill.  Happy Bobbing!!!


*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for my honest review.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Sandy Poodle and Fun with Drains

The Sunset Terrace Park is a magical place. 

Sand, sunshine, and slides.  I'm ready to go!!!

Time to dig!

The face of a happy sandy poodle girl.

Now time to climb!

Is there anything on my nose?

Time to get back to our ride.

After the park we shared a sweet treat.

Here in Texas we are city dwellers now and there are lots of new places to see and stuffs to sniff.  This being a big one.  Every drain I pass I stick my wee curly head inside and give a good sniff.  I haven't found anything good yet but I am optimistic.  Momma tells me everytime don't find any clowns.  I don't know why clowns are fun and sweet....Right?!?!?


Anyhoo, nothing in this one.  Lets go momma!

After our ride we stopped in to see Aunt Gracie.

She worked on her sitting for photos.

Whoops closed your eyes!

I also said hello to BB1 and BB2

Alright I need a rest now.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Secret Pond

This story began a few weeks ago and we have been collecting fun photos to make one big post about the wild life we have found.  So here we go!!!!

One Saturday earlier this month we were riding along just enjoying the warm breeze and we saw the gates to the high school were open.

So we golf carted right across the big road over to the school.

Behind the school along the road is the mechanics class garage and a green house with this cool throne built for a QUEEN!!!!!

Beyond these buildings is the foot ball field with some beautiful purple horses.  It looks like they are ready for a big game!

Then I spotted it.  The big secret pond.  WOW!!!!

There were ducks and geese every where.

Not sure what this is but its cute!

I went off in the field exploring.

Then I gave momma a fright!  She said if I went any further I would have to live down here forever.

Then I spotted a road runner!  He was a fast lil birdie!!! Meep meep!

 I found the Crane!

And got to watch her fly across the pond!  Click to enlarge.  Look at her wing span!!!!

 Sun bathing Turtles

All too soon it was time to leave the pond.

And make our way back to Doggy Nanny's

But first a water break!