Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just A Poodle and Her Training Gear

9-9-17 It was just a standard Saturday morning.  We got up, sat outside enjoying the crisp fall air, I had some kibble while momma ate her breakfast, and we watched an episode of Desperate Housewives.  Once the episode was over momma started gathering up ALL my trick gear and put it in a rubbermaid bin.  I was kind of curious, to my knowledge we didn't have any events, weren't going to a trick test or anything of the sort.   Then momma tricked me into getting a bath.

I was super worried that she was kicking me out of the house.

To my relief instead of putting my things on the curb with a free to good home sign we loaded my gear up on to the golf cart!!!!

We headed down to the soy bean field and unloaded it on to the trailer that is parked there.  We even had a little friend join in on the fun.  A cute grass hopper, I named her Ida.

Momma wanted to get a photo of me with my trick training gear for my doggie book.  Oh boy!!!

Model Pose

Sitting Pretty

And my funny happy face.

Puppy Growls,
Lucy & Ida

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Review

I admit my previous dogs, Mollie Jo and Bobo, did not wear collars 24/7/365, this was mostly due to my mom taking them off all the time.  She hated making them wear collars in the house.  I often found myself saying "I just had collars on them, where are their collars?"  she would reply "Oh, I took them off."  :)   So their collars never got very dirty or frayed.  However with Lucy I have made it a point to make sure she has a collar on with ID all the time in addition to her microchip.  Back in the spring I chose yellow as "her color".  So that is what color collar she wore.  Well after weeks of day care, romps through the soy bean field, and golf cart rides this summer the collar was looking rough.  I was clean it every few weeks when she was bathed but it just got worse and worse as time went on and was starting to fray.

So I went to the internet to find a solution.  I posted in the "Dog Collars and Leads" Facebook group asking what collars people used that were durable and got an answer very quick.  Three people right away commented "Biothane" collars.  I found a few different websites that sell them boasting that they are water proof, stink proof and weather resistant.  Just what I was looking for.

I found out when ordering the size listed  is the measurement for entire length of the collar from the bar in the middle of the buckle to the tip.  On each page it will tell you what length neck each collar size fits.  For example I ordered the 12 inch collar.  It fits a 9-10 1/2 inch neck.

The website I ordered from is and their prices can't be beat.  For the 1/2 inch biothane collar it is $3.00 and the 4 foot 1/2 inch leash is $8.00.  I also love the range of colors available including yellow!!!!!  For larger breeds there is a 3/4 and 1 inch width available.

Their processing and shipping was fantastic.  I ordered this on a Wednesday afternoon and received it Saturday via US Mail.  The quality of the collar was superb and the hardware looks awesome.  It fit like a charm.  I could not be more pleased. :)

I am very satisfied and I highly recommend them due to fantastic quality and customer service.

Only time will tell how weather resistant/puppy proof this collar will be and I plan on doing an updated review once Lucy has had time to test it. 

-Katie (The Momma)
#NotAd - This was a purchased product.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Photoshoot in Downtown Symsonia, KY

I love the town I live in, its quite, scenic, and unique.  So I thought I would take a photo with the town sign.  Doggy Nanny and Grandpa were a big help in getting this done.  See the sign is along someones yard and the only way to access the sign is parking in her drive way then walking to the sign.  So Grandpa dropped us all off then went down the road to park.  Doggy Nanny strolled me to the sign while momma got the camera ready.

I'm ready, but Doggy Nanny you are not leaving me right?!?


On the way home as we were headed down our road, Gracie and I got some air!

Ahh the smell of home!

Puppy Growls,

Sunday, September 17, 2017

September Newsletter with a SPECIAL HELPER

 OH MY DOG friends, guess what!  I got to take a special furiend to help with the FVC September Newsletter.

We took a tour of the clinic.

Thought we heard some monsters so sat close to momma just in case.

Then got down to business.  This months theme is "Don't Litter, Spay Your Critter".  A message I fully support.

I think we got this!

Puppy Growls,
Lucy and Gracie

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mid Week Petsmart Treat Run

So I was so excited that momma put my treats on autoship, no worries about running out.  Well mommas bank card got hacked and she received fraudulent charges.  The company the hackers ordered from nicely refunded the charges immediately but momma still had to cancel her bank card.  Well she forgot my autoshipped treats were linked to that card and well I got to the end of the bag and we had to make a mad dash to petsmart for new treats.  This was the Wednesday before my big TKN title test.  Whew!

I think this should get me through for a bit.

Puppy Growls,

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Moment Caught in Time

So apparently even when I am sleeping momma has her camera at the ready to capture "adorable" moments.  I was so invested in chewing I wore myself out and fell asleep upside down with my chewy still in my mouth.

Puppy Growls,

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Awkward Family Photo

Gracie and I were playing with a stick one evening.

When momma caught these photos.

In the photo you can't see the stick so it looks like we have been posed for an akward family photo.  It made momma laugh.  :)
Also wanted to mention, we have been reading blogs but have been limited in commenting.  Mommas been furry busy.  We hope to be back commenting soon.  Sorry for being a bit absent in the blogging community.  :)

Puppy Growls,