Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I Won Again!!!! (Embark DNA Test Package Opening and Swab)

First my NTD, then the lottery now an EMBARK health test!  2020 is my year fur sure!!!!

I won an Embark test. And by golly it arrived here lick-ity split.  Get it lick-ity....BOL BOL BOL!!!!

Here is everything that came in my package. Swab, instructions, and secure mailer.

 Its labeled as the Breeder Kit and features online breeder specific tools.  It offers the health screenings and coat/body traits but no breed identification.  Thats ok I know my heritage.  I want to see what Embark says my genes reveal about me.  One I am most curious about is the blue eye trait.  They have put a lot of research into the study of blue eyes.

Alright I remember dis from last time.  I am ready for my swab momma.

Not as bad as last time.  Momma got it all sealed and shaken up.

Now lets get this mailed off.

Can't wait to get my results.


Monday, January 27, 2020

A Pearls and Rhinestone Kind Of Day

Sometimes you just wanna feel fancy and put on your rhinestones and pearls.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Poppy Wake Up Call

Momma likes to sleep in on weekends.  I do to but once I see her check her phone I know its time to get the day started I "pop" outta the covers, bound up on her pillow to do my pterodactyl yawn and then speed kisses.  Momma got these adorable photos of my happiness to share.  Enjoy!

Time to go!


Friday, January 24, 2020

An Amazing Article - CAW Detective Dog

Check out this article:

Momma brought home a copy for me and wow its amazing!  From Puppy Prison Training Program to working for CAW using her sniffer to detect water leaks.  She must be living the dream.  Be sure to check out this cutie on Facebook and Instagram "CAW Detective Dog".  She posts some pawsome content.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cold Lunch Date and A Furcut

I just love getting whisked away at lunch time for a little one on one time wif momma before going to visit my favorite groomers at Margots.

But first lunch!

Lunch was great.  We have arrived at our final destination.

Leashed up and ready to go.

Activate speedy poodle leggies!

Hi fren!  Long time no see!

5 pm rolled around and momma arrived to pick me up.

When she came into the shop I wasn't quite ready.  Miss Pat was helping groom this big boy.

Isn't he dreamy?!?!?  Can you spot me?  Hint: I am on the left above the cookie jar.

So Miss Pat could finish my cut without me acting like a wild banshee  intruption, momma went back to the MM to wait for me.  I am ready now here I come momma!!!!!

New Fur cut modeling!  Got that texas sized top knot, ears and bracelets!  I feel FABULOUS.

Alright lets go get Poppy...I have sure missed her!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Couch Cushion Treasure

I was over at Aunt Gracies house the other day.  Just minding my own business.

When my trained sniffer smelled something tasty!

Trying to find the source of such delectable smells.

Inbetween these two cushions for sure.

But the cushions are so fluffy I cant squeeze my tongue down far enough.

Thankfully momma lifted the cushion and helped me locate the morsels.

Day old kibble with a hint of lint.  My favorite!!!!


Doggy Nanny can you scoot over so I can check this couch cushion for day old kibbles?


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Car Seat Switch

As you may have noticed a trend on the blog my sisfur Lucy has a bad habit of sitting on the carseat sides thus breaking them down. We tried rotating the carseat but it never fit quite right in the seat if turned sideways or backward.  So Doggy Nanny offered us a switch to the old big car seat that can sit sideways (with the low part on Lucy's side next to momma) and hopefully prevent my sisfur from breaking down the side.  Doggy Nanny will take our current one and we will install it in the back seat where it can have the side against the door for added support so Gracie can still see out when she goes bye bye but it won't take up her whole back seat.  Its going to be a win win for everyone we hope!

Fully installed this one feels good!

Room for Lu to sit and watch either way (outside the front or outside mommas window) and room for me to lay down and sleep without being disturbed.

Lucy and Poppy