Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Play Time wif Jackson

Jackson.  Come out...Come out...Where ever you are!

Do ya wanna play....huh...huh....Do ya wanna play?

Alright chase it is!

Puppy Growls,

Monday, May 22, 2017

Life with Lucy Review: Greenies Dental Fresh Treats #ChewyInfluencer

(5-22-17) Today I have some furry exciting news!  I am now an official  #ChewyInflucencer.

This month I chose the Greenies Dental Fresh Treats for a taste test.  

Now onto the unboxing and review!

Its always exciting to come home to a box on your porch.

My thoughts exactly!!!!

Alright lets dig in!

OH MY DOG! I found a surprise in my box!  They sent the Greenies but added some American Journey Oven Baked Chicken treats too.  THANK YOU CHEWY!

These smell simply amazing!

Aunt Gracie concurs.


So crunchy...

...so flavorful!

*Blooper Shot*

Momma likes that these treats are made from ingredients you can pronounce and made in the USA.

I like that they are crunchy, chicken flavored and are small enough for little pups like me.  I give American Journey an A+.  I will be ordering more of these in the future.  If you are interested in ordering a bag you can find them on Chewy.com by clicking here.

Now for the Greenies Review.  I was surprised they smelled so minty fresh when I pawed  open the resealable bag.  I wish I had a smell-o-blog.

The Petite is the perfect size for a Toy Poodle.

 Each one is soft enough so  momma can break them apart and chewy enough to keep me busy.

They are perfect for my evening snack.

I give the Greenies Fresh treats an A+ as well.

Did you know if you find a treat that you absolutely love you can put it on autoship with Chewy.com?  Then no worries about running out of treats EVER.  It's literally a puppies dream come true!!!  

I would like to give a big poodle-y THANK YOU to Chewy for the opportunity to be part of the #ChewyInfluencer program and for all the assistance they gave me getting set up.  You guys are PAWsome!

*Yes I might have nibbled on the thank you flap....and it was tasty!*

Puppy Growls,

*Disclaimer: I received these product free of charge form Chewy.com in an exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Life with Lucy Review: Coastal Pet Comfort Soft Harness

Welcome to another Life with Lucy Review.  This week I am reviewing the Coastal Pet Comfort Soft Harness.  It is a step in style which is easier for me to get into when its walkie time.

In this particular harness I am sized XXSmall - Pink, Girth Size 14"-16".  So with all harnesses I recommend measuring behind the front legs and then going off the girth inch size rather than the "small, med, lg" markings.  Also as with the Puppia harness I tried,  if your measuring at the max girth inch size of a particular harness go up a size.  You will have room to grow especially if your a little pupper like me!  I measured 13 inchs, at the time of purchase, so technically the xxx-small have worked since its measurements are 11-13 inches, but being young and (possibly) still growing (even though momma tells me to stop...I don't listen) I went with the xx-small which it measures 14-16 and worked out great. At the smallest setting it fits perfectly.

I love how minimal contact this one is, the mesh is only on the front of the chest and then under the chest, which leaves no nylon/hardware to rub on me when I lie down.  Then on the back is super soft nylon which creates the adjustable portion.  The hardware is small and light weight and is super easy for momma to clip/unclip and hook my leash onto.  This harness is very breathable as well, so when I do yard zoomies no heat is trapped causing me to get overheated.

My only complaint is that this harness does not come in basic black.  However with my Puppia harness that is not an issue, I'll just wear it with a collar that doesn't go with this color.  I'll just have a splash of pink in my wardrobe.  No one ever said a splash of pink was a bad thing right?!?!

I give this product an A-, docking points only for color selection.  I'm a pup of many colored collars, and simply must have options!  Now if pink isn't exactly your color I have found this style (comfort soft step in)  in purple, blue and green.  I highly recommend this product for fun and functionality, especially for the petite pups!  I found the best deal at walmart.com with free site to store shipping. $7.99.

Puppy Growls,

#NotAD - This was a personally purchased product. 

Life with Lucy Review: Puppia (Style B) Harness

The harness I have from Puppia is the "Soft Vest Harness B".  They do have other styles available but momma felt this one would be easier to put on, as its a step in style, and easier for me to wear.

At the time of ordering I was measuring a size 13" chest and per the sizing guide I fell between sizes.  Momma worried going with small (chest measurement) it would be too tight and I would have no room to grow.  So we went with the size medium and all of the reviews/websites state to go up a size if they are at the maximum  end of the length (chest measurement wise) in the size guide.

When they arrived I tried the yellow first, of course!  To my delight it fit like a glove.  I have a tad bit of extra room in the front/chest and ribcage area when the velcro is placed just square on top of each other.  Which allows for a bit of growth so I won't be buying a new harness in a few months.

(Side note: the velcro will allow a lot of room for growth if need be as it does not have to be placed square on top of each other to function properly.  See photo collage below).  

I have worn it on many walkies and golf cart rides and have to say it is comfortable.  More importantly its breathable.  Momma says when I get yard zoomies it doesn't seem to trap heat so I can wear it year round.

Per momma, the hardware is very light weigh even though its bigger than the hardware on all my other harnesses/collars.  She also likes the "D" rings.  They are a good size and easy to clip a leash on with one hand.

Puppy Style B harnesses come in a variety of pawsome colors such as: neon, plaids, floral, check, gingham, ruffle and so many more!  Hmm...I should add some of those to my list for Santa Paws! *Be Right Back*

Without further ado Puppia's Style B Vest Harness gets an A+ from this Life with Lucy Review!  If you like step in style harnesses and want something that is going to be soft/comfortable for your pup Puppia is the way to go!  I would highly recommend this for a friend.  The best deal I found was $16.99 at walmart.com with free site to store shipping.

Puppy Growls,

#NotAd - These were personally purchased products.

Bird Watch 2017

Momma went to wally-mart to do her regular grocery shopping and she came home with some goodies for me!  She bought an Ecolantern bird feeder and a big bag of Birdwatchers Blend bird seed.  I'm furry excited!

We filled the feeder....

....and found the perfect place to hang it on the porch.

I don't see any birds yet...

...not even one!

Momma where are birds? 

Momma says I have to be patient and they will come.  So for now I must wait. 

Puppy Growls,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Grr I'm a BIG Scary Puppy-Monster

Fear me for I will come out from the shadows and attack you wif KISSES!

Puppy Growls,

Friday, May 19, 2017

Harness Haul

When I came to live with momma I was a tiny pup. So instead of attaching the leash to my collar, momma used a harness to take me on walkies and to go to puppy class.  But after months of using a standard nylon step-in harness momma was on the hunt for a something more comfortable for me.  I tried on numerous ones at Petsmart and all were too big in the front or wouldn't clasp around my chest.  Then momma started looking on the interwebs.  A few days and a lot of measuring later a box arrived.  I spot something yellow!

She found 2 harnesses on wally-marts website that looked like they just might work for me.  So I got a black Puppia harness and a pink coastal pet comfort soft harness.  As a bonus momma found a yellow Puppia harness and ordered it to match my house collar.  Momma loves how yellow looks with my furs!

After I try these out for a bit I will be doing a review.

Puppy Growls,

#NotAd - These were personally purchased products.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18th Baxter Boo Pet of the Day Winner

5-18-17 I woke up this morning and checked the iPad wif momma and guess what we found.  A paw-mail from Baxter Boo stating I was the Pet of the Day today May 18th 2017.

Seems momma submitted some pictures of me wearing collars/harnesses that are currently for sale and that automatically entered me to be in the running for pet of the day.  So we were off to the website to check it out.  Way cool milk bones! 

Even cooler milk bones is I received a $25 Gift Certificate.  I can't wait to do some shopping!!!!

In the email Baxter Boo offered a code to my furiends for a 10% discount + free shipping.  Just click here to get your certificate.  They offer hundreds of items!!!

Puppy Growls,