Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bi-Yearly Vaccinations and an X-Ray

Per the email from the clinic I am due for a bi-yearly Bordetella vaccine.  I think I can be brave! 

Before I left I got to go into the tiny room at the clinic.  It's called the x-ray room.  The hoomans wear funny lead outfits and I get to lay out on a big table and just relax.  When the big bell goes off it takes my picture.  Although I cant quite figure out how.  There was no flash like on mommas camera. is the shot they got.  Oh no!  They cut off my head.  All they got were my paws.  But my oh my they are cute huh!  And quite skinny with no furs!

Gracie Gets a Dental Cleaning

Friday, October 13, 2017

Marshall County Co-Op Family Pet Day

9-23-17 The Marshall County Co-op hosted a Family Pet Day event.  There were vendors, door prizes and a trainer coming in for demos.

OOH Look at that custom van!

It's Wren's Pet Lodge Trainer Mr. McElya who was presenting the training demo.

There were quite a few doggies in attendance.

We found a seat on the feed bags to listen to the trainer.

Momma says I minded my manners and we practiced not jumping on people when they came over to me to say hello.

I made furiends with Miss Luna and we sniffed noses while her papa talked to the trainer.  She is furry sweet.

As we were looking around the store momma heard her name being called.  We had won a door prize of treats from the Nutro Brand.  Oh my dog!  It's my lucky day!

We got back to the car I fell right asleep.  1 and a half hours of listening, shopping and practicing manners is hard on a young pup!

The photo momma posted on fb.

Puppy Growls,

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Momma's New Shoes

The strap on momma's shoe broke (I swear for real I had nothing to do with it.  Momma verified her shoes were old and just broke on their own).  So we went to Shoe Carnival to find her some new house sandals.

The best part is she said that I can have the old sandals to chew up.  :))

Puppy Growls,

Houston We Have A Problem

Puppy Growls,

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Worried Wednesday: My Soybean Field

I don't want to alarm you, but my soybean field is dying.

All the pretty green leaves have turned yellow or fallen away!

The pods are brown and sad looking.

Does anyone know CPR for Soybeans?

Puppy Growls,

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dog Park Pawty

9-24-17 Momma got an e-vite via Facebook from Sawyer and Silas' mom to attend a Dog Park Pawty for the boys!!!  I pawed back "We will attend" right away and added it to the big pink book of appointments.  The big day came and I switched collar after collar to find the right one.  And my floral patent leather one fit the bill.

Checking the perimeter

Seeing the guests

I fell in love with Mr. Gunner, he reminds me of Vader-puppy from training class.

Then it was time for CAKE!

I made sure to pay furry close attention to Miss Adrienne when she talked about the cake.

I took mine over to the rock to eat.  Oh my it was so good!!!!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Star Stamps

We ran to the post office and had options when picking out our stamps.  Of course I insisted on STARS!!!!!

Ill just be taking these for my doggie book.

Puppy Growls,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Too Much Parkour?

Momma says she may have been having me do too much Parkour lately.  She was doing her evening chores one evening when she hears a thud.  She looks over and sees me atop my kennel.  BOL!  I just wanted to see what it looks like from up here.

Then one evening we were taking out the trash and a car started coming down our road.  Momma said "HUP", but she forgot to tell me where so I improvised.  This works!!!!

Puppy Growls,

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lucy: Rock Hunter

After finding the #MurrayRocks, momma found another rock so we waited to post till the 3rd rock was rehid.  So onto the rocks!

  When we went to the dog park last month we spotted something by the rules board.  Upon closer inspection it was a beautifully painted rock.

Featuring the pig from Angry Birds.

Momma and I decided to rehide it in the park.  There were lots of children who were sure to find it super quick!

So we found this old well in Murray's Central Park, no one was around at this particular moment so we hopped out and hid the rock.  Quick photo op....

...hmmm...whats down there?

As we headed back to the car something else caught my eye.  I had to do a double take.  It was another #MurrayRocks.  This one was natural brown with pink and blue paint splatter.  Mommas favorite design!  What a lucky day!  This one I wanted to hid in town.  So we drove around and I was inspired.  I saw Cracker Barrel on the right paw side of the road.  Momma said that was perfect.  Its Doggy Nanny and Grandpas favorite place to dine in.  So we sneaked up on the side I got propped up for a quick photo and we were gone again!

This rock hiding game is so much fun!!!

One morning on her way to work, in the same place she found the floral rock, momma found a rock that brought a message of hope.  It was a blessings rock.  Mommas had a lot of "things" on her mind lately.  When she found the rock she kept it on her desk for a week.  Then she decided it was time to rehide.  Which brings us to today.  I chose the Symsonia Baptist Church as my hiding spot for this special rock.  Hoping it will bring blessings to the new finder.

Puppy Growls,

Friday, October 6, 2017

October Newsletter with ANOTHER Special Helper

Ah its that time of da month when we do the newsletter for the clinic. Its all about celebrating senior pets.

Look who I found!  It's Miss Ellie, Dogtor Flanary's Bernese Mountain Dog!

Kisses, nibbles and sniffies!!!!

We played the whole time.  She was there helping her mom get an xray of her sister Fancy the pom.  Fancy's not been feeling well.

Puppy Growls,

Thursday, October 5, 2017

More Treats and Guess Who I am Going to Meet?!?!?

Momma says I have been so good I could get the super value bag of treats today!  Oh boy!  Partially I think it was she still hasn't updated her new credit card on the autoship...but deatils details.  BOL

The good news is that if we hadn't gone in store to pick up treats (and another item for a post later that is top secrets) I would have never found out that the Petsmart Chance dog will be visiting October 21st and 28th.  That is so cool. My Doggy Nanny had like 223 stuffed chance dolls at her house.  Now I will get to meet him in the furs!!!!

Puppy Growls,

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fire Hydrant Fun

Look what I found on Race Track Road.  Its a bright and shiny red fire hydrant.  A pups dream come true!

And its poodle sized!

If I could have just a tiny bit of assistance momma...

...YES!  Thank you

#PARKOUR #PoodleTraining #DogHydrant

Puppy Growls,

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Loading Up THAT Green Bucket

Back in March when I first came to live here you will remember momma set up a "New Puppy Photoshoot" for me.  I was less than agreeable wif it.  You can re-read about it here.  Well momma found THAT green bucket in the closet last week and I did my "LOAD UP" trick.

Yep, I now can load my little curly self into a bucket per momma's request.  Its so much fun too!  And bonus Gracie Photobomb paws!!!

Speaking of Gracie Photobombs, she wasn't too sure why momma had me in a bucket.  I told her just play along, pawrents ask us to do odd stuffs all da time.  If we comply they dole out treats.

Puppy Growls,

Monday, October 2, 2017

Attacked by Tape!

I was just minding my own business, when all of a sudden I spotted something round and suspicious!  I went to in to attack mode and was prepared to shred it and you will never believe what happened.  It attacked me!  It wrapped itself all in my bracelet and stuck to the bottom of my paw.  It wrapped itself so tight I could have lost my leg!
And in my time of need guess what my momma did!  She laughed....and then told me to sit/stay so she could get her camera. She took like 500 pictures, then posted them all over Facebook to show everyone the damage.  Then after all of that she finally unwrapped my poor paw.  I think its going to be scared for life!

As I posted on FB, if anyone is interested in adopting a little red headed step child I am ready to go.  Ill have my luggage packed and by the door.  I am willing to travel. 

Update: It took days and much patience but we finally got all the tape outta my bracelets without having to shave them.  Momma and I both are relieved!

Puppy Growls,

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wild Crazy Weekend

When Doggy Nanny brought me home Friday night she told momma an old tree finally fell in the back yard.  Momma wanted to blog about that and get my picture up on the toppled tree well as we drove the cart to the back yard momma started hollering.  Oh great what now!?!?!?  Turns out she saw a sneaky snake.  It was right in front of the shed.  When I went to go investigate she started hollering more!  Come on momma I am getting my farm dog certification I need to meet all species.  Well to stop her from loosing her voice I turned around and got on the golf cart.  I'm sad we didnt get a picture of the sneaky snake but momma was "too upset" to pull out the camera.  HMM.

Then Saturday we were doing a photoshoot for h....ummm...thats top secrets for now.

But anyhoo we were in the soy bean field and momma was taking pictures when GIANT spider crawled out.  It was brown and had really creepy skinny legs.  She jumps seriously 10 feet.

I did a total of 5 photo shoots for some upcoming posts and I got tuckered out!  So I rode for our evening outing.

After our ride we went to get some supper and look what we spotted in the drive thru line.  Its a Jeep with a doggie wheel cover.  Way too cute!  Momma says one day she would like a Jeep and she will keep this in mind to customize it!!!

Puppy Growls,

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Getting Reflective

Doggy Nanny and Grandpa are always helping me out.  They know that we go out golf carting most evenings sometimes staying out later than expected.  Since the golf cart doesn't have lights they found reflectors for us!

And I must say these reflectors just make the golf cart look fabulous!!!

Puppy Growls,

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bark in the Park and the Duck Pond

9-5-17 The local animal control was hosting a huge event at Mike Miller Park.

They were doing vaccines, microchipping, raffles, and pet contests.

We arrived and we made sure to read the rules.

Then found a quite spot to sit and get ready.  Gotta get in the zone!

We saw lots of pups lining up for the vet services.  Good job!  Gotta get those vaccines and microchips done!

I met lots of adorable pups and friendly hoomans.  I practiced my manners, although I couldn't quite contain myself with a few hoomans....but they didn't mind.

We watched all the doggies strut their stuff for each contest, and there were a lot of talented doggies.  Then it was my turn.  I took my bell.


I didn't win but the pups that did win performed quite well!  Congrats to all who pawticipated.

After we left the Bark in the Park we drove all around Mike Miller park and found this quiet little pond.  We found a place to sit next to the water and watch the ducks.  It was amazing to see them float.  One duck kept sticking his head under the water, he sure was brave.  Not sure I could do that!

Ahh Relaxing!

What is up here?

A poodle size sittin spot!

I do believe we shall have to come back and bring duck treats for them.  The little vending machine was  empty when we visited.

Puppy Growls,