Friday, September 14, 2018

Just A Typical Day Care Day

Momma drops us off between 1130-1 depending on her schedule.  I check the neighborhood for suspicious activity. 

As long as nothing is stirring about I just relax.  As does Lucy after she greets everyone.

If you might be wondering this is my step stool.  Doggy Nanny has super slick-ee floors and it was hard for me to jump up on the couch.  Lucy's coming up to see what I am doing.

*ALERT* *ALERT* Hooman and dog walking down street *ALERT* *ALERT*

*ALERT* *ALERT* Bag blowing in wind down the street *ALERT* *ALERT*

Once the alerts are taken care of we do some bitey face.

EEK!  This must be photoshopped.  I don't look like that!

Once thats done I find a nice chew chew for my evening chew session.  Lucy always looks longingly at Doggy Nanny hoping she will make me give her the chew chew. 

After my chew chew...hmm...what ever shall we do until momma gets back?

Bitey face!!!!!

Then I decided to try and de-squeak the otter.  Didn't quite get it that time.  There's always tomorrow Mr. Otter.

What is that noise?  It sounds like momma's car door!  Gotta go!