Sunday, February 10, 2019

The PetSmart Training Academy - Week 4

Its Thursday and you know what that means....Its training class day.

This week at class we had another special guest.  Its Lucy!  Momma and Miss Rachel thought it may help me to have Lucy in class to help me not feel so scared.  

This weeks attire is my Cute as can BEE t-shirt.  I am trying to tell myself spring is right around the corner.  Even if its only 38 degrees right now in Texas. (and as I am pawing this post at 837 am its showing a brisk 19 on the phone.)

We got to class early and waited outside the training area as there was a private session going on.  Lucy and I played on the large wheeled cart, sniffed around and people watched.  To mommas surprise I had no growlies even when a person with an adorable pit bull walked by.  Lucy was even on her best behavior and did a leave it and focus  wif me.  #goodpuppers

Salsa dancer and her mom arrived at 5pm.  We got right to work.  Salsa and Lucy went off leash and we started doing a little scent work.  The peoples hid treats in boxes and we had to find which box the treat was in.  Lucy and Salsa had fun finding the treat box and then trying to open it.  I got scared of the big box but momma helped me.  After that while Lucy and Salsa kept working on their  boxes momma and I worked on spin, shake and bed.  Momma was sure happy I could do my tricks in the presence of other peoples.  That means soon I may go for my TKN title.  #practicemakesprogress.

Lucy, Salsa, Salsa's mom and Miss Rachel moved to the other side of the training area to work on Salsa doing her bell trick and momma let me off leash to let me do my own thing.  I was brave sniffed things, walked near Miss Rachel and Salsa's momma.  At one point even walking right up and sniffing Miss Rachels shoe.  I got treats and praise for that!  Miss Rachel handed me some treats, I walked up and took them.  I guess this being nice and social thing is not too bad.  If it involves chicken jerky.  Momma worked on my off leash recall.  I am at a 9/10 coming when called in an unfamiliar space.  Yipee!

All too soon the clock read 555pm and the therapy dog class was lining up outside the door. 

 It was time to collect our stuff, leash up and head for home.   Here is my official week 4 photo.



  1. Being brave can be so hard, but you can do it! We are like 1/10 for come here in familiar places. We are not good listeners.