Sunday, June 25, 2017

Face to Face with a Baby Raccoon

For a few weeks Doggy Nanny and momma have spotted a rather large racoon coming around in search of food in our yards.  Momma saw her hanging off our porch eating out of Jacksons food dish and Doggy nanny spotted her around the bird feeders.  They have never been able to get a picture as she scampers off at the first sight of a human.

*A Dramatic Reenactment*

 So one afternoon we were on the golf cart heading up to Aunt Gracies for a round of Bitey face when momma and I spotted some movement next to our neighbors pasture fence. There sat three tiny baby raccoons.  It all makes sense why we had been seeing the adult raccoon so often searching for food, she is a new mom!  Two of the babies scampered off into the pasture but one stayed and watched us watching him or her.  We didn't know if momma was around or watching us so we headed on up to Aunt Gracies house.  We didn't want to scare her or make her mad.

Isn't he/she just the cutest little itty bitty you have ever seen?!?!?

Puppy Growls,


  1. You spied a very cute beast! Hope they don't cause you too much trouble.

  2. They are cuter farther away from the house BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Aaawwwww...what a cutie!
    Arty & Jakey

  4. Oh no! I hope they don't complicate your life like the woodchucks are doing to me, Lucy!

  5. Maybe you can make friends with them!