Saturday, June 10, 2017

Intermediate Training Class #1

6-5-17 Wow!  Intermediate Training is the pup's woof!  To start out we got our folders with class dates, homework and basic information.  Guess what!  We get to bring a bed to classes 3-6.  I wonder if we are going to get naps?  Although I bet it would be hard to sleep with so much fun-ness all around!!!!

 In this class there were some familar furiends and some new faces.  We had Callie the Cavapoo, Hoagie the Mini Bull Terrier, and Sawyer N Silas the Shih Tzu Brothers.  (I even saw Harley the Shih Tzu before I left and got to play wif him).   I gave Silas lots of puppy kisses and danced all around him.  Momma only got the one shot of us together.  She said it was hard to hold my leash, the clicker and the camera. 

Once we tucked our folders away we went to the back to get started.  First we learned "Front" which is the first step towards learning heel.  We walk towards momma and then when we are right in front and facing them, we sit.  Click and treat.  Once we had that down we added "Return".  Momma does "Front" command then lures us to her side facing forward and sit.  Click and treat.  During this part of training class I kept jumping up on the kitty cat towers.  They were had soft carpet and had built in toys.

 Seriously....They need to make these for puppies....Hmm...I am about the size of a cat.....and I am not opposed to playing with toys made for cats....hmmm....Anyhoo.

Yes Trainer I am listening.

After we had those commands our trainer up'ed the difficulty.  Once we did "Front" and "Return", we had to walk in line with our momma for a few steps then stop and sit (4 times, nicknamed the puppy wedding march).  Click and treat.  So we didn't get too distracted each pup took an asile to work with their momma.  I was in the kitty food aisle.  From the sounds of things everyone was doing well!!!

We reconvened in the back and did down/stay.  I got to be the demo dog for this one and Nanette had me "UP" on some piles of kitty food to do this command.  She knows I am on track to be a circus performer so she allowed me to have a "podium" to do my tricks!!!!  I did my down/stay and while our trainer was chatting with the pawrents I tried to slip some treats out of her treat pouch, but she caught me before I could get anything.  I hope Santa Paws didn't see that Then were dismissed. Boy was I tired!

After class I had to pick up some training treats (the tiny ones so I can get more per training session) because momma let them run out!  Seriously how does that happen?  All I had in the house was milk bones and the PB Nanas (they are too big to use for training).

Last but not least here is my official Intermediate Training Class Photo for week 1.

And a second one for good measure.  BOL

Oh boy my furs are outta control!  So glad I have a salon appointment coming up.

Puppy Growls,


  1. How exciting! So you like your leacher? We loved ours! Our class did not teach front and return though (something similar).

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I remember bringing a bed to classes too! You will be the star pupil, no doubt, Lucy!

  3. Great job Lucy!! Class is so much fun!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Looks like you are off to a great start Lucy!!