Thursday, June 15, 2017

Intermediate Training Class #2

6/12/17 Intermediate Training Class 2 was HOT HOT HOT.  Literally HOT, it was 90 degrees when we arrived.

We had a new pup Misha the Akita in class.  She was a stunning color and bouncy just like me!!!  We got to know Hoagie a little better I gave her a sniff and momma got to pet her.  Momma says she has always loved the bull terrier breed but never got to meet one in the furs.  Thats her behind me.  She had pretty brindle furs.  Sawyer came tonight wif his momma and was in the aisle next to me for heel work. 

Tonight our Trainer added more difficulty to our main commands.  We added 3 and 6 seconds hold to our down/stays.  Then added slow and hurry to our heel.  I did my down stays on the cat food tower.  :)

I worked my heels in the cat food aisle.  I had some trouble concentrating.  I kept trying to aisle hop as we got to the end of our aisle to go find Sawyer and Hoagie then outta nowheres a cricket crashed the training session.  I was scared of it and would hide on the other side of momma.  Its all hoppy and creepy.  Momma didn't wanna get to close to it either.  She doesn't do well with bugs.   All in all even with distractions (that part of the training plan per the guide) momma said I did a good job.  Here is this weeks training photo.

Puppy Growls,


  1. Bravo, Lucy! I loved my training classes. Jessie says she had a hard time with the heels down the aisle too. There's so much to sniff!

  2. Lucy you are such a smart girl I know you will have all the new commands committed to memory in no time,
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Training with distractions is so much harder. You did a great job, Lucy!

  4. I am VERY impressed Lucy, with all those foodables around nopeep would ever get my attention....I've developed a particular taste for the fish food in our pet shop!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xx