Thursday, June 22, 2017

Intermediate Training Class - Postponed

So over the past week since the last intermediate class I have been thinking I scheduled this class too quickly.  Now that being said Lucy has done a fabulous job!  She loves doing training and trick sessions daily.  She behaves so well for a puppy of only 7 months old and I am very proud!  Our heel work has just not been going as well.  She is getting distracted very easily and the heat (80-90 degrees) has not made things any easier.  A strong heel is so important for a well rounded dog and going on to earn titles.  My hope is one day we can work as a team to earn AKC CGC, Trick, Obed/Rally Obed and Therapy Dog Titles.  I called and spoke with the trainer and withdrew from the current class and was put on the postpone list.  I will call back later in the year to reschedule.  I want her to have a good foundation on heel and doing it when she is older and able to focus a little better hopefully will work out for us.  So for now we will continue with loose leash training, basic obedience work, daily trick training and just have fun.

(The momma)


  1. Our mom said I was very distracted in our class. We were under a year old too. Stanley was more like an obedient soldier. We practiced a lot and we made it through. But if you cannot practice due to that heat it is a good decision to wait.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Arty also had a hard time focusing during class especially during loose leash training. We bet after a bit more non class practice, she'll be more ready.

  3. Oh, sounds like you gurls have a FABulous plan! Don't even ask how I did in class.....☺
    Ruby ♥

  4. This sounds like a good plan to me. The hot weather can certainly be a distraction. Your summer can be a little less structured for now, Lucy!