Friday, May 18, 2018

Birds, Squirrels and Buried Treasure at the Park

On a recent trip to the City View Park I worked on stays wif momma.  Got lots of treats!  #yum

After working some obedience I went splorin and you will never guess what I found!

It's Batmans shirt!!!!!!  Momma thought it best to leave it at the park in case batman came back looking for it.  So we put it on the jungle gym.

On the way home we spotted this beautiful bird!

She was sweet and patient and let me get quite a few pics!

I love the sassiness of this pose!

I just love her color!  Especially the yellow against the blue sky.  #naturalbeauty

Next to her was another pretty bird, a dove I believe.

Down the street I spotted a Robin. 

And just as we were about to get back to Doggy Nanny's house I spotted this:

Yep a pesky tree rat!  He even posed for a photo.  Very Brave Mister Very Brave indeed!


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