Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Visiting Lake Arrowhead and Seeing the Prairie Dogs

 When we arrived at Aunt Gracies house I was expecting a golf cart ride but to my surprise Grandpa had other plans!  He wanted to take us to Lake Arrowhead to see the Prairie dogs!!!  Oh boy!

As we neared the park entrance there were lots of signs.  One in particular was directed at me.  Good thing momma remembered to bring me leash!

And would you look at those Blue Bonnets!  This was the first time since moving to the great state of Texas that I got to see them for reals!

We have arrived!  There is even a prairie dog on the sign!!!!!

We pawed over the park license and the nice rangers let us enter the park.

We did a little light reading about the park and the PD's.

It did not take us long to find.....

...the first prairie dog. 

These two brave puppers came right up to the car!

I spy with my little poodle eye a jungle gym!  This must be the happiest place on earth!  You have a lake, a jungle gym, open land and PD's.  There is nothing better than that!!!

Momma look!!!!!

What is he or she doing????

The only sad part was I stretched my neck out as far as I could but couldn't get close enough for smooches.

Here are my favorite shots momma got with the big camera.  Enjoy!

After much whining asking nicely momma agreed to let me out of the car to try and get a kiss wif a PD.  I slid the license in my harness and made my way out of the vehicle!


Over here momma, over here!

I stuffed my head in as many holes as momma would let me and couldn't get a single kiss.  Seems they were a little scared.  I a friendly poodle PD's.  I promise!  I give hugs, cuddles and kisses only. 

I decided to do a few model poses for momma while waiting to see if the PD's would come back.  This is my "serious by the lake" pose. 

This is my "pondering life's meaning while gazing off at the water" pose.

No PD's came out while I was modeling so back to the truck we went.

On the way out we saw a family pack on one den opening. 


As momma pulled out the camera the momma prairie dog was stuffing the babies back in the den.

But one popped his head back out see what was going on.  And if you look close in the back just behind momma you will see the other babies head popped up from the back entrace to the den.  Momma says that one's name must be Lucy.  BOL!  Yep You can keep me contained!  I must see and know all that is going on!

As we left grandpa stopped to show us the place he gets his fishing bait. 

I spotted another Blue Bonnet patch and decided to make a fashion statement!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the PD's as much as I did.  It was a truly pawmazing adventure!!  Thanks Grandpa for taking us out there!



  1. Aren't those blue bonnets gorgeous! I do luffs your fashion statement
    AND...Lucy, you got to see prairie dogs?!?!? Wow! What an adventure
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Lucy, where's your picture IN the bluebonnets? It's a Texas tradition! (PeeS: You're not supposed to pick them. They're our state flower, and we love seeing them wild!)

  3. I would LOVE to chase a prairie dog!

  4. That brought back memories of when Lady was 16 and her family did a road trip west.