Sunday, May 6, 2018

Earning My TKI and TKA Titles

I have been practicing for weeks.  Do a trick. Click and Treat. Repeat.  Side note I took  out wobble board due to my bad knees.  Momma felt it was too risky I get excited and she didn't want me to slip.

Today the day finally arrived.  When momma put all my props out I was super excited to see the evaluator that I couldn't keep focus.  So momma asked for a quick walk/sit down away from the excitement.  Then we rejoined the evaluator in the ring and I did 14 of my 15 tricks.  The fetch was giving me issues.  The nice evaluator had some props of her own including a wobbly board walk (wooden not plastic and I did well balancing) and allowed me to substitute that for fetch and BAM!  TKI and TKA certified!!!!

I was so happy I had to take a rest and sploot on my table!!!! 

Momma, they said that the other doggies are going to do their CGC-A.  Can we stay and watch?!?!?!  There is a labrador and everything!

She said yes!!!!  All the CGC's are on my bucket list but momma says we have a lot of practice ahead if we want to try out for that.  It was so much fun watching little tiny bostons all the way to big lab/pit mixes go up, do their stuff and earn their CGC-A's.  After most had finished a sweet labbie mix and his momma came over to say hello.  She said she couldn't get over how wiggly my tooshie was.  I couldn't get over how handsome her labbie was!  The mommas agreed and we got to sniff and play a bit.  Oh what fun!!!!

I pawed an update to my facebook page letting every one know I passed. 

And updated my FB banner.  Oh boy those letters look so nice after my name!!!



  1. Congrats Lucy! You sure are a talented pup. Your mom has done a great job training you. We wish there were video of you doing your tricks.

  2. Congrats ! All your hard work was rewarded!

  3. Congratulations Lucy!!! You and your mom have trained hard and it paid off!!
    Hazel & Mabel

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  5. That's totally pawesome! You're really going places!