Sunday, May 13, 2018

Day Care Routine

 Every day around lunch time we head to Gracies house.  Momma opens the car door and I bound out and make my way around the car.

Then barrel my way up the onto the porch to get to my Gracie!  Grandpa is usually sitting outside waiting on me to show up and says "Lil' Bit!" everytime I arrive.  Gracie and I give each other a quick sniff and then its on for a game of chase and or bitey face!

Every night after work momma comes by to pick me up.  Now I used to be a wild child when she would arrive but after weeks of training to be calm I lay down and wait for her to approach.  Then I usually fall asleep at her side while her and Doggy Nanny talk. 

But then she gets the leash out and I resist....I just dont want fun times wif Gracie to end.  I protest going wif momma.  However in the end I always go wif her (especially if she has treats) and we go home for the evening to play tug tug or puzzle games.

Most every night now that its been warm out we have been spotting this adorable little lizard hanging out on doggy nannys porch.  It took a while but I finally caught a pic of him.  Ill name him Martin.  Night Martin!


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