Friday, January 21, 2022

Prime Time Poodle Play

 Ahh the weather is simply fantastic!  

I am feeling frisky!!!  Wanna Play?!!!??

This perfect temperature is currently 28 with a real feel of 17.  Simply MARVELOUS!!!!



Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Getting Gypsy Decked Out

After the vet the fun wasn't over!  No sir!  We got to stop by Pattersons to get license plates and a spare key for Gypsy.  

Howdy sir!  We has a 2pm appointment.

Ooh Ooh we are next in line.

Once done we now have 2 Gypsy keys, with keychains that coordinate with our collar colors.  :)

For the grand finale (and after only 3 long months of waiting) we have license plates!!!!  And colorful plate frames.  Gypsy is officially ours (ok and the banks but for only 81 more months).



2021-2022 FDA Clinical Study - Visit 4 January

Yesterday momma woke up and said its a NO WORK DAY! 

After breakfast she let me know that I get to go visit my furiends at the vet clinic.  No freaking way!



Come on momma lets go!

I SAID LETS GO!  NOW!!!  I gots furiends to see!

We have arrived.

I got checked in.  The tech asked if we had any medication problems or problems with the forms.  No and No.  Everything is running smoothly.  

I got my check, my bloodworks, and instructions for dosing.

Last but not least....I got January and Februarys meds.  

Nothing better than visiting furiends.  See you in March!



Monday, January 17, 2022

This and That From The Weekend

 High winds blew in a cold front Friday evening and blue down our twinkle lights.  

I spent a lot of time by the heater.  And hoarded by toys there too.

We had dodged getting a bath for weeks but Sunday momma felt spunky and we were bathed.  I also got my bangs trimmed.  



Post Day Care Crash!

While momma has been taking as many ot shifts as possible...We spent 3 full days and 1 night at doggy nannys living our best lives.

Once we returned home though....we both crashed hard.  Poppy is the lump under the covers.

I was sleeping so hard when momma wanted her pillow she picked me up and apparently I have even opened my eyes.



Thursday, January 13, 2022

Sick Weekend

 Momma was feeling under the weather over the weekend.  I made sure to keep watch over her.  

Meanwhile Poppy camped out by the heater.



Day Care Night!

 Mommas gotten the opportunity to get some overtime at work so you know what that means.  DAY CARE!




When Your Mom Wont Let You Bork At The Neighbors

 We have a good schedule working with the neighbors we try to not be in the yard at the same time.  As our pawrents find our borking annoying and possibly disturbing to the neighbors. But sometimes schedules collide and well borking fits break out.

Pepino and Consuelo we will pick this session later.

Then I had to give momma side eyes to let her know I was mad!

Mean while sissy found a dead dried up worm to roll on.  

And proceeded to hog it.

Come on mommas going to make us go back in I wanna turn.



First Snow At The New House!

 New years was just a regular chilly texas day. We went to Doggy Nannys house for a visit.  

That evening it got furry chilly.

We were all snuggled up watching crime documentaries when momma checked her phone and saw the local news station said it was snowing.  

Low and behold we peeked out heads out and there infact was snow!

Look at it all fluffy, pretty and bright!

Of course i was first to go exploring.

Good Stretch!


Here are the official first snow at the new house pawprints.  Aww!

Looking up we had some small flakes blowing around just making it magical!

This is the best ever momma!

I think I will hit the yard.

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off in the snow I go!

Ok Did my bizzy-ness.  

We checked on Gypsy and she was snow covered too.  The white snow looks so pretty against the titanium grey.

Knowing texas has massive mood swings with the temps and the snow would likely be gone by morning momma brought Poppy out against her will for a picture.

Poppy responded with raspberries...

...and bee-lined it back to the house. 

A collection of all our pawprints.