Sunday, September 30, 2018

Backyard Fun

Gracie and I checking the perimeter.

Once secured its time to play!

Then we hear the unmistakeable sound of barking boxers!

Barking Back!

I achieved a tired.

Poppy not so much.

Lucy & Poppy

Saturday, September 29, 2018


No matter where we be....

No matter the time of day....

No matter what else is going on....

We are sis-furs and we will play!

Lucy & Poppy

Friday, September 28, 2018

My Very Own I.D. Card

Lookie what I made on the interwebs for momma.  Its a special card like Lucy's wif my basic informations.  Now she can members me when she is at work.  I put some Unicorns by my name.  Just to add a little Poppy-flair!

On the back I put my special requirements and microchip number.

I ordered this from  They can make dog tags, pet id cards and pet passports.  #notspons #justlovethecompany

The card is laminated and feels super nice.  They even have a guarentee on their products if they get scratched, damaged ( hem...lucy), or become unreadable they will replace them.  Thats pawsome!

Use WoofWoof23 to get a discount.  Thanks to Lucy's groomer for putting that on FB.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Baby Martins

As our readers know we have quite a collection of lizards at Doggy Nanny's house.  At last count we had four adult lizards that are seen on a regular basis.  The first we named Martin.

Well look what has been spotted.....A BABY LIZARD.  I admit in photo form he looks the same size as an adult but in real life he was super tiny. (Note from momma: this baby let me get very close for a pic, the adults scatter at the sight of us so their pics are taken far away)

Just as we left we spotted this one peeping out of the garage. 

The very next night all the adults out.

As we were leaving we spotted another smaller baby lizard.

It's lizard-palooza over at Doggy Nanny's house!

Lucy, Poppy and the Martins

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Poppy and The Barking Boxers

I love barking back and forth wif BB1 and BB2.  It gives me great pleasure in life!  When Poppy came along I thought she would be scared of BB1 and BB2.

Nope, the opposite.  She is quite bark-ee herself.  She will keep them going for the longest time.

Even after I have acheieved a tired.

Aunt Gracie checking in on me.

Here is a little montage of our afternoon bark session.

I have mud on me, my hair is wet, and my voice is almost gone.  My work here is done!

Lucy & Poppy

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A New Poodle for the Collection

Aunt Lynette and Aunt Brenda went sailing through some garages and look what they found!

Its a beautiful Poodle statue and she is in a circus pose!!!!!    

And would ya know our color scheme is black/gold.  She is going to fit in with our decor perfectly!

To get her home momma had one of her bright ideas....yep, the stroller. 

Seriously we needs a double stroller.

We put our heads together and found a good spot for her to stay.  Our little apartment is coming together quite nicely!  

We would like to extend puppy kisses and a big THANK YOU to both Aunt Lynette and Aunt Brenda for thinking of us and picking up this adorable pup!

Lucy & Poppy

Monday, September 24, 2018

I Smell Fall!

We have had more rain the past few days, and blowing in wif it was some cloudy skies and cool breezes.  I do declare I smell fall.

And it smells fantastic!

I agree wif momma's FB comment on these pics, I could stay out here forever!