Wednesday, June 30, 2021

My 3rd Gotcha Day - Caution Princess Poppy - Hot Dog Collars Ambassador

 3 Years ago my life change forever!  Its my official 3rd gotcha day with my family.  I shall celebrate with this big smile!

Love my tag?  Its a Hot Dog Collars Exclusive tag.  They offer it in three colors pink, yellow and blue.  You can customize the text under "Caution" to whatever fits your personality.  Mine of course is Caution Princess.  :)  Your pawrent can also add up 3 lines of text on the back with name, phone number and or address.  It comes in small or large to fit any size pupper.  Check out Hot Dog Collars for the coolest and most customizable pet accessories on the market!



Friday, June 25, 2021

The Murano Mobile Got HIT!

 On her way home for lunch momma decided to stop and be a responsible person to fill the MM up with gas.  Well that was a mistake.  Just as she was finishing up filling the tank the MM started to shake.  She looked up to see a big SUV had hit the MM.  Momma put up the gas nozzle and hopped in the car.  She tried calling Doggy Nanny to see what to do (wether just get ins info or call the pd) but the other party was approaching her window.  They agreed to call the WFPD and moved the cars out of the way.  While waiting there was another incident involving money for gas being put on a wrong pump and her stealing gas....but that got squared away.  Back to the main event.  

WFPD arrived furry quickly and scanned the vehicles, took statements and exchanged insurance information.  The other party admitted to the damage and was fully insured.  Thank the LORD!  Momma was given an incident report and both parties left.  

Here is the first shot of the damage.  A dent, scratches, and this little hanging plastic thing-ey.  HMPH as if our wasn't dented enough now we have more. 

All in all it was a 42 minute gas stop and she didn't get to come home to see us.  She had just enough time to grab a drink and go right back to work.  She filed a claim with his insurance and they are currently working on getting an estimate on fixing the damage.  

The next day we were asked to take photos of the MM and the damage for the claim.

  Here are the shots we got.  Of course we made an appearance, because who wouldn't want accident footage including adorable puppies.  



Thursday, June 24, 2021

Down Town WF - Time For Change

 I recently was down town and noticed this piece of art.  

A couple days later I saw this posted on our city's facebook page.

"After sitting vacant for several years and left to deteriorate, 713 Indiana is now being demolished. We have been working with City of Wichita Falls, Texas Government on the vacant building registry to combat losing buildings due to owners not maintaining their properties. Thanks to owner, Will Kelty, for getting the action rolling on this demolition and to the 4B Board for their support.--"

Wonder what will be put in its place?



Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Whole Kit and CABOODLE

We have dog stuff scattered all over the house.  Dog tags in a tin, dog meds in a basket, combs in drawers.  And stuff is never handy when we need it. So we decided to repurpose a caboodle for impawtant doggie stuff.  

To personalize it we purchased some stickers from a fellow tik-toker.  

They are vet-humor stickers.  Instead of Rabies its Babies Vaccine.  Instead of Distemper its Distemperment.  And a Unicorn with hearts for heartworm prevention.  

Thanks Wonder Weiner Designs!

We also picked up an "RX Reminder" sticker from an etsy shop Dental DIY.  All the stickers went on nicely and look so cute!!!

On the side we added our Selena Mize sticker.

And on the back the Support Local Artist sticker.

Quick interior tour.  



Monday, June 21, 2021

Our Furry Own Recliner

Momma found out someone had a recliner to give away.  She thought this would be perfect for our sitting room.  So that we could spread out during tv time.

Yes momma this is quite comfy.

When we attempted to cross over to sit wif momma we were met with opposition.  RUDE!

I sat as far away from momma as I could.  Lucy kept creeping closer....

...until...well here we are.

Then I sat up and cried and well here I am in mommas arms under the covers!

Its a work in progress type thing. 



Friday, June 18, 2021

Helping Momma Prank Her Supervisor

 Mommas new supervisor is a bit of a jokester.  His caller id says Papa Cheese ...BOL.  Well recently he tipped over mommas name plate at work.  (all in fun of course) We told her this was unacceptable and decided to prank him back.  Somehow we don't really know how but his name plate ended up in our carseat.  Hmmm....

She decided it best to keep it in a safe place till she got home. 

We gave it the full sniff down.

Made sure it was seen on our security cam.

I installed it on my crate. I quite like this!

Then I pawed a letter demanding the employee cease the disrespect and included all photos for reference.  


Lucy Water Distribution Mascot

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Another Death - RIP Hedgie

 While over at Doggy Nanny's house recently there was another unfortunate hedgehog death.  Our newest hedgie succumb to my jaws.  I ripped a hole in his back and ripped out his squeaker pouch.  

As Momma was trying to take my mugshot with the poor murder victim I spotted a squirrel.  

The autopsy revealed it was a spine injury that ultimately killed the victim.

Gracie proceeded to destuff him. She literally made it snow stuffing.  


Poppy - 3

Hedgehogs - 0

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Squirrel Hunting and Scratches

 The moment I arrive at Doggy Nannys I can be found here.  Blending in with my surroundings hoping to spot a bird or squirrel.  I have been honing my sneaking skills and grandpa says I look like a real hunting dog!  

Once all the squirrels and birds have been taken care of I head inside to get scratches from Doggy Nanny. is Lucy in front of the air vent.  She got a little too warm outside.  BOL



Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Crate Built For Two

Why have separate crates when you can both enjoy a little....

...Sister Siesta in a crate built for two?!!??!!??



Monday, June 14, 2021

When You Throw All Your Snoods In The Wash

 ...and momma makes you wear the pony tail of shame.

Momma I look like a clown. 



Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Vibes

 Hi, I am a Pop-rito.  

Just chillin on this fine Sunday Morning!

Meanwhile Lucys sprawled out behind me.  Snoring I might add.  BOL



Saturday, June 12, 2021

Post DayCare Grocery Run

 We have arrived.  Momma did you check us in?

Just going to rest my eyes a bit while we wait.

*Knock on window*

 I am awake.

No substitutions?  Pawsome and there is a box of wet dog food in there right?  Goodie!

Getting sleepy...

...but must keep an eye on the suspicious delivery dude. 

Must re-make my nest.

Ill just rest my eyes again while you drive home momma.  A day at Daycare just did me in.  There were so many squirrels and birds to chase. 



PS don't worry Lucy was here too...she was on the dash board as usual!