Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Whole Kit and CABOODLE

We have dog stuff scattered all over the house.  Dog tags in a tin, dog meds in a basket, combs in drawers.  And stuff is never handy when we need it. So we decided to repurpose a caboodle for impawtant doggie stuff.  

To personalize it we purchased some stickers from a fellow tik-toker.  

They are vet-humor stickers.  Instead of Rabies its Babies Vaccine.  Instead of Distemper its Distemperment.  And a Unicorn with hearts for heartworm prevention.  

Thanks Wonder Weiner Designs!

We also picked up an "RX Reminder" sticker from an etsy shop Dental DIY.  All the stickers went on nicely and look so cute!!!

On the side we added our Selena Mize sticker.

And on the back the Support Local Artist sticker.

Quick interior tour.  



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