Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Sisfur Shredding Problems

My sissy she sure does like to shred a receipt.  Here she is snoozin among her mess. 

As we arrived home momma burst out laughing.  Seems I got a bit of reciept in me top knot.  Crazy sisfur keep your shreds on your side. 


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Car Wash P2

We had one more free wash coupon (that was set to expire soon) from All American Car Wash so here we are again.  One can not have a car that is too clean can they?!?!

Thank you sir for doing a pre-scrub

Here is our video on YouTube.

Per the coupon details we get a free hand dry service this time.  Ooh friend! 

Momma Momma did you see the friend?!!?!? 

Nice work friend.  We can see clearly now!

Look at the shine on the MM.  Pretty as a can be!

Lucy and Poppy

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Good Game

It started wif a toy...tug tug tug.....

....then BITEY FACE TIME!!!!!!!!

Don't roll away from me!


Good Game Sis-fur!                                                                                              Yes indeed!

Lucy and Poppy

Friday, February 21, 2020

Toy Situation At Doggy Nanny's House

The toys at Doggy Nanny's house are always picked up and tucked away when we arrive.

But it seems the best toys end up on bottom.  So we usually have to dig them all out to find the right ones.  My work here is done.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Embark Heath and Trait Results

The results are in!  Will they match up to Wisdom Panel?  Will it reveal my true ancestry of gremlin, house rat, and greyhound?  Something vastly different?!!?!?!?

drum roll please....

Embark studied my DNA and found I am officially 77% Chihuahua and 23% Chinese Crested.

Here is my official certificate.

Here is embarks version of my family tree.  Honestly the results were quite accurate per our research.  Dad Chigger was Chihuahua (if not chihuahua mix far back due to merle genes) and mom Princess was Chinese Crested /Chihuahua mix.

Here are my traits.  They did pick up on my merle gene.  I have 1 merle allele (not appearing in my coat) which matches known info.  My furnishings gene did show "likely furnished" (Mustache, beard and eyebrows).  The shedding gene showed "Hairless", which is spot on.  I am hairless due to the FOXI3 gene.  This is also is the gene for abnormal teeth.

I do not have blue eyes due to the blue eye gene (ALX4).  I got mine from my merle gene previously mentioned.  My inbreeding score is 1%.

I was marked clear on all but 2 of the health tests.  I inherited 1 gene for Canine Multiple System Degeneration and 1 gene for Degenerative Myelopathy.   Meaning I am a carrier and shouldn't be impacted but if bred they could show up and effect my offspring.  However that is not an issue now that I am spayed.  I also tested negative for the MDR1 Sensitivity.

There you have it per 2 companies (Wisdom Panel and Embark) I am a Chihuahua & Chinese Crested SuperMutt.  They did however differ on the percentages.  As for why I am unsure but what I do know is my maternal ancestors Chinese Crested genes shine through.  #hairless #nekkiddog #hairlesschinesecrested


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Washer and Dryer of our Furry Own

Look what I found at the front door.  Its 2 GIANT boxes!  They were delivered while momma was at work.  We borked like crazy when the fedex man knocked on the door.

Upon inspection it wasn't the lifetime supply of liver treats I was hoping it would be.  It seems to be an appliance of some sort.

Um...Poppy a little help here.

Poodle washer really?  Are you sure this is a poodle washer?  Oh PORTABLE washer...,.ok that makes more sense.

I found lots of toys while I was in there.  A book of shredding paper and a snake.

In the other box is something momma called a dryer.  Ok I'll take my photo here too if I can have 5 Beggin' littles treats please.

Once everything was unpacked momma had to take apart our sink faucet to get the adapter installed.  After bout an hour she finally got it done and said the weirdest thing.  "Turns out you can't use jewelry pliers to do plumbing work."  Um yea I coulda told ya that.  Gotta have the right tool for the job.  Thankfully she found her real pliers.  And they were kinda dusty....she doesn't do a lot of "repairs" now that we are apartment dwellers.  Not that she technically did them before....but I'm rambling.  If anything spectacular happens when we run our first load Ill update ya.  Crossed paws we don't flood the apartment.  *Paw tap on wood*.

Pup Date: We did our first "official weeks worth load" of mommas work clothes, sheets,  hand towels and Poppys Jam Jams. Everything ran smoothly.

Spin cycle.  Whew-wee look at em go!

Everything came out smelling fresh.  The dryer, even though it was small, was furry powerful.   I found that warm clean laundry right outta the dryer is super soft and nice to rest upon.  I remember this from my puppyhood back in ky.


*Please note no puppies were harmed in the filming of this blog.  And were well compensated wif Beggin Littles for their cooperation.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

5 PM Tug-a-Thon

When 5 PM rolls around and we hear the key in the door I am waiting and ready to play tug tug!


Monday, February 17, 2020

Full Blast AC

After we left Doggy Nannys we got in the car and momma put the ac on full blast cold.  This was my response.  I just love the cold air!

Momma is winter over now?  I am not sure I can handle these hot 75 degree days!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Working On My #MessyHairDontCare

With the new big carseat I have more room to get good head scratches going and I have really upped my messy hair game.  Here I am channeling a cockatoo.

This one is more werewolf.  The black and white filter makes it extra spooky.  BOO!


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Heartworm Prevention Day

It's the 15th that means it heartworm pill day.  It is heart month so protect your pets precious heart from those nasty worms. 

Edit: I found this on mommas personal fb page.  How rude you expose me for the drama llama I am!

I see nothing wrong with it Lucy.  Momma just spoke the truth!

Lucy and Poppy

I Won The Drawing

Our favorite artist on fb, Chris Crawford, ran a 1k follower giveaway.  We threw our paws in the ring just for fun,

My favorite comic by this artist is of Noodle doing scent work.

This past Sunday the winner was drawn.

Nice work.

OH MY DOG NO WAY!!!!!  Its me!

Momma and I thought long and hard on what we wanted to feature.  We decided to go with a Scent Work theme.  It features one of my Q ribbons and one of my smiley face tins.  Here is the rough draft he sent.

The final product!

Thanks Chris!  Its perfect!  You captured my curls as well as my love of scentwork.  If you haven't already go give his page a like.  @malinoodle on Insta and facebook.com/mauserphoto You will LOVE the art!!!


Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Funny

 OOH a Poppy sized hole in the fence.  Wonder if I could fit through here and go on an adventure?

Kidding...I'm kidding.  Plus its only big enough for me to poke my tiny head through.

Too soon for jokes?


PS This is at my grand parents house.  She was supervised and we do have the boards to fix it now so this will not be a route for her to escape out of.