Friday, February 7, 2020

My First BIG SNOW! P.1

The weather peoples predicted 6-8" or 5-10" depending on which news station you listened to.  I was furry skeptical as the last 4" snow prediction turned into a "dusting".

Here is how the radar looked from Tuesday evening.   The rains turning over to sleet (pink) and snow (blue).

Wednesday morning just after we woke up.  Full SNOW!

2 hours and many snow runs later....still snowing!

Midday...Still SNOWING!  It snowed till nearly 5 pm.  :))

Momma prepped me a hoodie and matching collar due to the large amounts we were set to receive.

Here is what I was greeted with on the morning of February 5th 2020!  Not a blade of grass to be seen!  That means its going to be DEEP!!!!!!!!

Let the frolicking begin.

Surveying which patch to hit next.

Look at all my tracks!

Back inside for a quick warm up of the tootsies!

Break over time to frolic again!

Ooh whats that smell.

Ok I done for now.  Need breakfast to refuel myself.

But I must say this snowpocalypse is pretty freaking awesome!  I have waited 3 whole years for a big snow like momma said she and Angel Mollie  used to play in back in  KY.

As we headed inside momma spotted some snow flurries on my furs.  Like free glitter from the sky!

Snow Smooches,

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