Monday, February 10, 2020

February 8th 2020 The Day Poppy Ended Up on a Lost Pet Poster

Whew this weekend has been a whirlwind of emotion.  Poppy has been grounded so I will be writing this post.  Saturday was a lazy, watching netflix, stay in bed day.  As 5 pm rolled around my grocery pick up order was ready and we got up to get some chores done.  I collected the trash and tied it up.  To ensure we didn't get tripped on the way out the door I was going to place the trash back out on the porch then come back inside to leash and collar the girls.  I stepped out on the porch placed the trash bag by the glider then turned around to walk back inside.  As I did Poppy got a wild hair and bolted.  Lucy did too but she just stayed on the porch with me.  Poppy has done this twice before and always run around our building then back on the porch.  So I didn't worry.  I got Lucy back inside and leashed her up and grabbed Poppys leash and collar.  I went to sit outside and just wait for her sassy butt to return.  Minutes later she didn't return.  I wasn't panicked....she always comes right back.  She probably found a dead bug to play with.  I grabbed my keys, locked the door and headed for the car to drive around the complex to retrieve my sweet little brat.  I drove down by every apartment building calling and calling.  I didn't see her.  I kept circling back to my back door just knowing she would be there just waiting on me.  As it grew darker I was getting worried.  How was I missing her.  At 635 pm I updated my facebook page about Poppy being lost and shared it far and wide on the animal pages, with friends and family.

 I also called Homeagain to report her as missing.  I love that they offer a poster.  With such a horrible situation its easy to forget things.  This is all ready to post.

At 709 I got a call from former class mate Chance's mom Mrs Carolyn.  She offered to come help.  Right after my Aunt called and said she was on her way.  Moments later my grandmother, Aunt Lynette and Mrs Carolyn were at the apartment complex.  People on fb were sharing far and wide and we were on the ground searching.  We expanded from the complex to search the streets surrounding called  "The Avenues".  Then down the main street running next to the complex.  Nothing.  No sign of Poppy.  I asked other neighbors (hoping she may have run in their apartment if the door was open) and no one saw her.  My neighbors (the ones Poppy barks at) even helped search.  We had three cars and 5 sets of eyes.  No trace.  Mrs Carolyn went down the big side street next to the apartment complex and ran into a father with 2 kids walking down the street.  The little boy said he saw a small fluffy dog running down that street.  We went all the way down to the Bridwell park (which in my mind was way to far for her to travel....forshadowing at its finest) but nothing.  We checked alleys, dead ends, and every street.

At 830-9 I made a post saying we had given up the search for the night.  We were all exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  Upon the recommendation of a friend I put a crate out with some old laundry so if she came back she would have a warm place to stay.   My aunt texted me something that really helped.  She said remember GOD doesn't respond to pain or situations.  He responds to Faith.  It hit me right in the heart.  I just prayed for hours asking god to just keep her warm (thankfully it was only going to be in the mid 50's all night and back in the 70's the next day) and safe.  I had faith we will find her.  Around 930-10  I got a fb message from a friend Mrs Lisa.  She offered to bring out flashlights and help look.  I couldn't believe the kindness of all these people to share, come look, and pray for my sweet Poppy.  I checked outside every hour or so and always dead silence.  I also refreshed the lost pages hoping someone had spotted her and we would have a place to look.  Again silence.  Sometime around 2 am I fell asleep.

At 5:03 I was awoken by my phone ringing. In the first moments I could't figure out why someone would be calling so early then I realized it was a local Wichita Falls number.  I called it right back and asked if they were calling about Poppy.

She said "I have spotted your little dog with the grey shirt and the fou fou hair.  She is up here by the dollar store on 9th".  I was skeptical about it, that was like a mile away and 9th street is a 4 lane road, she couldn't have gone that far. But I had to check out every lead.

While I was on the road the spotter called again.  Poppy ran behind the dollar store but the spotter was driving slow and able to keep sight of her.  She followed her down 9th to Baylor...

 then to Rose.

Poppy darted in to the large brick fence of the Rose Mental Health facility.

The spotter parked in front of the gate and I was just turning onto Baylor. As  I pulled up behind her and she got out of her vehicle.  She said that she tried to call to her but she wouldn't come.  She said all I have is this bit of hot dog if you would like to use it to lure her.  I accepted the hot dog and gave her a huge THANK YOU!

I pulled in and jumped this little curb (it was very dark) and didn't see anything.  I hollered Poppy's name and then I saw the silhouette of her little skinny legs in my headlights!  I screamed POPPY NO NO POPPY NO NO (Its all in fun.  Its a running joke I call her Poppy No No when she is naughty.)  She bolted towards me!  My body was tingling.  I reached out of the car, grabbed her shirt and pulled her up to me.

 I hugged her so tight!  I noticed she was burning up and in later photos you can see how red her paws were normally they are white as a sheet.  She must have been on the running the entire time.  My faith was recognized in that she was warm and safe.  God had his hand on her the whole way.   Not a single scratch was found on her body or shirt.  I closed and locked the door before I let her out of my firm grasp.  She hopped in the carseat and sat down like nothing happened.  The look on her face was ok where are we going now?

Before heading inside I snapped a few pictures of the little rascal.

Here you can see how red her legs are from being so warm.

And apparently she didn't want to share on social media about her adventure.  *Raspberries*

Maybe she was a lil embarrassed she caused such an uproar.

After 12 hours of being lost I made the incredible post to my fb.

As well as an IG post.

She had missed dinner the night before so first thing we did was get her some food.  She ate so fast I don't think she even looked up from the bowl.  Then she got in bed and went right to sleep.

Once she was ok I made sure to update all the posts in the groups that she was home as well as Homeagain.

I also google mapped the distance of my apartment to the place found and it was 1.3 miles.  But there is no telling how much distance she actually covered.  She definitely isn't divulging the info either.  It will just have to be her little secret.

After things calmed down it really hit me she was back and ok.  The thoughts had run through my mind I may never have gotten to kiss her tiny head or feel those wispy hairs again.  Then my thoughts turned to it was my leniency that led to this.  I have to be more mindful of Poppy.

She is different than the dogs I have had in the past (she is fearful and unpredictable with obedience commands) and my living situation is different.  We are not on 5 acres in a rural area with no traffic.  We are in the city.  There are loose dogs, coyotes, wild hogs, cars, bikes, and so much more danger.  Especially for a 9 pound dog.  She will now have a collar on permanently.  I have small tags (microchip and id) on it so its comfy.  And my door routine will be vastly different.  I can never put us through this again.

From the bottom of my heart I say to the spotter who kept a watchful eye on her, to the family/friends who searched that night, to the people online making sure her info/picture was circulated, to the ones who prayed...

...THANK YOU....
...THANK YOU....
...THANK YOU....

Because of you all I have back my little Poppy.  She brings a lot of joy to our family and she fills this huge space in our hearts.  We are thankful she is home and no worse for the wear.



  1. We're so happy to hear that Poppy made it home safely. It really took a village to bring her home.

  2. OMD, what an adventure! Poppy, you gots to stay close to your momma from now on. Humans just aren't capable of making it on their own. They need a close watch.