Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Walkeepaws Review - Snow Edition

As you may know North Texas got a whopping 5 inches of snow!  As you may also know I am a hairless dog and do not enjoy the cold.  In fact the morning it arrived I avoided momma like the pleague.  I saw what was outside via my couch window in the living room.  She wasn't taking me in that.  Well when she got home that afternoon from work she had other plans for me.  She pulled out all my winter gear including my walkeepaws leggins.  I wasn't sure I could handle this much snow.

However when I got outside my feet weren't cold, they weren't wet, they were just normal.

How do they do that?!?!?

 I hopped right off the porch, into the snow....

...and started sploring this white stuffs.


Im going into the deep parts now.

Feets still warm and dry.

Is that a french fry I smell?

Even during speedy moments no boots were lost.

Where ya goin Lucy?

Ill come too!

*Sniff* *Sniff*

I feel a shake coming on...

...and again no boots lost!

Back up to the porch

...for some surveillance.

Excuse me momma did you just ask me to do a mini photo shoot with my walkeepaws in this snow?


Ok....getting my model feeling.....

...almost there....

MODEL STATUS with raised paw for affect!

Did you catch it momma?

One last survey of snow.

I am good momma.

I would like to go in now.....

...and get some supper.  Can we have lamb and veggie tonight?

Its my favorite!

Once back inside momma unwrapped me from my winter bundle and inspected the walkee paws.  minimal water on the top and bottom of the boots themselves.

The leggins (polka dot fabric portion) were dry...not a drop of water or damp spot on them.

We hung them up on our roll-ee cart to dry.

With this winter test Walkeepaws gets another 5 star review.  For a hairless dog (or really any dog who has sensitive paws) in the snow these boots are a must have item!  They keep you dry and warm thanks to the ingenious design and great quality.  Walkeepaws you ROCK!


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  1. Wowza, what a grreat idea! I HATE walking in the wet grass. It was raining and cold this morning, and I was NOT a fan of having to go do my business. Also, Poppy, that was a FABULOUS model pose. I hope you got lots of grreat treats for it.