Thursday, February 28, 2019

Practicing for my First Title - #ChewyInfluencer - Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Chewy Bites Duck Formula Grain-Free Treats

Oh boy the end of training class is coming and chance to try out for the TKN title is approaching.  I gotta get in all the practice I can so I will be ready.  #certifitikit  When our order arrived I was excited to see a big yellow bag of Natural Balance Chewy Bites Duck Treats.

Quick facts they are a soft and chewy treat with duck as the #1 ingredient.  They are perfectly balanced and have no artificial flavor, colors or fillers!  You can enjoy a whole treat as a snackie or they can be broken up for training time.  Onto the tricks!


Then we set up the camera on a timer as momma needs both hands for this one. 

Treat me please

For my review post training session.  #yum  I highly recommend these to any pupper or doggo.  They are simple & delicious!  Check out the full line of Natural Balance LID treats at  They have some lip licking good flavors like turkey, lamb or chicken.  

BTW I also took these to my training class and they were quite a hit.  Not crumbly and easy to hand out.  So they are a recommend from momma as well.


*Disclaimer I was sent this product for my honest review.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Friday Night at the Vet Clinic

This all started the weekend (2-16 and 2-17) prior to that Friday Night (2-24) adventure.  Saturday and Sunday intermittently my eye was all squinty and a little red.  But Monday it was fine and didn't bother me one bit so momma though it was just allergies from the crazy change in temps blowing in and out of our area.  Through out the week momma noticed a time or two when I would scratch at my face but didn't think anything of it.  Then Friday when she came home from work she found me looking like this.

Momma says the camera didn't pick up on how red it looked in real life.  I'll admit it was itchy and I felt yucky.

When I laid down she then noticed I had been biting at my leggie too.  There was a spot of fur missing.

She hopped on the phone and got an appointment at the vet.  Drat!

My vet closed early that Friday so we ended up going to a new clinic.  VCA Animal Hospital.

Once inside momma got some paperwork to fill out.  I spotted a set of adorable aussies.  Their names were Pebbles and Bam Bam.  Hi frens wanna play?

Oh hello Miss Vet Tech, would you wanna play wif me?

After that momma requested I sit on the bench while we waited to be called back. Momma I can't see frens from here.

Wow that was quick, we got called back to exam room 2.

Picture time!

Then the tech took a history and asked what brought us in today.  Once that was done you'll never guess what she did.  She lifted my tail and took my temperature.  Ma'am I am here for my eye not my bum bum!  I put my paws up on momma shoulder and she held me tight.  That was horrible treatment for a sweet little poodle puppy!

Thankfully Poppy was there to comfort me!

Once the tech left and I regained my wits, I went splorin'.

Poppy didn't you read the sign....

No climbing on the exam table.

Oh my I think I hear the dogtor!

He examined my eyes and hip.  He said the spot on my hip was already healing and not related to my eye issue.   There were baby furs growing in so it will be fine.  As for my eye ball there is no ulcer, scratch or damage.  That was a big relief!  Momma feared that was the cause and why she got me in to the clinic.  He feels its just allergies and I since I have been scratching I have just irritated the skin.  He said he would have the tech fill some prescriptions to make me feel better.  I sure hope they don't try that temp thing again.  I better get off the exam table and chill out on da floor.  *sploot*

The dogtor prescribed me two medications.  He said a steroid wif added antihistamines would help with the inflammation and allergies.  Just to cover all the bases an antibiotic to get rid of any infection that might be brewing.

So there you have it, our exciting Friday night adventure.  I sure hope the weather sorts its self out so these allergies go away.  Friday nights are for hulu and snackies not vet visits.


Update: As I paw this post on Tuesday night I am feeling better.  My eye is still a bit swollen and a bit red but much improved.  Momma noticed I haven't been as itchy.  Even if the medicines are hard to swallow (literally) they are helpin'. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dinner on the Porch - #ChewyInfluencer - Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Toy Breed Chicken Dinner Canned Dog Food

Lately Spring has been teasing us with some 55+ days every now and again.  These days are my favorite as they are warm enough to be outside but not too hot.  I do have a curly poodle coat ya know!  I decided that today was the day I shall dine out on the back porch at Doggy Nanny's house and listen to the birds chirp.  I'll be dining on Blue Buffalo's Small Breed Chicken Canned Food.  The True Blue Benefits include a product that has real deboned chicken is the first ingredient, is filled with nutrient rich fruits and veggies and has hearty whole grains for energy. 

Alright momma serve me up some Blue Buffalo Chicken Patte.

Wow!  This is rich in flavor.  There are whole carrots and whole peas.  I'll admit the carrots are my favorite!  How have I reached the bottom of the bowl already?  One last lick!

I would highly recommend this to a furiend.  I love the great taste.  Momma loves that the cans are pop top and come in 5.5 oz size.  That way we can split a can between us pups and there are no left overs to store. has a huge line of Blue Buffalo canned foods sure to whet your appetite! 


*Disclaimer I was sent this product for my honest review.

Monday, February 25, 2019

The Petsmart Academy - Week 5

Check out this weeks outfit I am sporting my baby pink Paris dress.  

We have arrived.

Week 5 had a lot of success and happy tail wags!  We worked on hidden treats which was fun.  I worked wif momma and Lucy worked wif the trainer Rachel.  Miss Rachel kept making it too hard for Lucy so she would abandon her box and go help Salsa.  BOL!  Momma did mine a few different ways.  She would hide a treat under a cup and mix up all the cups and have me find where the treat was.  Then she got 2 cups put a treat in one and held them up for me to pick.  Both were quite fun.  

I did my spin, jump (through a hula hoop), paws up, hup, and bed (with sit) all wif other peoples just a few feet away.  Best of all momma says my "shake" is getting better every day.  I am lifting my paw quicker and as of recently placing it in mommas hand instead of her having to take it.  #practicemakesprogress

After while momma let me be a roaming puppy, its my favorite activity after all.  :) I sniffed out the whole training area, looked in on Cooper (who was in his kennel), sniffed Miss Rachel's shoe when she wasn't looking and took treats from both Miss Rachel and Salsa's momma.  I got lots of praise from momma on that pawt.  

All too soon we noticed the 6 o clock class was lining up and that meant out time was up.  We happen to notice beclaws Lucy had her nose under the training room door trying to say hello.  BOL Silly sis-fur!

My official week 5 photo.

After class we stopped for puppy cones.  


Ok all better

Bonus photo.  Valentines Day was supposed to be week 5 however going to visit Doggy Nanny won out in the vote since she got released from the hospital that day.  But here is what I was planning on wearing and taking as my treat for that night.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Little Game of Bitey Face at Doggy Nanny's House

During the intermission between PETS and the Spa from our last post we had a good game of Bitey Face while the hoomans babbled.  Enjoy!!!!

My work here is done!

Don't be a sore looser!