Saturday, February 23, 2019

Gracie Goes to P.E.T.S. and the Spa

It's February and that means our Aunt Gracie is due for some vaccine boosters, a heartworm test and heartworm prevention.  I opted to stay wif Doggy Nanny since while healing you must has a puppy at all times.  I set up camp here on the blankie.  

Poppy escorted Gracie to....

... P.E.T.S.

Dis place seems spicious!  I hears lotsa barkie dogs.  

Is that a husky I hear?  Possibly a Labbiedor too?

We must respond.  *BORK*

 Oh we must now leave the car and go inside.  Well this sure took a strange turn. 

Once in the waiting room Gracie hid her self under a chair.  Only peering out if someone passed by to sniff their pant leg.  

I stayed in mommas lap.  I sniffed an arm or two and it was quite nice that no one tried to pet me.  Made me feel furry comfortable.  I kept an eye on the number board too.  Lookie there #10 Gracie you've been summoned.

They stole her blood and gave her 2 pokies.  10 minutes later she was returned to us and we got the test results and Aunt Gracie was heartworm NEGATIVE!  Fabulous and congrats for passing the test!

Soon after we got called up front to check out and purchase meds.  She got 2 blue boxes enough for a whole year!


Oh my makes me hungry for heartworm treats!  Is it the 15th yet?

Then we returned to Doggy Nannys house to retrieve Lucy before heading to Petsmart to drop Gracie off to get her hair did.  I took a quick nap on Gracies leggie during the travel time.


At pick up her report card Miss Kim the groomer said she was a sweet girl.  Yep thats our Aunt Gracie.  

Whew what a fun day we had wif Aunt Gracie.  We had so much fun that we fell asleep on the ride home.

Of course Lucy was so kind to let me rest my weary head on her soft fluffy self.  Thank you Lucy!

Once home we rallied enough to have din din then this happened....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lucy and Poppy

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