Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Registering A Dog With AKC's Canine Partners Program & AKC PAL Comparison - A Post by The Momma

Now that I have had Poppy for a few months, I decided I was ready to start some formal training in hopes of getting her titles in the future.  Poppy is a Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix, per her DNA test, so she is able to be registered as a Canine Partner with the AKC.  The process of registering as a Canine Partner was super simple.  Its all online, submit your information, the pets information and billing information. Total cost was $35.   If you are interested in registering you can click this link.  With registration your dog receives a unique number in the AKC database, a registration certificate, and ability to have titles recorded with the AKC.

With Canine Partners registration you do get a lot of "extras".  You receive lifetime enrollment in the AKC REunite, a REunite collar tag, AKC magazine subscription, 30 days of pet insurance, and a free exam with an AKC program participating Veterinarian. Which was kind of nice.

The lifetime membership AKC REunite .  Upon registering you get immediate access to set up the online portal.   It lists the pets basic info as well as Microchip Number and Canine Partners Number.  If they are wearing their reunite tag and found, the finder can call the number on the tag, the AKC will contact you so you are able to reunite with your pet.  Its a great safety measure in addition to a microchip.  Especially if you have a "roaming" doggie.  :) The online account also has a notes section, allergy section and emergecy contacts section.  So the finder will have that in the event your pet becomes lost.  Info for pet or pet parent is easily updated and is free of charge.

The tag I received for Poppy was really nice.  It has the AKC logo on the front.  On the back it has the AKC reunite phone number as  well as her Canine Partners number.  Its lightweight and a nice small size perfect for a small breed dog.  This tag was free with her enrollment.  I didn't pick the logo or size but that is an option to upgrade for different logos and engraving if you choose.  Personally I love the AKC logo.  I will be using this on my dog bag so I have quick access to her Canine partners number when we are out at events.  She currently has an engraved tag with my cell phone number on it.

Just for comparison I thought I would add a little paragraph about the AKC PAL Program or Purebred Alternative Listing.  I have my Lucy enrolled there.  It is for AKC recognized pure bred dogs that have either lost their registration or were part of an unregistered litter.  It too cost $35 and your pet receives a unique number in the AKC database, a registration certificate, and ability to have titles recorded with the AKC.  No extras.
Whether you have a purebred dog or a dog with a diverse pedigree (#muttsrock), The Canine Partners Program gives you more for your money.  But either way you go your dog is registered with the AKC, able to earn titles and spend lots of fun time with your dog.  So its a win win!!!!! Have fun and Train On!

The Momma

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