Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Ohio Street Bridge

Todays Spotlight is on the Ohio Street Bridge.  We first spotted this fun old bridge when we visited Pets back in 2017.  

    The history: Planning for construction on the first bridge at this site began soon after the organization of Wichita County in 1882. The structure was built by the King Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio, and formally dedicated on July 4th, 1886. This second span, located west of the original bridge, was completed in 1911. Both provided a vital connection between the downtown area of Wichita Falls and the northern sections of the city. The bridges were closed to vehicles in 1972 because of unsafe structural conditions and the oldest span was demolished.*

*From the plaque on the north side of the bridge.

BTS: First things first momma let me sniff the area on leash so I didn't end up going for an unauthorized swim.

I'm ready for my photoshoot now.

No more than .2 seconds after I did my "official photos I splooted and really made myself comfortable here.  :)



Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Helping Bella

 Sunday afternoon we returned home from a fun day at Doggy Nanny's house to find a dog on our porch.  She came running out to meet us.  I gave her sniffs and wags to let her know I was friendly.  Poppy on the other paw was less inviting and barked her fool head off. Mommas hands were full of all so she told the little lady to wait a moment, she would get everything put inside and come back out for her.  Yea that didn't happen she just invited herself inside.  Here is Poppy's reaction.  She was SHOOK!  She then tucked her tail and ran into the living room and planted herself on the couch to pout.  

It took just a few moments for us to get acquainted before the little lady and I started playing. We playbowed all over the kitchen and bounced around like little puppies! 

Momma called her over to attempt to get a picture to post online.  She is furry wiggly!

This one might work. 

But this ones cute too!

Momma can we keeps her?

After playtime she went sploring.

She sniffed every inch of the kitchen including our crates.

Once momma uploaded the pictures to Facebook's lost and found pages we went outside to walk down to the next apartment building. 

 I remembered seeing a black and white shih tzu on the balcony a few months ago.

Then Mr Neighbor appeared with his son.  They had been looking for Bella.  She slipped out of the apartment when their son had went out to play earlier that afternoon.  

Bella it was a pleasure to meet you and hope we can play again soon!



Monday, September 28, 2020

September Grooming - Getting Back To Normal

 Oh boy!  I am excited.  Miss Pat called yesterday evening and said that they are back in the main building.  All the fire damage is repaired ,they finished rebuilding the interior and have almost finished decorating.  Can't wait to see what they have done with the place!

Why do these lights take so long to turn green.

I gotta go see Miss Pat and the new shop!  Turn GREEN!!!!!!

Moments later we arrived.

Ahhh feels good being back to normal.

Miss Rachel came to pick me up curb side. 

While you can't see it in the photo rest assured my tail was wagging a hundred miles an hour with excitement.  

Travel Vlog:

Promtly at 5:10 Momma arrived to pick me up.

Feeling fresh as a daisy!

But ready for suppers!








Sunday, September 27, 2020


 Look what we spotted on our patrol!  A stinky SQUIRREL!

You better look out buddy I'm on my way to bark you up!



Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Disaster and A Blessing

During the big family get together disaster struck.  Momma got the camera out to get the 4 generations photo she then placed the camera back in the diaper bag and placed the diaper bag on the the floor beside the couch.  Unfortunately some time after that her cup, which was sitting near by, was knocked over.  Thus leaking into the diaper bag.  Momma cleaned up the camera but the damage was done.  

Water had seeped inside the camera body and behind the screen and inside the lens.  It was giving errors the moment we turned it on. 

 Doggy Nanny got us a bag of rice....not to eat sadly but to put the camera in hoping it would draw out the water. We left it in there overnight and the moisture seen above in the lcd panel was gone.  We crossed our paws but when we turned it back on we still got errors.  We called repair shops but they stated that parts are hard to get and if they have to send it off (with corona they haven't been able to send them off) it could take weeks.  Not to mention if it was repairable it may not be cost effective.  We were crushed! 

The only good news was the sd memory card was spared and all the images were able to be pulled off and downloaded on the computer.  As we were losing hope and things seemed impossible in the way of getting a new camera a BLESSING was bestowed upon us.  Momma cried and I jumped for joy!  We would be able to get a new camera. 

 It too is a Rebel just like me!  The T100. 

It passed the LNP sniff test.

That blessing literally means the world to us.  We can document our adventures and share them with our friends.  


Lucy and Poppy

Friday, September 25, 2020




Silly Buttons

 Everytime I am in the car some how these silly buttons keep getting in my way.  Sometimes they beep....and time moves forward...I have no clue what that means.  

Sometimes the temperature reading changes from 80's to 20's but the outside temps don't feel any different.  Hmm....Our car is furry strange. 



Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Down Town Murals

 Over the years artists, property owners and non profits have come together to create some paw-mazing art around the city.   

Here are a of my favorite murals.  To view the artist, location and title click this link.

Thanks for coming along on todays Spotlight.