Monday, September 14, 2020

AKC Trick Title Recognition & Update To AKC Canine Partners Program

In Janurary of this year I filmed and qualified for my NTD via DMWYD.  Since I am registered with American Kennel Club under the AKC Partners Program I can have this title listed with the AKC as well.  We sent off the paperwork and ages ago  recently  I received my AKC Trick Dog Novice -TKN- title certificate in the mail.  Here is my official title photo.  Can't wait to get it up on my training page.  See link above.  

Here is an upclose of my TKN certificate.

Speaking of AKC news, over the summer of 2020 they redesigned the Canine Partners program....

... and gave it a whole new look and logo.  

I received a new updated certificate in the mail. I like it!


Bonus NTD certificate shot so they all match. :)

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