Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Disaster and A Blessing

During the big family get together disaster struck.  Momma got the camera out to get the 4 generations photo she then placed the camera back in the diaper bag and placed the diaper bag on the the floor beside the couch.  Unfortunately some time after that her cup, which was sitting near by, was knocked over.  Thus leaking into the diaper bag.  Momma cleaned up the camera but the damage was done.  

Water had seeped inside the camera body and behind the screen and inside the lens.  It was giving errors the moment we turned it on. 

 Doggy Nanny got us a bag of rice....not to eat sadly but to put the camera in hoping it would draw out the water. We left it in there overnight and the moisture seen above in the lcd panel was gone.  We crossed our paws but when we turned it back on we still got errors.  We called repair shops but they stated that parts are hard to get and if they have to send it off (with corona they haven't been able to send them off) it could take weeks.  Not to mention if it was repairable it may not be cost effective.  We were crushed! 

The only good news was the sd memory card was spared and all the images were able to be pulled off and downloaded on the computer.  As we were losing hope and things seemed impossible in the way of getting a new camera a BLESSING was bestowed upon us.  Momma cried and I jumped for joy!  We would be able to get a new camera. 

 It too is a Rebel just like me!  The T100. 

It passed the LNP sniff test.

That blessing literally means the world to us.  We can document our adventures and share them with our friends.  


Lucy and Poppy

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