Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Post Dental Pick Up and Recovery

 After what seemed like a hundred hours I heard the ladies up front saying "Lucy's Owner is here" .  I was sure excited!!!!

The nice vet tech scooped me up along with a ton of paperwork and we headed out to meet momma. Once i hit the car I bounded about.  The vet tech said "Well, the care instructions say to keep her calm but it doesn't seem like that may be possible."  BOL BOL BOL!

She also mentioned the dental only took 30 minutes.  There were no lost, damaged or pulled teeth.  My blood panel came back with great numbers.  Whoop Whoop!

Once I did calm down....I was feeling a little off.  I think I still had some of them drugs in my system.  

Lets go home and see sister.  I missed her bunches!

It was a furry happy reunion then I had more important thoughts that involved supper.  I ate a hearty meal with canned food topper and the rest of the evening was spent like this....

Here is my pick up vloggie.

Last but not least my before and after pictures.


Note from the Momma: It took a lot of planning to get her to this appointment.  Covid, vet schedules and work schedules, OH MY!  But we got it done and glad we did.  When I picked Lucy up her excitement overrode her drowsyness.  Once home and calm she started laying it on thick.  She would sleep hard then wake up with her lip curled up on her teeth.  She would look at me like "what did they do to me", then fall backwards into my arms for cuddles.  She did have a slight cough from the anesthesia tube.  By the next morning she was back to her full of sass self.  Like nothing happened.  

Bonus PSA vloggie.