Sunday, February 28, 2021

Snovid Triple Sweater

When momma went back to work she envisioned this horrible scenario where the heat went out again and in 9 degree weather me and Lucy would just freeze to death.  So she came up with the super warm fashion of a long dress to cover my tooshie, jam jams to cover the rest of my body and a heavy knitted sweater to hold in body heat.  

Luckily everything was in this pretty light pink color and matched quite nicely.  #model!



Ps We never did loose heat again and I was living my best life in my new fashionable outfit. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Snovid Snuggles

 Sunday into Monday the snow kept falling.  It truly seemed like it wouldn't stop.  On monday the winds died down and I was able to play (picture post coming soon) but between dashes through the snow we could be found snuggling.  

Peep Poppys using my snood as an ear/neck warmer. 

We kept the heat at 63-68 to help conserve as so many Texans were without power.  Including our Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Gracie.  They were able to get to a hotel for one nigh and power was restored soon after.

All too soon our long weekend was over and momma had to return to work.  2 of the 4 days Grandpa and Doggy Nanny took her so she didn't have to drive on the ice.  For which we are super thankful for.  Knowing momma is getting to work and back safely.  I mean with no momma we couldn't get our canned suppers and we would starve! 


Lucy and Poppy

Friday, February 26, 2021

Snovid: The Day The Falls Froze

Snovid....The Texas saga!  On 2-14 we were put in a Winter Storm warning.  Snow and ice were coming and it was supposed to be between 4-10 inches depending on which news service you listen to.  

Ahead of the storm the Wichita Falls...Falls actually froze.  

Sunday this is is what we awoke to on the radar.  It was coming down pretty hard and the wind was blowing furiously.

I was forced to wear a sweater and leggins.

I didn't put up too much of a fight but its still not fun.  

Come on momma we have pictures to take and Snow to dash through!!!!

ummm....this wind hurts.

I don't like this momma. Snow is supposed to be fun.

As you can see i made a loop in the back yard, came back around and back to momma.  No frolicking for me.

The wind was blowing so hard the snow wasn't sticking to sidewalks. 

However was sticking to the grass....

And making huge snow drifts in the corners and by doors.

It is pretty to look at....

....but dangerous to walk in.

Hmmm....I don't think we are getting the 4-10" the weather man promised.  

We came back in furry quick.  

These boots did make a difference, as much as I don't like to admit.  My feet stayed toasty and dry.  



Thursday, February 25, 2021

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

 Every work day we watch momma leave through the back door.  We get our usual "Yall Stay, Be Good and I Love You".  Then we dash to the living room to catch her driving by.  

Click to make it bigger but you can spot me sitting on the couch watching out our window.  



Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Receipt Shredding Sisters

It was a cold and weary morning (pre snovid).  Due to extreme low temps and my now lack of furs I was forced to wear a sweater like my sisfur.  

We stopped for our Sunday morning toquito and Poppy shredded the receipt.

Normally I do not partake in those shenanigans.

But something came over me.  Maybe it was the sweater maybe it was the freezing temps. 

I began shredding the receipt and Poppy gave me raspberries.  

*gRrRrRrrr* *Grrr*

Ok you can have it back I am done.

Well its all poodley now.  No thank you!


I guess one more little shred will be ok!

Our work here is done!!!

On the way home I tested out Lucy's digs in the back.  It seems like more fun back here I don't know why she doesn't like it.  

Well would you look who joined me.  

That afternoon we went and visited Doggy Nanny and Aunt Gracie.  Its a little dark but I am getting a good ol' belly scratch from DN.  She gives the best scratches!

Once home we passed out.  Just waiting on Snovid to start.I stayed sweatered cause we had 2 incidents of the heat not working.  Momma worried if she was asleep when it happened I would freeze to death.  


Poppy and Lucy 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Going Wild At Doggy Nanny's House

 Post vet visit I told Doggy Nanny and Aunt Gracie about all of the new furiends I met at the vet.  Oh boy was that just super fun.  

Then I went a little crazy and rolled.

Then I got on the couch and continued my rolling. momma I wasn't biting the couch....

...why would you ask such a thing?  

Then I fell Doggy Nanny's feet. 

Meanwhile Poppy was just squeaking on her hedgehog and watching for squirrels.

I must have caught a sleepy cause slept through the blankie falling on my head. 

Afterwhile I fell asleep on the couch while doggy nanny and momma talked.