Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Receipt Shredding Sisters

It was a cold and weary morning (pre snovid).  Due to extreme low temps and my now lack of furs I was forced to wear a sweater like my sisfur.  

We stopped for our Sunday morning toquito and Poppy shredded the receipt.

Normally I do not partake in those shenanigans.

But something came over me.  Maybe it was the sweater maybe it was the freezing temps. 

I began shredding the receipt and Poppy gave me raspberries.  

*gRrRrRrrr* *Grrr*

Ok you can have it back I am done.

Well its all poodley now.  No thank you!


I guess one more little shred will be ok!

Our work here is done!!!

On the way home I tested out Lucy's digs in the back.  It seems like more fun back here I don't know why she doesn't like it.  

Well would you look who joined me.  

That afternoon we went and visited Doggy Nanny and Aunt Gracie.  Its a little dark but I am getting a good ol' belly scratch from DN.  She gives the best scratches!

Once home we passed out.  Just waiting on Snovid to start.I stayed sweatered cause we had 2 incidents of the heat not working.  Momma worried if she was asleep when it happened I would freeze to death.  


Poppy and Lucy 

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