Thursday, February 4, 2021

Quarantine 2021 - Wake Up Calls, Resting and Recovery

 With being on strict quarantine orders from the health department and not having any alarms set to be up at the crack of dawn we had to ensure momma was up and taking care of us by a respectable hour.  Typically by 9 or 10 we envoked our puppy wake up system.  Poppy version:

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey


Lucy Version:

Psst, momma my tumbly has a rumbly can you wake up and feeds us?


You awake yet?

We would do our normal routine of potty time, walkies, fur brushing and breakfast.  Then settle in for a binge session of Dynasty or...

...Teen Mom 2....

...and momma played her candy crush.  Fun fact she passed over a hundred levels during quarantine. 

Post binge session we were commonly found like this: 

Naps and cuddles are furry important part of recovery.

Luckily for momma the worst symptom was severe congestion.  But with OTC meds she was able to combat that.  She lost her sense of smell for a few days, which caused her to panic as she thought it was the start of getting sicker, but after a good talk with Doggy Nanny realized that with normal colds/congestion you can loose sense of smell.  Over all she didn't feel bad and was thankful for the time to rest/recover from the symptoms she did have.  


Lucy N Poppy 

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  1. We're so glad your momma is feeling better! I'm sure your skillful nursing helped her a lot.