Friday, February 5, 2021

Quarantine 2021 - Quarantine Project Clay Paw Prints

Through mommas spark program she got this cool print frame kit.  Its technically for babies.  However we don't have any of those so paw prints it is!  

Opened it had very detailed instructions with pictures!  

Here we have the frame.

Next we have the mat, clay, tape and roller.

Unfortunately there were no pictures of us making our prints.  It was a bit of a struggle bus situation.  But they turned out nicely.  Lucy's paws on top and mine on bottom.  They have to dry for 4 whole days.

Through the technology of the internets, we can speed right through the 4 days to show you the final result.  Here is how they turned out.  Furry cute!  Now we just have to decide on which photos to add and it will be complete.

Lucy N Poppy

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