Monday, March 21, 2022

Weekend Vibe

 The past few weekends have been either busy or momma was sick.  So this weekend we spent 2 entire days watching 6 feet under on HBO and napping. 



2021-2022 FDA Clinical Study - Visit 5 March


Oh boy another Lucy Lunch Pick Up.  

Another fun vet visit at Colonial Park Vet Clinic for the Drug Study.

The technician made sure everything was going well.  Then scooped me up along with my binder and we headed inside.  

Fast forward through the afternoon momma came to pick me up at 4pm.  I was so excited to be back wif momma I went a little crazy.

Oh it just felt so good!!!

Momma I got to see and hug and kiss so many just wouldn't even believe!!!!

Alright....lets get home to Poppy.  Im sure she missed me furry much!  I sure missed her.

We got our target dates for the next three doses.  And dang....look at that.  The next visit is the last visit.  #sadrealization

Anyhoo.  I also got my pouch filled with March, April and May's doses.  



Thursday, March 17, 2022

Walmart Spark Review Program - Treat Ball

 Momma got the opportunity to request this treat ball by Nerf.  Its cap comes off for easy filling/cleaning, has 2 difficulty settings, and is a nice small size for petite pups.

It gets 4 paws up from us.  Its light weight so its easy to nudge around.  However I must say Poppy is a cheater and only got treats when I nudge the ball.  Rude.  



Where Your Clothes At?

 Spoken like in the famous tiktok voice....Where your clothes at? Momma was making dinner turned around and saw me sitting like this.  Moments prior I was fully pajamaed...but decided it was a nakie kind of night.  



Being Super Lazy

 Now that I am used to the new bed I find myself doing a lot of this....


...and this.

Yea I really do like this bed. 



Our Fence Got Replaced

 Mr and Mrs N decided it was time to upgrade our fence.  We got to watch them all day. Goodbye gate.

Hello new lumber.

Rome wasn't built in a day....but our fence was and it looks PAWsome!!!!



Gypsy Got Some Bling

 We decided to deck out Gypsy and show our puppy pride.  We have matching paw prints on both each side of the car on the quarter glass.  On Lucy's side there is a nose print for her scent work hobby.  We got holographic to match our license plate frames. 

On the back glass we got a Texas state shape.  Its holographic too but from the inside it looks red.  

We think they look simply fabulous.  Thank you Miss Bobbi for creating these for Gypsy.



I Shall Now Be Referred To As Miss Harley Quinn

 After watching the Suicide Squad movies with momma I found I identify a lot with Miss Harley Quinn.  She is cute, sassy and psycho.  Literally me.  So I asked my groomer if I could do something a little different.  I shall now be referred to as Miss Harley Quinn.

Hello Lucy!!!


Hello Momma!

Do you like my new look?  I feel super psycho now!!!!

I could be pink....

...I could be blue...

...I could be violet skies!!!!!!  Tik tok reference.

Lets go show Doggy Nanny and Grandpa.

Lucy let me kiss you....

SIKE!  Growley Face!


*lick lick*

Gracie approved of my new look now we are homeward bound.

The sun was setting when we arrived home and it was the perfect lighting for pictures.


Harley Quinn

AKA Poppy