Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Happy 5th Birthday Cora!

Lets sing Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday Queen Cora....

Happy Birthday to you!  *Raspberries!*

Stay Silly Cora!


Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Green Bean Queen

 I love to eat.  Like its my furry favorite thing to do!  Momma says she thinks I would eat till i pop like a balloon.  So as you can imagine a small portion of kibble (even rehydrated and with salmon oil on top) just will not do.  I need more food.  But momma says its bad for my joints.  So she found this stuff called green beans to add to my kibble.  They are super low calorie I can has as much as I like.  That sounds like a fantastic plan.  So she cracked open the can and added a couple chopped up to my kibble.  

I scarfed them down like there was no tomorrow.  They were super tasty!   

Proof is in the pudding....I cleaned my bowl leaving no crumbs behind.

#full #satisfied #blessed


Play Time Kennel Cam


Kennel Cam


Yes im smelling my feet.  No I dont know why.

Princess Poppy the Troll

 We were sitting at Doggy Nannys house and momma pulled the hair tie out of her hair and did this.  

Ta Da!

Oops...no flash...thats better!  I look like my name sake from the movie Princess Poppy.

Then a hooman had the nerve to walk down our street and I had to stop the photoshoot.

But it does make me look bigger and more ferocious!