Friday, July 31, 2020


Gracie Wants To Play

I was out splorin'

When Gracie said she wanted to play chase.  Which is

Incoming teacup greyhound Poppy!

Lap 2!

As I hit home base I noticed Gracie pawing her face.  

We think she got bit by a mean ol' buggie.  I had to help make sure she was ok.  

Meanwhile Poppy was on lap 74....and well....

...I took over and chased that crazy hairless sister of mine.

I think she maybe coming in a for pit stop at home base.

NOPE!  She is off again for a final victory lap.

Whew what fun!

Update: Gracie recovered from her injury and was back in the game soon after.

Lucy and Poppy

Thursday, July 30, 2020


 Puppy Love between Lucy and Douglas!

Momma found me relaxing in my kennel.

Scent Work Practice

Howls of a hairless velociraptor winning a game of bitey face.

Name Game Poppy Edition

Expectation vs Reality

Expectation vs Reality


Triple Digit Temps

Whew!  Temps are rising her in North Texas most days in the 90's with a few days hitting triple digits.  But that doesn't stop me from seeking out smelly stuff.  

Engage Poppy Roll!

Oh it stinks so good!!!!

Lucy I am still swatching this smell.  Give me space please!

Lucy....I need more space not less!

Fine Ill go sniff over here....wait a minute....

She left.  She just didn't wanna share.  

Fine!  Ill go find my own smelly spot.

Nevermind its too hot.  Ill see if Doggy Nanny has treats!

Hang on Lucy I'm right behind you.

This is much better.  Snoopervising under the ac.

Seems everyone is staying at home.  No rogue squirrels, sheeps or sammys.  

Too hot for efurryone!

After our shift it was time to head home and hibernate in the ac of our apartment.

Lucy and Poppy

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dance For Me!

Yes momma you called me...

You want me to do dances?  

Its a touch warm...

but...yeah I can do dat!

Que the music!

Im froo!

Treats please!

Fank you!


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Rules of a Dashboard Gremlin

Always be alert.

Poised and ready....

....for the fight.

Rest when you can to preserve your energy.

Lastly make sure you have your paws firmly planted on the dash at all times....

....even in resting periods.  You never know when suspicious activity will arise.  

Poppy AKA Dashboard Gremlin

Monday, July 27, 2020

Hoppin' Helper

While mommas in the kitchen doing chores I am atop my stairs as close to mommas as I can get and keeping an eye things.  

Dryers still going, Poppy's still monitoring the front yard and I could use a treat if ya gots any bacon over there by the sink.  


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Just Pop-Tastic

Here are a few photos that have no rhyme or reason and are just adorable.