Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Am I Seeing Double?!?!?

Oh boy a package for me!

I don't member ordering anything.

Its from Petco...probably foods....

Let me can I get in here. 

Ooh just the though of chicken kibble has me licking my lips.  I gotta think fast.

I'm stumped!

I am a poodle...I am smart....I can do this.

Maybe if I kick it....

With a bit of help from momma and some sharp scissors....I'm in!

Ahh the sweet smell of kibbles.

Still just licking my lips.

Lets get this bag outta here.

Um momma I may require assistance again.

Hold up...wait a minute...

Am I seeing double?!?!? Oh my DOG!

Bag two is out let me dig a little deeper see if anything else is hiding in here.

All clear....its empty now.

We snagged the 50% off a bag of Hills Science Diet promo Petco had a couple weeks ago.  This is a major score.  We got 30 lb of kibble for the price of 15lb.  Feels good being stocked up for the foreseeable future.  


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