Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Are My Eyes Green?

Every day when momma gets ready for work I get on my collar and tags.  Poppy gets a onsie (for sun protection) collar and tags.  Well this happened.....

...I put on Poppy's onesie.  You all know how much I despise clothes.  I am not sure what came over me.  Momma says my eyes may turn green now. 


Monday, July 30, 2018

Poppy Got Chipped

When the clinic scanned Poppy for a microchip, it was found out that she didn't have one.  It took a lot of searching to find the right one for Poppy.  We are a HomeAgain family, thats all we have ever known.  So after much fretting on momma's part we decided to go with the WF Animal Services that offered 24PetWatch.  They were budget friendly, a well known company, participate in the national database, and there was no office fee for administration.

We asked if they could take her to the back to do the procedure.  We waited up front.  Momma didn't want to be associated wif anything bad wif Poppy.  Hmm...that don't stop her from tricking me wif heartworm pills!  BOL 

So we waited.

Do I hear kittens?

yes I do hear kittens?

Can we adopt a kitten?  I mean we is already here!

They brought her back up front and said she didn't even flinch. 

She didn't have a little boo boo so she had to have a band-aid.  Its tiny just like her.

We paid for the microchip and the license and were pleasantly surprised.  The bill was way less than expected.  Seems if you get a microchip at the same time as a license the microchip is discounted.

Once we got to the car we attached her new taggies to her collar and they look fabulous!


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Third Times a Charm...Right?

In the recent months my....rambunctious...erm...full of life behavior has caused me to be de-carseated twice now.  Well momma says she wants to be able to see/enjoy the ride so we are going to come to an agreement we are going to start fresh.  Momma will remain calm when I get full of life and I will try and keep my curly behind seated.  Well day 1 and so far so good.  I even had help staying seated as I was a curly chin rest for Poppy girl. 

Lucy & Poppy

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Life Wif Poppy

Bear wif us as some posts are a little out of order, things are a little crazy (new puppy, toofer problems for mom, and work issues for mom).  But here are some little odds, ends and pics from the first few weeks wif Poppy in da house.

After the vet (7-2-18) Poppy got to rest the remainder of the day.  She isn't going to daycare yet, as momma doesn't want to frighten her with too much change.  We put up a tv in the living room at Poppy's eye level and set it for E!  So she can keep up with the celebrities and left out chewies and toys.  When we got home that evening she had eaten well during the day and done her business.  After a good 10 minutes momma finally was able to leash her with my slip lead.  Then we ventured outdoors and she did her business.

(please ignore the messy house...please please!)

As bedtime rolled around we put her in the kitchen with her crate just as we had done on the first night.  But instead of going night night she cried for us to come get her.  Even though she was scared of people  she wanted to be near us.  Momma held out as long as she could and I told her to let Poppy free.  We got her a little fleecie from the closet and put her in bed wif us and well it was a cute sight.

 The next morning we loaded up and headed to the Walmart Pick Up line.  She has impeccable car  manners.  By the end of the trip she even walked over and put her paws on momma's arm.  #PROGRESS

As the days came and went, Poppy got more brave.  Soon enough she was coming right up to momma when we came home at night, following us around the apartment and even jumping up on the recliner/couch when we were sitting down.  Now she is even coming when called or if she gets scared sitting in place for momma to come pick her up.

Right now we are working on sitting for treats.  You never know she may be a trick dog like me one day.

She is definately a snuggler.  Heres proof.  Here we are helping momma recover from her root canal.  Shes been having lots of mouth pain due to an infected toofer.  Sadly she wouldn't let us lick it to make it better.  Silly momma!

Here we are comforting her after she had to have more dental work on her gums because the infection got worse.  Update: now that she had the work on her gums and got a super powerful antibiotic she is doing much better.

Just in the past few days shes let her tail down, literally.  She kept it tucked so hard the feathers were up between her front legs.  Her tail is quite cute with all the flowing feathers.  I may need to look into tail extensions.

We have been taking her to Doggy Nannys to help her get used to new people and places.

After a trip to pick up furniature for the apartment (another post on that soon), Doggy Nanny said that Miss Poppy could come to daycare when ever she was ready.  Mommas heart was full of happiness.  Doggy Nanny reported to momma that she acted well.  :)

She loves the doggy tv.

New people still frighten her but shes getting used to daycare life.  Shes met Doggy Nanny, Grandpa, Aunt Missy, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Net and Cousin Cody. 

Momma has been research CC care.  There are two camps of thought.  Using sunblock or light colored clothes to block the sun.  She decided to try the clothing option since we do live in Texas and its hotter than blue blazes.  Like the week I am pawing this we are sitting at 109 degrees.  Icky!  Well momma was talking about it on facebook and Aunt Brenda said she had a box of onsies that were not being used.  She is a 0-3/3-6 month in baby clothes.  They fit her nicely in the chest and  are long enough to cover her back and bum bum.  Thanks Aunt Brenda!!!!  Haul photo coming soon. 

After seeing she wanted to look out and see the world momma put a car seat back in for us.

Sadly we was de-carseated cause I am too rambuncious and stepped on Poppy.

What I can't help it!  Life excites me!

We have been shopping again.  Here we are at TJ maxx.  Didn't find anything interesting here.

But in the parking lot momma got a fright.  She saw this decal out of the corner of her eye and jumped.  BOL

Other than that we have just been including her in our normal activities momma scoops her up, leashes me and we go about our business.

Oh before we go.  Momma updated the kitchen nook.  It got Poppied!


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Porch Sittin' and Snackin' - #ChewyInfluencer - True Chews Jerky Cuts with REAL DUCK Review

Nothing beats porch sitting and shootin the bull, as grandpa likes to say!  One thing I like to do on the hot hazy days is to bring out a good jerky treat and sit in my rocker.  I found these delectible looking strips by True Chew on Chewy.com.  True Chews have proven to be a favorite between Aunt Gracie and I in the past.

Smells divine!

Poppy get out here pronto!

I gave one to Poppy, but she ran off with the goods before momma could snap her picture.  This is the best we got.  I have more training to do wif her before she becomes my #ChewyInfluencerAssistant.  But judging by the way she woofed it down she too was a fan of these.

Time to get snackn'.

Here are the Key Benefits
*100% U.S.-sourced chicken and duck are the first two ingredients in this high-protein snack.

*Natural flavors and spices add a smoky, savory flavor to the meaty texture of jerky that your pooch is sure to love.

*Soft, chewy strips make a perfect snack any time as well as an ideal training treat when broken into smaller pieces.

*Made in the USA with absolutely no corn, soy, wheat, animal by-products or artificial flavors or preservatives.

*Comes in a convenient resealable pack so you can take them along to give your pup a tasty reward or energizing pick-me-up while on the go.

Variety is the spice of life and these ducks treats are sure to make any pupper happy.  They get a big 5 star (*****) from me and Poppy.  If you are like me an enjoy variety in your treats be sure to check out Chewy.com's selection of True Chews.  As always they can set up autoship so no having to venture out to the store in the heat to get your favorite treat.  Plus you get a visit from the Fedex man and a box!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Poppy's First Shopping Trip

Of course we ended up here....

It's the best place in WF to shop for pupper stuffs!

The part I liked best was I didn't have to try on a thing, you all know how much I dislike clothes!  Poppy was the tryer-oner (thats a word right?) this time, she can do it every time as far I am concerned.  She even seemed to like it.  Furry strange!

She ended up with a winter coat, jam jams, and 3 harnesses.  She is a small in clothes and xs in the harnesses we wear.

Can you believe this trip almost didn't happen?!!?  Yep momma got nervous that shopping wif 2 doggies, especially when one is scared and one is...well...FULL OF LIFE, would be too hard.  However strapped in our body harnesses and hooked to the stroller by the leash coupler it was an easy trip.  I only got tangled twice.  Thats literally like a new record.  Poppy must have a calming effect on me.  hmm...shes younger, you would think she would be more hyper....or is that just a me thing?  Anyhoo be doo!

Shopping and trying on clothes made for a tired Poppy.

Quick sneak peak of her jam jams.

Lucy & Poppy

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poppy's First Photo Shoot

Hello furiends its me Miss Poppy.  I am a little nervous so bear wif me please.  I tried to act natural for the photos like Lucy told me.  Here is what I came up wif:

I achieved a sleepy.

Hope you enjoyed my first photoshoot.