Monday, July 30, 2018

Poppy Got Chipped

When the clinic scanned Poppy for a microchip, it was found out that she didn't have one.  It took a lot of searching to find the right one for Poppy.  We are a HomeAgain family, thats all we have ever known.  So after much fretting on momma's part we decided to go with the WF Animal Services that offered 24PetWatch.  They were budget friendly, a well known company, participate in the national database, and there was no office fee for administration.

We asked if they could take her to the back to do the procedure.  We waited up front.  Momma didn't want to be associated wif anything bad wif Poppy.  Hmm...that don't stop her from tricking me wif heartworm pills!  BOL 

So we waited.

Do I hear kittens?

yes I do hear kittens?

Can we adopt a kitten?  I mean we is already here!

They brought her back up front and said she didn't even flinch. 

She didn't have a little boo boo so she had to have a band-aid.  Its tiny just like her.

We paid for the microchip and the license and were pleasantly surprised.  The bill was way less than expected.  Seems if you get a microchip at the same time as a license the microchip is discounted.

Once we got to the car we attached her new taggies to her collar and they look fabulous!


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  1. Wow, what a relief! Now Poppy can always find her way home again!