Saturday, July 14, 2018

They Call Me Naughty Dotty!

Momma sings this to me often.  Can't imagine why.....Oops see photo below.  Yep I am sitting on the window sill awaiting momma's return.

So momma had to run to walgreens for a photo and the office to give the manager the info for Poppy since she will be living here.  She left the living room blinds open and a beautiful couch for me to sit on but well she went out the back door and how exactly was I supposed to watch for her from the front when she left from the back?  I guess she should be asking herself these questions now shouldn't she?!?!?

Fast forward 2 days, I suppose momma didn't learn her lesson.  She thought she would be funny again and put up a baby gate to prevent me from accessing the kitchen.  Yea I cleared that!  When she got back from getting her root canal, here I was sound asleep on the window sill.  I stood up just as she took the pic.  Silly momma, baby gates don't stop me!


(Note from the momma: so I don't pull the kitchen windows as the clip is loose and may fall.  Also the cord is tucked far back behind the cabinets.  I have a ticket out to the office to get the clip fixed so I can pull them, but I hoped providing other beautiful windows might distract her.  I was wrong.)

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