Saturday, July 7, 2018

I'm A Big Sister!

Introducing......Poppy!  Yep momma and I took a trip across state lines to pick up a dog wif no furs.  She is a purebred Chinese Crested with Blue Eyes.  Very unique!

I made sure to watch the GPS to ensure we arrived safely.

She was scared when we met her the first time.  So no pics from our first meeting in OK.  But here I am letting momma know the toll booth is coming up.

When we got home, I play bowed all over the apartment to try and play wif her but she was too shy.  She just splored, ate supper and tossed a toy about by herself.

She chose to sleep in the crate momma set up with the door open. Strange behavior!   Sunday morning went well she splored more of the house.  We went pee outside together.  Sunday night she PLAYED wif me!  We had a joyous time.  Play bowing, running and playing tug tug. The night we brought her home momma was calling her puppy and all of a sudden Poppy just POPPED into mommas head and she couldn't let it go.  She did some research and Poppies come from Asia (Chinese Crested) and have leafless (hairless doggie) stems.  Yep it just fit!

However upon further research.......well ill just leave this here.

Big Sister Lucy and Little Sister Poppy


  1. Oh WOWZERZ - Poppy iz so cute - just like u Lucy! An'what a great name - our mom thinkz she duz look like thoze poppiez.

    Lady Shasta here - bein'a big sister iz a big job butt u, Lucy, haz conquered a whole lot with lernin'all kindz of new stuff an'it lookz like Poppy iz already lernin'frum u.

    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  2. Congrats on your new sissy! She is quite a cutie and we can't wait to learn more about her.

  3. Poppy is a precious name for an adorable dog. Congratulations on being a big sister, Lucy!


  4. We had to go back a ways but we finally discovered how your sissy came to be, Lucy. You are such a cutie, Poppy - and Poppies are my mom's favorite flowers!