Thursday, March 30, 2017

Puppy Class # 3

3-27-17 With the completion of my third puppy class I am officially half way through the course.  Harley was back in class with us this week.  YEA!  We also had a new trainee trainer, so it was a full house.  This week we got to bring some of our toys to class.   It took me forevers and a day to decide but I brought my ring teether and caterpillar teether.

We began with learning drop it.  Our trainer said this is a hard command to do in class because its hard for us puppies to concentrate on playing with toys since our class mates are so much more fun.  She was right.  I simply could not focus on toys, all I wanted to do was play with the boys. 

Harley volunteered to be the demo dog this week with the trainee trainer and while they were working together he got a little "crush" on her.  Oh silly boy!  That behavior is not for class time!  Once the pawrents got the basics of drop it and were told to try it at home we started the next command of "Leave it"/"Take it".  This one is where momma holds a "Leave it treat" in one hand but doesn't give it to us.  This concerned me furry much!  Why would you show us treats we can't eat?

Well this "leave it treat" is to represent something that could be bad for us such as momma's medication or a piece of food that isn't edible.  If momma says leave it about something it is off limits.  Once we look away in the other hand momma has a "take it treat".  Once she gives us the take it command,  we get to eat that one.  Whew!  I was worried I wouldn't get any more treats!!!  I had to concentrate real hard but I did it!

Then Nanette noticed I was ignoring the hand that had the "leave it treat" completely and she told momma to switch it up every time.   After that we moved to the floor and momma would drop the "leave it treat" and put her foot over it.  When I lost interest and looked away, she would give the command and I got the "take it treat". 

Our trainer said that momma can reinforce the "take it" command with anything that the pawrents give us like food dish, toys, or treats.  That way we know what the object/food momma is giving us is ours and ok to play with or eat.

Next we did lie down.  Now I admit I had a little practice on this one at home.  However momma was so proud I could do it on command in class amidst all the distraction of the cute boys!  Once we did a couple practice runs on all the commands of "Down", "Leave it" and "Take it" we were dismissed.  After class I took my official week 3 photo.

On our way out I convinced momma that we should go look at the toy asile and see if there was anything new.  Guess what!  They were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale!  OH MY DOG!!!!  Momma said since I did so well in training class I could pick out some toys to take home.  I found some squeaky tennis balls, a cute lizard, and a chew-y stick.

While momma was paying out there was a little accident.  Oops....I guess I had one too many treats in puppy class and well you know what happens when you eat too much...its gotta go somewheres.  Momma had an odd look on her face.  We didn't celebrate this like usual.  Hmm.  I think I should have waited, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  Good thing we just refilled the pick up bag supply for class.   After clean up in check out line 3 we went outside, put our stuff in the car, walked over to the grassy area and when I went pee then we celebrated.  Alls well that ends well in my book.  Now why must they make these toys so darn hard to get into don't they know us puppies has no thumbs!  Momma can you help me with this?

Puppy Growls,

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Murano Mobile was Broken!

3-25-2017 Lately when driving with momma I had been hearing a  funny sound under the car so I went to investigate.

Let me get a closer look here.

Momma I think we gotta take the Murano Mobile (MM) to the car doctor.

We took the MM to Plaza Auto and Tire in a near by town.  They took it to the back and did a diagnostic check.  And the results were the break pads were bad and one of the rotators was damaged.  I gave the go ahead to change all the parts and change the oil since it was due. 

While we waited I kept busy with a Dentastix chew and momma watched movies on her phone.

Then I posed for a cute picture or two!  Momma said this is her new favorite picture of me and ordered one for her desk!

After lunch Momma said we had another errand to run.  We ended up at the vet clinic...hmmm...Seems like this was a trick.  But alas it was not a trick.  We were NOT there for "medications" or "vaccinations" but to do the monthly newsletter and some "farm work" on the computer for Dogtor Flanary.   Guess what, I actually had fun!  I got to explore the clinic, look in all the rooms  and I even got to see Dogtor Flanary's dogs Fancy and Polly. 

I had a fun filled weekend and hope you did as well!

Puppy Growls,

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Puppy Class #2

3-20-17 Oh Boy!  Puppy Class #2 was even more fun than Puppy Class #1.  This week it was just me and Vader.  Harley must have been feeling under the weather.  I hope he joins us next week.

Here is my official Puppy Class Week #2 Photo.

We began by reviewing the homework.  Momma didn't have to tattle on me this week as I was a good girl.  I did my clicky training, redirected my finger biting to my toys, and continued to do well on my potty training.  So this week we started loose leash training.

Oh no!  My first thought was I hate that leash and don't even get me started on that itchy collar!!!  Nanette started off by telling our hoomans that they have to wait till we are calm/sitting, then they have to start the walk.  If we pull ahead we have to stop, do a clicky sit,  switch directions, and follow the hoomans.  So momma asked what can be done for a dog who hates the leash and refuses to walk.

Of course Nanette had solution!  Its called a peanut buttery stick.  Its a long wooden rod with a spoon taped on the end that you fill with peanut buttery stuffs!  She had the leash attached to my harness and all I needed was one wiff of the peanut buttery stick and totally forgots all about the horrible leash.  I shouldn't have been so scared of walking on the leash, its actually ok.

We went to the back of the store and Nanette demo-ed to the hoomans what the walk should look like with me as the demo dog and ways for our hoomans too keep us motivated.  She said that through out the walk our hoomans should talk to us, tell us about their day and tell us how good we are doing to let us know that this is the proper behavior.  I like that, its just like celebrating when I go potty outside!  When momma took my leash I did very well,  I only pulled ahead a time or two when I got really excited but with small redirects we were back on track.  I even got to walk with Vader to help him feel confident.  Puppy power!   Once we had a few down and back loose leash walkies under our belt, we got dismissed.  I gave Vader some playbows and kisses and we headed to the car.

I sure was tired after class and fell asleep quickly but...*sniff sniff*....something caught my attention...what is that smell?  Its chickenz!  I popped up from my nap and stuck my head out of the window while momma was talking to the lady in the box at Chick-Fil-A.  Yum Yum!

However the line was long and I fell back asleep before we got to the window so I didn't find any chickenz.  After my second power nap in the car I got home, got a dentastix treat and found my favorite spot on the couch next to momma.  We watched Desperate Housewives on Hulu.  Its mommas new favorite show.  We are almost finished with season 3.

3-21-17 The next day momma went by Petsense, a store near her work, and found a new clicky box that is attached with a finger loop so its easier to clicky.  And if its easier to clicky its easier to treat me.  A win-win siutation!  Bonus points...its purple...thats one of my favorite colors! 

Now I am all caught up on posts about the adventures that have happened since coming to live with momma.  Its been a wild wonderful 3 weeks.  I wonder what momma has in store for us this weekend?!?!

Puppy Growls,

Friday, March 24, 2017

Puppy Class # 1

3-13-17 When momma got home from work that day we packed my zebra bag full of treats, vaccination records, and a leash (I tried to get rid of it and the collar but Momma found them under my blanket).  Momma told me it was time for Puppy Class!  I was furry excited.  We went inside the store and waiting by the training area and saw a cute lil Shih Tzu named Harley and found out he was in my class.  Oh boy!

Miss Nanette arrived and let us into the training area.  She asked if Harley could come over and sniff noses.  I said sure and he smelled so nice!  We did roll call and were missing a lab pup named Vader. So we just talked with the trainer for a few minutes until Vader came in with his momma.   Aww!  I was very excited to meet him cause he was all black and all cute!!!  Once we were all there and settled Nanette had our pawrents tell the class about each of us and tattle on our bad habits.  Mine were finger biting and digging.  She gave each of us pointers on how to curb those habits.  We reviewed using age/size appropriate toys, puppy body language, how to communicate effectively with puppies and Nanette told our hoomans how to make our kennels a good place to be (not just a place that when we go into them poof the hoomans disappear). 

Then we were told that at the end of the course if we graduated puppy class we could have the option to take a test to become an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy.  Its a simple test that shows we have the basics to be good puppy citizens.  Such as carrying poo bags for clean ups, having an id tag attached to your collar (even if its itchy and bothersome), keeping vaccines current, playing well with other puppies/hoomans, walking with a loose leash, able to be handled by hoomns other than your hooman and knowing basic commands.  The AKC S.T.A.R. test does allow for the use of treats unlike the big dog CGC test.  Which is good cause I do love treats!!!

 The next thing our hoomans learned was how to use the clicker.  I really enjoyed this part because I got a num num treat every time the box clicks!  How wonderful is that?!?!  Once we learned the clicker means treats are coming we paired it with words.  The first word was "LUCYWATCHME", as soon as I look at momma, the box clicks and boom-treat!  Then we started paring the clicker with a trick.  Now I watched Harley then Vader and when it came to my turn the treat was lured over my head, I sat, the box clicked and boom-treat.  Woohoo!  I like this clicky box! 

After some practice and rewards, we recieved our homebook booklets and were dismissed for the evening.  Here is my official first puppy class photo.  

And another one fur good measure!

After class we walked around the store, I met some nice tiny hoomans and picked up some dentastix.

When I got home I crashed on the couch and slept through till morning!  I had so much fun and look forward to next weeks class and seeing my fur-iends!

Puppy Growls,

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Organizing Stuff and Playing with Jackson Cat

3-12-17 After the previous days activitives and shopping we had a lot of things to organize and put away.  I let momma take charge of that task and I "supervised" her work.  

After my nap I went outside to play with Jackson cat. I love to chase him, give him puppy kisses and pull his tail!  All in the name of play of course.  Momma captured this series of us playing.  I watched him from the porch, sneakee-ed up on him, gave him puppy kisses and ran back to the porch as fast as I could! 

Puppy Growls,

Grooming, Shopping and Signing up for Puppy Class

3-11-17 I got up early to go for a bye bye ride to a spa and get my furs trimmed up.  Momma said I looked like a hippie.

 Not to mention the abundance of toe furries!

When I got done I looked like a young lady.  Complete with furry bracelets and all!

Some one call Doggie Vogue! Im ready for my close up!

And look no more toe furries!

After the spa we stopped by a new house and purchased some second paw sweaters and a beautiful dress momma found for sale on the classifieds.  Good thing too cause I got stripped of all my furs just as winter made a final visit our area.  Complete with snow flurries and all! 

Here are the snow prints I made for momma.

Then we stopped by the car spa to wash the Murano Mobile.  I met a very nice lady who held me and loved on me while we waiting on the MM. 

To my surprise our big day out was not done yet.  We got to go to a place called "PetSmart" and my goodness I have never seen so many toys and treats in all my life! I found a lot of cute toys but a catapiller teether and ring teether that were just my size and perfect for my little puppy toofers.  So I tossed them in the must purchase pile. I searched all 3 asiles of treats, found some puppy biscuts and added them to my must purchase pile too.

Half way through the store we stopped to talk to a furry nice lady named Nanette.  She told us all about something called "Puppy Training Class".  It sounded like fun...complete with puppies, treats and quality time with momma.  So we signed up.  Best of all the next class started in just two days.

Time to pay for my goodies.  Momma where do you keep the credit cards?

When we got home momma and I both got a bite to eat and took a good long nap.  What a fun day that was!

Puppy Growls,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

First Days at Home

Reader Disclaimer: this post is a tad long but its very fun!

3-1-17 After playing at Aunt Gracie's/Doggy Nanny's house the day I came home, we headed down the hill to my new house.

Momma had a big play pen set up for me in the kitchen so I could stay in a safe place when she wasn't watching me.  Well I thought that was just right funny, I didn't wanna stay so far away from her.  After a few minutes I was able to squeeze through the bars and go find momma.  She screamed when I found her cause I ran across her foot when she wasn't expecting it.  BOL!  Whats even funnier is she thought I jumped out of the play pen so she put on a "special roof" to keep me contained.  Oh that momma she's full of funnies!

Every hour or so we went out side to go pee and potty.  Each time I went outside and did my business we had a party!  Not too sure why it makes her so happy but it does.  So I make sure to wait till we are outside to do all my business!

Then momma got the idea to get me all wet and put some slimy blue "baff" stuffs on me but I must admit afterward I felt all frisky!

After that baff we played with toys, watched some tv and I had some tasty kibbles in a special doggie high chair.

That night I got put back in the play pen for bed time, it made me so sad and I cried.  But momma wouldn't let me out.  I ended up cried myself to sleep and when morning came I was free again! 

3-2-17 I heard momma talking to someone on the phone telling them all about me, my name, my breed and the color of my furs.  Then momma said "I will have her there at 5pm for vaccinations".  What are these "vaccinations" you speak of momma?  oh well it was play time anyway and I plum forgot all about it till momma got dressed and put some sort of crazy contraption called a "COLLAR" on my neck.  It was so itchy and uncomfortable and I thought I might just die!  We took a short bye bye ride and ended up at a place that smells of dogs,  cats and bunny rabbits.  We were greeted by two doggies like 25 times my size and one little doggie just about my size.  Their names are Ellie, Polly and Fancy.  They belong to my new dog-tor.  Everyone was oohing and aahing and saying how cute I was.  Why thank you kind people!  I helped momma fill out some papers then got weighed.  I was a whopping 3.4 pounds.   Then I got taken by one of the ladies and you will never believe what she did!  She tried to choke me with some sort of "medicine".  I promptly spit that medicine right back out and it hit the floor.  They laughed but I didn't find it one bit funny.  Then she did it again!  I had no choice that time but to swallow.  Then they had some pink stuff in a clear container and that ended up being less fun than the medicine.  They poked me.  I ran as quickly as I could back to momma.  I did pose nicely for a "My First Vet Check Photo".  Momma sure liked that! 

The Dog-tor sent me home with lots of bottles and boxes.  Some are pills and some are ear droppies.  Hmm...Those might have to go missing "accidentally".  As we left Aunt Gracie called to see if I could come play and oh boy I sure did want to go play!  We had a great round of bitey face and then I got sleepy and we headed back home.

That night after dinner and a quick potty break momma put me back in that play pen.  I don't like being so far away from momma, I cried again but she wouldn't let me out.  Then I remembered my secret escape route.  So I twisted my head and slipped through the bars.  I surprised momma again and tickled her foot with my tongue.  She sure does squawk a lot when she is surprised!  She let me up with her and told me I have to go to sleep cause she had to "workies" in the morning.  I happily complied and went right to sleep.  When momma woke up and I was right where she left me the night before and I had no accidents over night.  She was so proud and i got a treat for being a good girl! From that night forward momma no longer tries to put me in the play pen to go night night.  Thank dog!

3-3-17 Friday came and it was time for momma to go to a place called "workies".  Since the Playpen was no longer an option to keep me contained until I can be trusted to be alone I got fitted for a "Kennel".  And by golly I havent figured how to get out of it yet.  The bars on it are so tiny not even little old me could squeeze through.  hmm...I'll have to keep working on that.

Not long after momma went to "workies" I got rescued from my kennel by Doggy Nanny and Aunt Gracie and got to go to "Day Care".  We played with toys, had a few rounds of bitey face and went exploring in the yard.

When momma came home that evening I surprised her yet again by meeting her at the window.  Doggy Nanny didn't double check my kennel door latch and well it just swung open for me when I pawed it and I was free again!  BOL!  I played with my toys, looked out the window and explored the house.  But waited to do any business till momma got home so we could have our celebrations outside.  I sure do like celebrations and sometimes the neighbor dog Rocky even joins in and barks for me! 

3-4/3-5Saturday and Sunday were filled with lots of play sessions, potty breaks and "chores".  I was a big girl and helped momma.  I made sure she washed dishes properly and made sure no sockies got left behind in the dryer.

We took a break from chores mid morning on Saturday to take some pictures outside.  Momma thought it would be cute to take my picture in a green bucket.  I didn't think that was a good idea and every time she put me in I jumped out.  I don't like being contained, hasn't she learned this yet?  So momma let me free style and find my own poses.  It was a lot of fun.  :)

Then it was bitey face time!

Bye Aunt Gracie...smooches!

The following week we got into a good routine.  Get up, go outside, play with toys, eat breakfast, do tricks, and then momma goes to work.  I go to Daycare during the day.   Then in the evenings we repeat the morning process.

I can't wait to share my next post with you all, we go on some big adventures!  But I is so tired after pawing this post I think I shall go take a nap.

Puppy Growls,