Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grooming, Shopping and Signing up for Puppy Class

3-11-17 I got up early to go for a bye bye ride to a spa and get my furs trimmed up.  Momma said I looked like a hippie.

 Not to mention the abundance of toe furries!

When I got done I looked like a young lady.  Complete with furry bracelets and all!

Some one call Doggie Vogue! Im ready for my close up!

And look no more toe furries!

After the spa we stopped by a new house and purchased some second paw sweaters and a beautiful dress momma found for sale on the classifieds.  Good thing too cause I got stripped of all my furs just as winter made a final visit our area.  Complete with snow flurries and all! 

Here are the snow prints I made for momma.

Then we stopped by the car spa to wash the Murano Mobile.  I met a very nice lady who held me and loved on me while we waiting on the MM. 

To my surprise our big day out was not done yet.  We got to go to a place called "PetSmart" and my goodness I have never seen so many toys and treats in all my life! I found a lot of cute toys but a catapiller teether and ring teether that were just my size and perfect for my little puppy toofers.  So I tossed them in the must purchase pile. I searched all 3 asiles of treats, found some puppy biscuts and added them to my must purchase pile too.

Half way through the store we stopped to talk to a furry nice lady named Nanette.  She told us all about something called "Puppy Training Class".  It sounded like fun...complete with puppies, treats and quality time with momma.  So we signed up.  Best of all the next class started in just two days.

Time to pay for my goodies.  Momma where do you keep the credit cards?

When we got home momma and I both got a bite to eat and took a good long nap.  What a fun day that was!

Puppy Growls,


  1. What a big day for such a little girl!!! You do look beautiful after your spa day.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. LUCY... Little Lady.. you look LOVELY in your new DRESS... it is just gorgeous. We think it will HELP to keep you warm after your furs stealing experience. They DID do a superb job with it though. Esp. the cute BRACELETS.
    THEN you gotted to go to PetSmart University and Stuffie Distributratorship. THAT is where I (Frankie Furter) went to school... and I started with the SAME class YOU are going to take. It will be SUPER.