Wednesday, March 31, 2021

My Knees Have Been Hurting - Luxating Patella Update

Recently (Late 2020-early 2021) mommas been noticing me licking/biting at my knees and legs multiple times a day. 

 There been some skipping too but far less frequently than the licking/biting.

I am currently (Since Nov 2020) taking a 1/2 GCM chewable daily.  I am so used to it I don't really have the medicine panic anymore.  When momma pulls it out i take without fuss and don't spit it out momma hops up and down hollering yes, good Lucy, yes!!!  It gives me warm fuzzies inside!!!  

However she said it was time to talk to my dogtor, see what pain relief options there are for me and if there are any that I can take on a semi-regular basis when I am hurting.    



Breaking News: The Barking Boxers Are BACK!

 It started out as just a fun and relaxing day at Doggy Nanny's house.  Gracie and I patrolled the front yard.  We spotted bikers training for the HHH, birds a plenty, and only one rogue squirrel!

Lucy Napped.

As the temps warmed up we moved outside to enjoy the sun.  Thats when I heard a chain collar jingle!

I bee-lined for the fence and...

BORK....OH MY DOG its the barking boxers!!!


Long time no bork!


Ahh felt good to have a good bork session with the barking boxers again.  



Monday, March 29, 2021

New AKC Title - Virtual Home Manners

AKC's latest training title, Virtual Home Manners, was introduced last fall.  This title is exciting as its all virtual but shows off your dogs skills.  

From the AKC website: The evaluation of a dog’s ability to perform ten home manners skills will be done by a video recording. Two levels of Home Manners will be offered – Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP) and Virtual Home Manners Adult (VHMA). Dogs that pass the tests will be awarded these titles.

The Virtual Home Manners tests assess ten skills that well-mannered pet dogs need in the home setting.  The skills relate to the dog owner having control over the dog, being able to walk the dog (which is one of the most frequently cited activities that owners want to do with their dogs) and developing a bond with the dog during playtime.

The Virtual Home Manners tests are evaluated online by CGC Evaluators in the same manner that is currently used for Virtual Tricks. There is not an in-person VHM testing process. Virtual Home Manners is natural lead-in for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) in-person training.


March 24 2021 I was finally ready to show my skills and start filming.   We began prepping for the filming by tidying up the doggy corner.  

Here I am testing out my kennel to ensure it is comfy.  We got through 8 of ten in one evening.  After that we lost the light and had to stop filming.  

That Saturday the 27th we got right back into filming.  First we did door mannners/walking on loose lead.  Then we had to build some agility equipment for the final clip.

With the magic of the internets....Boom...Done!  We have a jump, tunnel, and pause box.

I'm ready momma!

By golly that sure was fun!

After I literally collapsed into a pile of fur in my crate.  Momma edited together the final video while I rested.

Here is my official video.  

We submitted it to the AKC VHM group on FB on March 27th for review by a certified evaluator.  My evaluator was Kelli Whitfield and on March 28th, 2021 she reviewed my video.  I then got the good news that I had passed and received my completed evaluation sheet.  

We emailed everything into AKC right away.  I can't wait to get my certificate and see the little letters behind my name!  We sure did have a lot of fun filming.



Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Alert Alert - Yorkie Outside My Window

 While we don't get many squirrels at the apartment complex there are birbs, dogs and suspicious people.  

This particular time momma caught the whole thing on camera.  *BORK**BORK**BORK**

Yes I am standing on the coffee gives me the boost I needed.  And I think that little yorkie got the message to stay off my lawn. 



Monday, March 22, 2021

Hunting Birbs, Squirrels and Watering Violations

 With spring just around the corner there are more birbs around.  They have been playing in the bush next to our backdoor.  I sprint out fast as I can every day to go check.

*Sniff* *SNIFF*


After our walkie we went on a little car ride.  I kept my eyes peeled for squirrels and watering violations.

OH NO WATERING VIOLATION!  Sir...Sir...It's only 6pm you can't be watering the lawn.  Sprinklers can only be used before 10 AM and after 7 PM.  Its a city ordinance.



Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spring Sprang Early

 A few days ago after my morning walkie we came back into the apartment and guess what was on my snoot!  A FLEA!  Eek I am shuddering just thinking back on it.  We were able to nab it and kill it.  But it was a stark reminder that spring is here....a few days early I might add.  Momma then flipped me one way and another to ensure there were no more fleas or flea dirt.  I checked out clean.  Our morning proceeded as normal after that.  When momma arrived home that evening I was just pawing through her phone and would never guess what I of PETS.  SDhe went to PETS Clinic WITHOUT me!  See the below photographs as evidence.  

She got to use the fancy med pick up sidedoor.  WITHOUT ME!

And picked up a supply of Nexgard for me.....WITHOUT ME!  

I am so sad I didn't get to visit the nice peoples at PETS.  But the good news is I do get to go back in about a week and a half to get my new badge of bravery so I will get to see them then.  


Friday, March 19, 2021

The Monday After

When you partied too hard all weekend and only make it as far as your kitchen crate before you feel the need to make a nest and nap.

*Scritch Scritch* *Scratch*




Thursday, March 18, 2021

Double Shift At DayCare

 So it all started out that momma volunteered to work a double shift at work.  Doggy Nanny was so gracious to pick us up from momma that Friday morning.  Looking back this should have made us worry...momma didn't get any photos of us getting picked up.  She said she had a headache.  Anyhoo...we made it to Doggy Nannys house and boy did we have fun.  Poppy chased black birds, I got scritches and we all got treats!  Around 7pm momma sent us this picture of her "working".  

BOL!  Thats when the story gets interesting.  Momma had a full day of stuff planned for Saturday and Doggy Nanny offered to keep us overnight so momma would be driving back and forth so much.  So Friday night we all snuggled down in the big bed...even Poppy!  Saturday morning came I woke DN up at 6 am with kisses and a wagging tail.  You're welcome Doggy Nanny!!!  Just after lunch momma called and she was super sick.  Like couldn't hold her lunch down sick and her headache was intensifying into a migraine.  DN told her to just go home and pick us up later.  We were overjoyed to get to stay and play all day Saturday.  The next thing we knew it was 730 and we hadn't heard from momma.  We texted her but there was no answer.  Finally she called and said she still had her migraine.  She was dizzy and didn't feel like she could drive.  You will never guess what happened next.....WE GOT INVITED TO STAY AN EXTRA NIGHT!!!!!!!  #twonightslumberpawty  Sunday I woke Doggy Nanny up even earlier due to the time change and we were all up and ready to have fun at 530 am.  Around 11 momma called and said she was on her way to pick us up.  We greeted her wif kisses, borks, happy growls and wagging tails.

We didn't even make it off DN's street before we lost Poppy to a nap.

She was hardcore snoring.

A couple seconds later I started feeling sleepy....and leaned over to rest on the ac vent. 

Meanwhile....Poppy never moved.

What a fun weekend.  Well for us anyway....but at least momma got to rest.  



Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Fun Times At Doggy Nanny's House

 I just love our weekend trips to Doggy Nannys house.  First things first we must always make our rounds in the back yard.  

Once inside we are greeted wif many treats and Poppy usually claims her spot by the front window. 

I empty the food bowl and proceed to do "Lucy things" like roll around on the couch like a fool.  

Look what I found in this blanket.  A half chewed bully stick.  What a lucky find!

After a good chew session I made my way down to Doggy Nanny's lap, got comfy and got some majorly awsome belly rubs and neck scritches!   

After all the excitement I was plum worn out and decided to plop down on the cool hardwood floor.

After while Momma loaded us up and we headed for home.  Seems Poppy was exhaused too after hunting birds and squirrels all day.

Momma made sure to flip her regularly so her hair wouldn't go flat.