Monday, March 15, 2021

Lucy the Bone Collector

 *Note the images here are very DRAMATIC reenactments* 

One afternoon momma was putting trash out on the porch and I got a whiff of something delicious!  I bolted outside to find someone left a chicken bone in my back yard.  Oh boy my day was made.  I chomped off a piece and ate it on the spot.  Then I hear the most annoying noise from momma.  She was shrieking and carrying on.  "Drop it....Lucy No....Lucy Drop it!"  That is very rude.  Finders Keepers! But as momma was chasing me I dropped it and she disposed of a perfectly good bone.

A couple days later while on leash momma was on "pick up" duty and turned her back on me for a couple seconds and I found another bone.  I managed to get it eaten before momma caught me.  You should have seen the look on her face.  She looked like she had seen a ghost.


Fast forward a couple days we went on a last minute ride to Doggy Nannys house mid week.  We romped, we got treats and basically were living our best life.  Just look at this sunset!

Well it was after dark when we left and momma let me walk leash free to the car as she always does from Doggy Nanny's house.  Well I got a whiff of something special.  

I found a dark corner to hid in far away from momma.  I knew she would take it away from me again. 

 Well the next thing I knew Aunt Net was calling for me and I tried to make it back into Doggy Nanny's house with my prize.  Momma hollered for Aunt Net to get the item I was carrying and she actually listened to her.  Rude!  It was a squirrel leg with fur still attached and everything.  Then I was scooped up by momma and carted away and my bone was left on the porch to be disposed of later by grandpa.  I cried the whole way home.  

(Photo Credit: Aunt Net.)

As we are pawing this post I am 6 days without a bone incident and no side effects of the one I ate. Mommas feeling relieved but now watches me like a hawk.  3 bones in one week was far too much commotion for her but in my book it was a grand week!  




  1. Lucky! I wish I could get some chikken bones!

  2. Your momma is so rude! Taking those bones away from you?? Sheesh, what happened to finders keepers!