Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Snovid - Driving in the Snow

 Mid week roads had improved (even if our parking lot hadn't) and momma decided to drive her self.  She made it to work in record time even going 20mph.  

After work she decided to take us out driving since we hadn't left the house in days.  

We may or may not have stopped for some chicky nuggies.

We saw a national guard truck.

Earlier in the blog you may have noticed I was sweatered and wearing my leggins when we pulled in the car port this is what momma saw.  I was naked.  Somehow my leggins and sweater just plum fell off.  I have no idea how dis happened!  Momma I am just as shocked as you are. 

Anyhoo as we walked in we spotted this beautiful scene.  A snow topped tree just beautiful!



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