Thursday, September 30, 2021

WF Rocks! We Found Another One!!!!

At some point back in early July....We always keep an eye out on the group for new hidden rocks.  .


Momma rushed home after work, snatched us out of the apartment (yes it was so long ago we still lived at the H Complex) and we took off!  

We got lucky and found this cutie!  Its and angry hedgehog!  

The back had an inspirational message of "Attitude is Everything".  Which we had no idea would mean so much to us as the moving process which began a few days later.  It was a gentle reminder even when times were rough during the move and dealing with the H complex.  Once we got settled it just felt like the right time to rehide this and give inspiration to a new rock hunter.  We decided to hide this little piece of art down town along side other art in the graffiti alley.  

Happy Hunting and remember attitude is everything!


Saturday, September 25, 2021

2021-2022 FDA Clinical Study - Visit 2 September


My oh my how has it been 2 months already.  Dr. Hoffman emailed and said it was time to stop by for another visit and pick up more heartworm medication.  

I was a good pupper and brought my trial notebook with me.  

We were called back fairly quickly and did some sniffing while we waited for the trial tech to stop in. 

We talked to the trial tech and said everything was going well, gave him my note book...but then...

They grabbed an odd item from the shelf.

The thing in the middle with the telephone cord and tube of something.  It must be a treat dispenser.  I had no idea that this trial included treats!!!

I love treats too Lucy.  Can I has one?!

Oh they are taking her to the back?

Seems furry suspicious.  I don't like this.

Lucy be brave!!!

I can smell her shes still close.

Then I heard a knock at the door.  

Reunited and it feel so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy then informed me that the device was in fact not for treats.... was a temperature taker.  

Shake it off Lucy its over now!

Alright time to have a little reunion.

Twist and SHOUT!

Bitey face intermission.

Do a little dance!!!!

Itch break.

Dr Hoffman came in and said I was looking good and brought back my trial binder.  It was filled with the new heartworm meds and target dates to administer.

*Wink* Yea Ill take the pills with out fussing too much.   *wink*

Alright people lets get home and get a good hearty breakfast in the works.  Im starved!



Friday, September 24, 2021

Play Time

We were just chilling when...

We both had our eye on the blue squeaky toy.




Thursday, September 23, 2021

Odd Sleeper

 Normally dogs like to curl up in a ball to sleep.  Not me I prefer to stretch out.

And or have my tooshie elevated.  


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

ICE Tubes Back Where They Belong

 Just before the move we noticed that the ICE tubes we kept in the car had started separating from the velcro strips.  The hot Texas sun literally melted the glue.  So for weeks they sat in the kitchen while .  We finally found a solution and got them all back where they belong.  We put masking tape over the glue residue that would not come off.  Added zip ties (with mounting tab), jump rings, and carabiners.  

We no longer have house crates due to space and hung one by the front door with our leashes.  



Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Zoetis Petcare Rewards

 After getting prescribed Apoquel for my allergy flair up in April we heard about the Zoetis Petcare Rewards program.  It basically rewards pet parents when purchasing medications from their company.  Once you accumulate enough points you can have them loaded to a rewards card.  With my first purchase I earned enough points to redeem and got $12 for a future vet visit (either care or medication).  

Which came in super handy when I had my irritated paw pad.  Which in turn I was prescribed more apoquel, got more points and my rewards card was reloaded.  Hopefully I wont need to use this money any time soon but come vaccination time it will be nice to have.  

If you or your fursiblings use medications from Zoetis make sure you tell your pawrents about this program.  



Monday, September 20, 2021

Rescued By Doggy Nanny

Friday the 10th  was going to be mommas long day at work to do training for the new night dispatcher.  8AM to 8PM.  But she would be coming home at lunch so it was going to be alright.  When she got to work she found out the office was short staffed.  One person was off two called in sick.  That left just two people in the office.  It was decided that momma and Miss P would would through lunch to keep up with the calls and locates.  That meant momma wouldn't make it home during her lunch hour to let us out and give us treats.  :( But at 11 you will never believe what we saw out of our window.  It was Grandpa, Doggy Nanny AND GRACIE!  They came to save us!  Once outside I made a bee line for the car.  Lets go!!!!!

Momma did her work and came to pick us up that evening.  Thank you Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Gracie for saving us!



Sunday, September 19, 2021



Who doesn't love a good photo opportunity and time spent learning new things.  Well DMWYD put out the SH title for summer 2021 and we were ready to go!!!!

Scavenger Hunt Game Board


My Submissions:

We added it to the Spark Group on FB and Miss Becca approved my submission. 


DMWYD - Summer Scavenger Hunt Title - Poppy

 Who doesn't love a good photo opportunity and time spent learning new things.  Well DMWYD put out the SH title for summer 2021 and we were ready to go!!!!

Scavenger Hunt Game Board

My submissions:

We added my submission to the Spark Facebook Group.

Miss Becca verified and signed off on it!