Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Road Trip to Oklahoma!

 Momma came home and told us that we were going on a road trip.  Oh boy was I excited.  She did say we had to have baths.  No bueno!  Catch me if you can momma!!!!

She caught me.  :(  After the evenings events we all slept like babies.  

The next morning we loaded up the diaper bag...

and set out to Doggy Nannys house first.  We had to pick her and Aunt Net up as they were road trippin with us!!!

We then transferred all puppies and the diaper bag over to the Doggy Nanny Mobile.

I am locked and loaded in my kangaroo pouch.  

After about an hour or so we arrived in Oklahoma at Cousin Kims house.  I remember this place!!!

Its been nearly 4 years since we have been here and this will be the first time meeting our fur-cousin Emmett.  He made a bee line for doggy nanny and me to give us hugs....

...and kisses.

I reciprocated with a few smooches too.

He is one cool pup!

Poppy decided to greet from afar.  BOL 

I could not get over how cute Mr Emmetts wrinkles were....

...and Mr Emmett was quite interested in my floofy ears.

Babe good to see you!

Turdle!  You are looking simply adorable in that furcut!

Then outta nowhere we had a surprise guest.  Mr Moose.  He is a BEAUTIFUL brindle pitty that belongs to Counsin Kims son.  Would ya look at that big tongue.

Hello fren!

Mr Moose even did tricks for us.  

After a quick trip outside Poppy came back in and was feeling a little more social.  

She even got to do some snoopervising with Babe and Margaret.

I on the other paw was feeling sleepy.  Thankfully doggy nanny held me scratched my tum tum.

Poppy sharing secrets with Babe.

No more pictures pawlese I needs to relax!

Miss Kim has her whole place decorated with pet art.  Mr Emmett approves.

More kisses and...

...and sniffs!!!

Poppy was being her usual snoopy self.  

Would you just look at them wrinkles!  Oh they are too sweet.

Once she was done snooping Poppy decided to sit atop mommas shoulder.  

Itch break.  

Hi Margaret.  

Fun fact we learned Margaret is called the "fun police".  When people or pets are having too much fun she borks to stop the fun.  

Miss Turdle :)

Poppy left mommas lap to get scratches from Doggy Nanny.

Momma then tried to get a pic of Emmett laying down in a puddle of wrinkles but as soon as she looked at him......Incoming Emmett!!!!

This is our fave pic.  

All of a sudden we all got his with a case of sleepies.  I went down first...

...then Babe.

Emmett retired to his recliner in the den.  

All too soon it was time to pack up and get back to Texas. It was a great time Thank you Cousin Kim for having us all out.  

On the way home Lucy was handling the toll booth.  The operator said we could pay $2 or one puppy.  Momma offered up Lucy but Doggy Nanny said "oh is your money".  

I fell asleep on the way home.  

We were transferred to the murano mobile and both crashed.

Once home we took a quick pee break and jumped right in our recliner and were out like a light.  We were not heard from again till the next morning.

We just love that we live near family and can go visit.  Emmett, Babe, Turdle, Elsa, and Margaret we must do this again soon.



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