Friday, September 10, 2021

Itchy Toe Exam - CPV

 At day 6 my paw wasn't getting better  on allergy meds alone.

In fact it had gotten worse.  

So that means I get to visit my friends at CPV!  

Momma you don't think they will give me more pills right.

Anyhoo there were a couple pups ahead of me so I decided to let my furs down and get a little crazy!

*random squeaks*


I feel so much better.

Time to sniff.


Alright time to relax.

I am only here for moral support right?  Pawmise?

There many dogs, mostly labs, to watch.  All three had the prettiest black furs.

Then they called "Lucy!".

The technitian took our info and then it was time to explore.


*Simultaneous sisfur SNIFFS* 

Momma I worried.

Do you think they are going to prescribe me pills.

Hang on my foot itches!

I really don't want pills. :(

Its ok sissy.  I eat them for you.

Today I saw Dr. Hoffman.  She checked out my foot.  Ruled out allergies as the source as all my feet would be itchy and thinks it looked infected.

Tell it to me straight doc, am I gonna loose the paw?

OH LORD ITS WORSE!!!!!  2 sets of pills!  

Come on momma get me outta here!

Must shake off the bad news.

*Shimmy and Shake*

The tech filled my meds and gave us the directions on what to do.

Dr. Hoffman gave me an antibiotic to fight the infection and more apoquel to help with the itchies.

I don't know how I will manage 2 pills twice a day!  

Prescriptions are bagged and we are almost ready to go.

While we waited for the chart to be sent to the office ladies we spotted this 6 month old Bully pup named chunk.  Wow oh wow was he cute!

We sat up front by him and got to exchange sniffs.  I may or may not have jumped over the back of the seat to go get a better sniff.  

Then I was hit with pill panic again. 

Momma we do have hickory pill pockets at home right?

Lucy they called you up to pay.

Once home I melted into a pile of curls.  It was simply exhausting going to the vet.

Oh my goodness the pills are huge.  (edit by momma: they are smaller than the size of my pinky nail.)

Updates: Saturday my paw was still red.

Sunday the middle was less red but my outer toe was irritated.

I guess the medicines are working.  If they are wrapped in a hickory pill pocket (#notsponsored) they are tolerable. 


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