Thursday, September 30, 2021

WF Rocks! We Found Another One!!!!

At some point back in early July....We always keep an eye out on the group for new hidden rocks.  .


Momma rushed home after work, snatched us out of the apartment (yes it was so long ago we still lived at the H Complex) and we took off!  

We got lucky and found this cutie!  Its and angry hedgehog!  

The back had an inspirational message of "Attitude is Everything".  Which we had no idea would mean so much to us as the moving process which began a few days later.  It was a gentle reminder even when times were rough during the move and dealing with the H complex.  Once we got settled it just felt like the right time to rehide this and give inspiration to a new rock hunter.  We decided to hide this little piece of art down town along side other art in the graffiti alley.  

Happy Hunting and remember attitude is everything!


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