Monday, October 4, 2021

CJS Creations on Etsy - Biothane Collar / Slip Leash Review

Now that we don't have to have super secure pin buckle collars and flexi leashes  just to go potty it was time for an upgrade!  We ordered new biothane tag collars and matching slip leads from etsy.  Biothane is super versatile, easy to clean and quite pretty!

We went with Purple and Raspberry.  Which are our signature colors.    

We ordered from CSJ Creations.  They were the only seller that had 3/8" biothane. From determining size, color and hardware the seller was fantastic.  She answered our questions quickly and thoroughly.  

The order even came with care/cleaning instructions.

I must say a slip on biothane tag collar is quite comfortable and the color is a deep rich purple as described!

The pink on the other paw is bright and vibrant!  Simply marvelous!

They fit like a glove, matched our tags and are super beautiful!

For our slip leads we went with 5 ft length and stainless steel hardware.  They are smooth as butter and momma says they are so nice to hold in the hand.  The 5 foot length is perfect for vet visits, walking from car to the fenced yard and everything inbetween.  

If you are looking for biothane collars or leashes CSJ is the place to go.  They have different styles including traditional buckle collars and snap hook leashes as well.  


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